I'm an angry incel who's angry at girls who ignore people in their league in order to have a chance at Chad

I'm an angry incel who's angry at girls who ignore people in their league in order to have a chance at Chad.

Chad gets all the girls. The 80:20 rule is essentially true. Just because I'm not an 8/10 I don't get to enjoy at least average-looking girls and instead am forced to """"""be attracted to"""""" unattractive girls, even though I'm a 7/10.

Born to fail.

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If they are ignoring you, you aren't in their league.

Well OP has to be in someone's league.

Well that's FALSE, because I've been rated an average of 7/10 and even average girls ignore me.

I'm also a 7/10, but I have absolutely no problem with girls. Perhaps there's an issue with something other than your looks?

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That just means that the rating was wrong. The results speak for themselves.

>implying that the ugly cunt actually wants the ugly dude and not just Chad
This comic pisses me the fuck off every time I see it

Have you tried being direct and talking to them instead of orbiting them and hoping they will hop on your dik

Go on then, what's your secret? Do you just play the numbers game? And I'm guessing online dating goes nowhere, right?

You're an angry incel because you are a stupid gullible kid. The 80/20 meme is a meme, nothing more.

Online dating went absolutely nowhere for me. I asked 3 girls for their numbers and none replied. How much longer do I have to embarrass myself before I get a date?

How did you get rated? Some site? People will always overrate you to your face & internet doesn't show height to factor in rating.

I'm 28. The 80/20 rule is certainly real, just try going on tinder if you're under an 8/10.

/soc/, also others have called me cute before

You are truly stupid and have the mental level of a 15 year old. 80% of men do not have sex with 20% of women.

Fpbp based and truthpilled

You new here? 80:20 means 80% women have sex with 20% of men

But they don't. If you want to say in online dating it's not even true.

What's your source? Mine is I'm a 7/10 and nobody replies to me online. You're in denial.

>80:20 means 80% women have sex with 20% of men
Figured you meant generally when you wrote the first one.

Why are incels so retarded? Did you use tinder? Only 38% of its users are female so of course they're going to be more selective

What's your source for thinking the 80/20 meme is true? Okcupid charts? Because reality very much disagrees with you. 80% of men are not virgins or incels.

No secret, I'm just not an insufferable cunt and I can talk to women. Online dating, especially Tinder, IS a numbers game, and can get somewhat discouraging, but you can find some interesting women if you try for long enough.

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>I'm just not an insufferable cunt
Neither am I

You just about scratch an 8/10. No wonder it's going well for you

>I can talk to women
I'm sure if you weren't a fucking good looking guy you wouldn't be saying this

Oh come on, I have plenty of not-as-attractive friends who have girlfriends. Saying that it's just looks is being dishonest to yourself.

I was a robot once, why do you think I'm still here. I can tell the difference between being able to hold a conversation and spilling my spaghetti every time I talk to a girl.

haha user there is no way in hell you are a 7/10

The rule is that you knock yourself down 2 slots for whatever you first thought you were, so that makes you a 5 at the best.

What do I have to post a picture of myself or something? /soc/ gave me 7 as an average

user, you mean well but ypu're not going to break through to these robots.

Their blaming of the world, society, women, how they look, and anything they can't change is how they justify not having to try at anything. If they were willing to take responsibility for their own happiness then they would never have subjected themselves to their insane worldview and all the half-truths and lies that back it.

YOU STUPID FUCK. Look at how good looking he is? You think his good looks don't have anything to do with his sexual success? Fucking take the blackpill.

>My one personal experience makes this made-up statistic true
Jesus fucking Christ you have no idea how stats work.

>Make things worse for yourself!

Yeah cause clearly it's working so well for you. Take a gauge of your own misery. Reflect on your actions and attitudes-- you made this hell for yourself. The "black pill" is a bitch-ass cop-out.

The blackpill is backed by science and our own experiences. The blue pill you keep pushing is just lies.

>Cites Reddit as a """source"""


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And now I have evidence, you don't

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>Our measure counted as a long-term measure because we asked them to thonk about long term partners and then still only measured speed dating behaviors.

This is methodologically garbage. Good job.


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fuck you bitch, eat my fucking ass nigga

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Other issues evident both with the study and with your use of it as """evidence""' of your claim:

>No control for the movement of only the men during the study, a potential confound
>Only one trial was ran-- sample not nearly good enough to represent the population
>No other contexts of initial contact considered
>Authors themselves state that physical attractiveness is the predominant factor only in an early stage of indeterminate length, after which the nature of the pair's other dynamics take over.

I suggest gaining scientific literacy before throwing articles around to back up your claims.

>The Big 5 weren't shown to predict amything

No surprise there-- the Big 5 are fucking trash; they're not much better than the meme-teir MBTI.

And yet you aren't putting any science to disprove me and my belief that women only want alpha male Chads and ugly beta males will die virgins

To try and wipe out your faith in the garbage that holds up your defeatist worldview is pointless-- that shit is your religion.

Criticizing articles against scientific standards is a form of science, so eat shit.

Again, you don't even try to disprove my worldview. I mean I've never heard of women liking ugly autistic pathetic males over dominant, hot and tall men but apparently women fucking love ugly incels because muh personalty you fucking roastie

desu don't you ever put yourself into someone else's shoes and ask yourself
>why would this person be interested in me
I'm not saying you have to have a reason, but it's kind of silly to think people should have to bend over backwards for you. I actually think if you believe in leagues you're probably the type that's in the bleachers trying to boost your self esteem with that sort of stuff. You know there is this movie the 25th hour with a character that's obviously a stand in for the writer talking to another character explaining leagues. I suppose this is a really round about way of saying the entire leagues thing is a bit shallow, if you're shallow and you're interested in shallow people. Maybe you're just not being shallow enough in a realistic way about your self opinion.
desu I checked out of the game years ago and think 2dpd, but it's amusing to see some of you rats play the maze trying to get the cheese at the end.

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>user disagrees with me so it must be a woman

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I get approached by women who I would consider out of my league, I'm not joking
What is wrong with me?

Only a woman would believe that personality matters more than looks

>Only a woman can think personality matters more.
>Women won't pick me because of my looks.
Pick one.

>Implying I claimed personality matters more
Nice strawman.

you proved the comics point retard

Are you autistic? 7/10 means 4/10 but the person is being nice. It doesnt literallly mean youre more attractive than 70% of valid males. If you were good looking theyd outright say 9 or 10

Stop going after roasties they're toxic evil and manipulative the moment chad shows any interest in them they'll jump right on his cock. if you're really a 7 do not settle for less than that.

Yes because I doubt I'd struggle if I had god tier looks.

Fucking how? You think ugly women cream themselves over ugly men? lolno