Guide to do shit thread

the internet is one of the greatest inventions on modern history and we're using it to post "tfw no gf" let's make a informative thread for once

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to all my druggies out there, you do you but stay safe

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only thing missing now it's a cube

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I really like this image, it's a good image

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how to make spooky PNG images that change when you click on them

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Saved all those. I might be in a lethargic state right now but I might also read the infographics later, and I feel just reading them wont be enough since they are so dense with information.
The Info Age they said.

I am sorry I dont have any good non controversial infographics and the rest of r9k too.
I am sorry for our retardation.

I have a few randoms ones in my folders OP, you're welcome to them

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I cant see what this one says, but the thumbnail looks infography

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Not sure what this is, but ayyyy

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How do you read ABxCDxx ?

This looks like something as well, forget what

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Days in a week

Here's some stuff about money

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Easier and quicker to just kick the door in

All of you fucking plebs.

Do you really not save these when you come across them? you should.

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I know some of you fags will balk and squawk at that one, but underneath the pop-culture flavour of the infograph and modern buzzwords, THAT one is pretty good.

I'm probably running out

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That one was fucking weird. Ok.

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I don't have too much to contribute, but I'll try my best.

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Any 'to do' list is ambiguous without the equally arduous task of spiritual growth

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That's not a guide on how to do things. It's Facebook-tier socialist propaganda.

This one is probably dumb.

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>the internet is one of the greatest inventions on modern history and we're using it to post "tfw no gf" let's make a informative thread for once
Next post is about drug combinations...

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You say socialism like it's some sort of dirty word.

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Well, It's still informative
and I have the perfect picture for that

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op here, found more 3

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obligatory "thanks I'll kill myself now" reply

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really makes you think what

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Hanging is a pleb tier suicide method anyways

Do you feel privileged?

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This one is always good :)

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