Post your red flags

Post your opposite gender red flags, I'll start

>he follows instagram models
>he supports e-thots on patreon

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>she doesn't browse Jow Forums
>she doesn't browse Jow Forums

>penis under 6.5x6
>older then 18 and a virgin
>under 6ft
>lives at home

>she is braggy and childish
>she owns a horse

>she has a high partner count and/or little LTR
>she constantly uses her phone
>she is possessive/controlling
>she tries to shit-test you and/or blames her shitty behaviour on her hormones

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>not a virgin
>hair dyed some stupid color
>too extroverted
>no hobbies
>posts sexually suggestive pics on social media

>she uses false tan
>she uses heavy make up
>she has a Snapchat or Instagram account
>she is a self described feminist
>she has dated black guys before

red flags
>She likes me
What kind of sick fuck is she?

She fucks negroids and has little mutt children

same tutto originalo

>she is female
>she is not a trap

>she cuts or has cut before

>when she plays mental games and I can't figure out if she likes me or not.

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>he's male

>she listens to rap
>she doesn't like going to the gym
>she doesn't know how to cook
>she is a leftist
>she has dated blacks
>she constantly uses her phone
>she always shit tests you
>her hair/eyes are unnatural
>she overuses social media
>she follows the mainstream media
>she has the fat arms
>she's vapid

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Oh and I forgot one of the worst
>she thinks that calling a woman a slut is a bad thing
I remember a girl telling me that and I never talked to her again

>She hits on other guys
>Isn't a virgin
>Has fake tits
>Doesn't like memes
>Does like memes but browses inferior sites

>browses leddit
>is bossy
>doesnt dress up
>bad hygiene

>he doesn't play sports
>he can't carry me bridal style
>he's under 6'1
>he hates women
>he has a rice fetish
>he's insecure
>he takes Jow Forums memes and views too seriously
>he doesn't pay for dates
>he lies a lot
>he's addicted to porn
>he's violent

>he has a rice fetish
A what

I'm sure that girl really misses you user. Not.b

I wont and she's the only girl that I am truly glad that she is out of my life.
Bitch had many other issues


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>he claims to be a fembot on r9k
>he watches porn
>he faps

>She has social media

Tbh not being a virgin too, but its not a deal breaker

>he doesn't play sports
Adults are out of the question, you're a pedophile I guess.
>he can't carry me bridal style
>he's under 6'1
Fair but shallow
>he hates women
Hate is a reactionary emotion, illogical. Hating a general population doesn't mean you hate every person in that group. I hate women and have had a perfect long term relationship with my girlfriend. If anything, it heightened my standards to find the most stable relationship possible.
>he has a rice fetish
Wtf is this? You hate asians or something? Don't know what you mean.
>he's insecure
What do you mean insecure? When women say this they tend to mean they should be able to hang out with other men which is fucked.
>he takes Jow Forums memes and views too seriously
Jow Forums is pretty funny but I don't know anyone who actually hates the jews. I knew one guy who did and he had severe brain damage from a car accident.
>he doesn't pay for dates
100% agree
>he lies a lot
100% agree
>he's addicted to porn
100% agree
>he's violent
Starting it is wrong, ending it is fine.

>she isn't a supportive person
>she doesn't like music
>she isn't intelligent
>she isnt bigger/taller than me
>she thinks video games and smoking weed is for degenerates

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either a larp or my message to you is not everyone is a fucking whore, men included.

Bro, nobody asked. Why the fuck did you think it was a good idea to type all this out lmfao

>Nobody asked
You stated autistic shit on an open forum.

Nope. I didn't post that

>She doesn't use a cam
>Her voice sounds strangely robotic
>She's oddly overly nice, but has a short fuse when gaming.

Ok. You're orbiting without even seeing her tits. Kill yourself in a timely fashion.

>isn't a virgin
>has dated blacks
>is ugly
that's about it.

>used to sleep around
>Right wing
>Objectifies women

Do you view objectifying women and being right wing as being the part of the same thing?

Not always, there are leftists who objectify women and there are some right wing dudes who don't. But in general, men with right wing/conservative views tend to do it more often.

Thanks. That gives me hope.

>consumed by politics
>has a swastika or hammer and sickle picture
>hobbies consist of watching youtube conspiracy videos

This entire thread is the epitome of highschool virginity

>lives at home
I only like homeless ppl

t. beta cuck with no standards and got cucked by every woman he had because he was a total doormat

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>She juuls or consumes tobacco products
>She doesn't listen to music
>She has Borderline Personality Disorder
>Social-media obsessed

I wish a woman would cuck me

Oh fuck, I'm not even in the right thread. Disregard my post, I suck cocks

That's all retarded and none other than sleeping around would be considered red flags. Thinking differently than you isn't, believing in a god isn't, and everyone objectifies everyone you 95.5 average IQ Californian retard. That's how the whole reproduction thing happens. Kill yourself.

>Loud / noisy
>Preffers summer rather than winter

>Prefers summer over winter
how is that a red flag? I'm curious

>hes not white
>he listens to mainstream pop music
>hes normie
>hes pedo
>he doesn't try to improve self
>he gossips

nearly every straight man follows a couple instagram models

>She is a caucasian

My first date with my 2 year gf was watching videos of Top 10 Unexplained Sounds

>she is 3D
>she is 3D
>she is 3D
>she is 3D

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>She doesn't have the brainpower to make her way out of a bush.
>Uses her phone way too much.

>Unnatural coloured hair
>Comes from single mother home
>Has t-shirts with cringe political messages like love is love or repeal
>Wears glasses that don't have corrective lenses

>Adults are out of the question, you're a pedophile I guess

Oh look, it's another unfit geek who thinks nobody will notice he's a pathetic weakling if he keeps making snarky comments about men who are physically stronger and fitter than he is.

>has ever had a hookup
>is a musician
>only has a part-time job with no way to provide for himself otherwise
>doesn't have a car (if living in an area with bad public transit)
>is circumcised
>won't let me do gentle femdom and fingerpop him every once in a while

Sour grapes and cope. Nothing was lost.

i dont play organized sports because im a grown man have a full time job

i dont mind paying for dates but if a girl never offers to pay her part or for me sometimes then shes a bum lol.. its 2019 and i dont want some sort of paternalitic relationship

those are my only two qualms. incidentally also the only two criteria i dont meet lol

I don't know man, I just hate summer and I'm always irritable when it's hot and I love it when it's cold / misty / rainy.

Can't blame you, I generally dont like the summer either

>when she isn't filipina

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>>is a musician
Wow why?
t. drummer

she has tattoos
she weighs more than 130 lbs
she's older than 30

I miss this poster bros. So much dedication to his Filipino qt patootie

More than a red flag I think I just would be not compatible with her. Maybe should have put that she likes going to parties and dances, now that I think about it

>she has a penis
>she has a vagina
women have to earn my trust and hopefully women feel the same about douches like me haha
lmao I have a FT job too and I participate in a variety of sports and activities. Work on your time management bro.
10/10 tummy would tickle

musicians make extremely shitty partners, especially as they get older (25+). but it's really only if they take it as anything more than a hobby.

if you like playing drums and you have a job and shit, sure, shoot for the moon. but if you're working part-time because "it takes up too much time recording" and you spend your whole day holed up making shitty music that you know isn't going to take you anywhere, you're just an asshole

Shutup whore. No wonder youre single.

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She means he goes for gooks, slants, and other types of dog-eating insect people.

>He only speaks one language
>He's not into STEM
>He doesn't have hobbies
>He doesn't read books
>He doesn't pay for dates
>He's not into arts
>He isn't tall
>He doesn't know how to cook
>He doesn't help with the house chores
>He's not independent enough to travel by himself or without his parents
>He doesn't want to have kids someday

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Same here, no hobbies especially. Nothing more boring than a date that only talks about GoT and the Office.

>whiteknighting some arsehole with shit opinions
>using lmfao on Jow Forums
oh my what a specimen

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unfortunately this also cuts the list of females by 99.9%

You mean the people that are smarter, harder working, richer, and have better family values than you?

But seriously though as she demonstrates "redflags" is now just an other way for roasties to call someone unattractive because of personal preferences while garnering pity herself for it (like when she calls someone "creepy")

>she wears makeup
>she brushes her hair
>she dresses up unnecessarily
>she has long-term goals
>she has lots of friends
>she has a healthy sleep schedule
>she has a job she loves
>she "loves adventure"
>she likes going outside
>she freaks out when she sees a mouse, roach, etc
>she has no mental illnesses or disorders
>she has piercings outside of her ears
>she weighs over 200 pounds
>she doesn't like to cuddle
>she paints her nails
>she doesn't shower regularly
>she can't hold an intellectual conversation
>she exercises
>she regularly takes pictures of herself
>she's dishonest

That's all I can think of off the top of my head but I can give more if you want.

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>she mentions Disney on her profile
>she mentions Harry Potter on her profile
>she mentions Marvel on her profile
>she has a picture that includes Harley Quinn as either merch or a costume
>has kids
>one word responses
>nearly empty profile, not counting the above mentions

>hair dyed some stupid color
That's just poor taste

>she adamantly states she doesn't want kids or to get married ever
>she supports people in weird polyamorous relationships
>she watches Ru Paul's Drag Race or has any kind of fixation with drag queens
>She openly brags about not doing/being able to do things she considers "traditionally feminine" ie cooking
>"meme queen" "choke me daddy" online persona

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