Has anyone here ever stolen anything?

has anyone here ever stolen anything?

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This twink I met on Grindr was a virgin and said his friend wanted to pop his buhymen but I ended up topping him first so I stole that twinks V

I stole my mom's dildo and fuck my boicunt with it before she came home I did return it though

a piece of candy and a decorative rock

stole this thread with some quads bruh

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I torrent stuff and have pirated a bunch of old games and one new one.

Bruh, this dude stole your quads

Your digits are legendary, user.
What shall your furst decree be in your quadsdom?

fuck i am cursed and you are blessed

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Yoooooo, I am pretty proud of myself. The CyberNigger strieks again.

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Stolen few packs of condomes and several big snickers

Copyrights are a spook

I'm too excited to type properly.
I dunno. Fuck da roolz, get rid of laws against piracy and restrictions on guns. This man is based.


When I was 12, I stole candies and stickers from my local store. Also once my friends and I stole scrap from a scrapyard and sold it back to them. I only did it once and the guilt ate me up so I stopped and never stole anything from then.

Gum when I was 5. Was scared shitless that SWAT teams would burst through the door and windows at any moment.

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i did once by accident, i did use to steal games n minor stuff from friends

I used to pirate movies and I shoplifed a few times as a kid.

Just stole some clonazepam from a friend. I was looking for weed but this will do.

also this i pirate stuff

A friend in kindergarten lent me some books and games that I never ended up returning. Sorry Connor.

Yes, I've stole money. Lots of money.

I've stolen a coke in HS because i thought it was cool (from a shop that's literally 10 meters from my school). Then spent the remaining 3 years hiding from that guy.

I accidently stole a cat toy, i literally just walked out of the store with it in my hand. Just proves that if your doing something with confidence people dont really question it ig.

When I was like 3 I stole some toys from pre-school often & felt deeply guilty ever since.

I used to steal my neighbors toys, his mom knew and didn't like me... oh well I enjoyed playing with them so I win.

Back in the 90s me and a couple buddies of mine robbed a drug dealer,ended up with like 20g of weed which we thrown away after smoking most of it,it was some good ass weed tho

I stole many girls hearts

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i used to steal a lot. i started at a very young age because my family never had a lot and i thought its not fair not to be able to have all the cool things my friends had and later to keep my drug addiction alive/have more money for drugs,i even stole from my best childhood friends and they obviously noticed it and i will regret it for the rest of my life because you cant expect someone to forgive you this type of shit (it was around 100 euros cash), but beside that i mostly stole from grocery stores owned by big international companies and i dont even feel bad about it because they are literally ruining humanity and the third world. never got caught, mostly food and electronics worth atleast 20k i think, could be even more but since i got my addiction under control and wont waste all my money on using anymore i dont really see a reason to do it since it also always was alot of stress even though i had some really good strategies to make sure i never get caught and it worked, now i cant believe how much time i wasted just to think of how to steal certain things. still dont have a lot but stealing, especially when youre doing it semi professionally is not easy at all and requires alot of attention, audacity and a really good awareness of your environment, if you dont want to get caught, because if you get caught once, they will get you for all the times you stole from them if they notice how good you are because they are checking the video tapes if youre not some retarded 14yo first timer

Fuck off feds
I made this orginello btw

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Same I stole a poster from walmart as a teen on accident. Literally just held it in my hand through checkout and out the door until I got to the car and realized

stole some food couple of times when I was younger

ate 2 pizzas without paying cause gril with check wasnt coming for 45m and it was an empty place