What the hell did I do wrong?

What the hell did I do wrong?

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She was probably kidding..

Women want to be showered with positive vibes to feel safe. If you make them feel unsafe with depressing facts she will associate you with those negative feeling and eventually prune you from her life.


it looks like you are dealing with a young naive girl who wanted you to 'open up your heart' unironically. if you really wanted to get closer with her you should have told her something meaningful.

idk what you did wrong but she's not the one if she wants to hear something meaningful and then ignores the consequences of the industrial revolution.

Not wise to hook up with someone with depression anyway OP. She shouldn't be taking it out on you

>please give me validation
You didn't. That was your mistake. Next time treat her like a child and you'll succeed

How do u even get in this situation.

this is like pottery

Women can't be blackpilled, don't even try

Dumb bitch was blown the fuck out.
That said the industrial revolution has done nothing but benefit me.

That's retarded.

When she says something stupid, call her out for it. If I were OP, I'd tell her exactly why she has no meaning in her life, which has led her to this point in demanding something "meaningful" from other people. For instance:

>If you didn't suck so much cock, you would have meaning yourself

This works with ugly and/or chubby girls because chances are, you're above them on the hierarchy so they literally CAN NOT do better than you, and if they can, they think they can't because you berate them so much which makes them think they've peaked, as beta boys shower girls with compliments if they're desperate.

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i mean if op wanted to actually get closer to this girl he should have taken it seriously and probably mentioned something that was important to him. if not, he should hav ejust made something up to confess to her about a deep dark secret to get in her pants. im not saying shes a great catch but maybe its all op can get or maybe this is a small window into who she is as a person

you did the right thing dog

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i know what you meant, but choosing the same vague word was humorous

You said "send nudes" while not being a 9/10

Just leave her alone user. She's unstable.

OP btfo himself

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lol you got me there ive been drinking so my posts are even lower quality than usual

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You're acting like a clown user. Women want to feel desirable and attractive. She sent you a selfie and you didn't even compliment her.

>send nudes~~

s m h

Should of said that historians have confirmed the Egyptians who built the pyramids weren't actually enslaved and there is proof they are well and had a healthy lifestyle

I too cannot resist the urge to shitpost.

What do you mean? That was a 100% Chad move right there.

Oh silly nub user.
You can only red pill your girlfriend if she is ... your gf. If she is just a grill then you must play the part till she is fully with you.
Even then a lot of women simply do not have the EQ nor IQ to control their mindsets to understand even the most white belt ideas.

Just find a broad chill to hang out with. Don't assume a women will be able to keep up with you physically or mentally.

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why would he, mate?

probably an expert says these

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I think thats awesome. If you were tryin to fuck yea .maybe you fucked up....but it was a good way to weed shit out. Failure is not always beta...it usually is....but not always

Sounds like she loves the industrial revolution more than you like porn.

>What the hell did I do wrong?

>I'm about to fall into a depression

That's the true sign of an attention whoring nasty-ass thot. Anyone genuinely depressed wouldn't want you to know even for a second, because they would feel like a burden if you did. It would take a lot of cute moments and bonding for her to reveal something like that and it wouldn't be as a casual appeal for attention. Normalfags who live in bubbles like this are wretchedly disgusting, they don't even realize the murk they crawl through in their daily lives.

>What the hell did I do wrong?
you shat on the industrial revolution

This, industrial revolution was great.


honestly, shes seeking your validation, not anyones cuz she obviously enjoys you as a person. reminds me of my ex gf. just compliment her whenever she sends a pic, even a quick qt works.

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unless youre a 10/10 guy, you shouldnt be asking for nudes faggot.

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Just say ok cya

You fucked up in trying to read her mind, or you couldn't read the atmosphere through the context of the convo. Either way in her eyes you fucked up big time big boy.

what was your response? if you didn't said anything may I add something?
>OK how about the nudes?

Good move.

She needs to get it thru her thick skull that you don't do free therapy sessions.

Own it faggot. Tell her how she's an over socialized drone.

This is one of the problems with getting a relationship. You basically have to suck the girls dick, you usually cant call her out on her bullshit and with lots of girls you need to be nurturing her like this. People on her really want gfs but never realise this is the shir theyre walking into.

Next try Linkola posting, she might respond better to that

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Never has a truer word been spoken on this board.

thats exactly why i try to bond with guys, but they too busy chasing pussy

you did nothing wrong, she is mentally ill


she wanted you to make her feel special. I guess she doesn't want a jokester.

She wanted to hear what she means to you bro. Like in a good way, how the world is a better place cuz she's living in it. Or like some Keanu-tier deep shit like what he said about what happens after we die.

I love this copypastas in an oringinal way.

Only a women would get away with telling a potential mate she has depression and wants support.

Drop some Unabomber redpills the next time a roastie asks for something deep and meaningful.

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You did not build trust and confort with her BEFORE the text. When texting goes bad it is because you made a mistake before in person.

Nothing. I like your style btw.

Well you obviously fucked up because the real disaster was the agricultural revolution and at least the industrial revolution saved us from that.

>women dont find the singular largest step in human history to be meaningful
and im supposed to take this gender seriously?

>girls open up to him

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why would normal people suicide though? that's for subhuman losers like you lot

This is the cuckiest thing 2 do

tell her the words of kaczynski are indeed meaningful

Did she send the nudes? Share them here, nigger.

This is why we encourage you autists to continue failing and never learning lol. Always a laugh. Don't change anything, user.

I don't expect them to actually commit suicide, but them doing so would only be a net positive for the world.

>the world
You mean a minority of bitter mentally ill "men."

when you consider the potential side effecrs i would t g so sure

not if she's pretentious enough to appreciate a gloomy beauty and you play into her (and all women's) savior fantasy by being a damaged but passionate chad punished by this cruel world. I talk to this girl about serial killer movies and carbon monoxide accidents and she's almost marrying me.
But yeah if you want to fuck a thot you gotta be a dancing monkey for her.

Ngl if I were a female I'd straight ask you out, if you were to tell me those insta-boner facts.
No homo tho
Jokes aside I think you would be 100% compatible with a girl who is interested in these topics, but plain janes are what abounds nowadays

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She is salty that you can't read her mind and know exactly what to say all the time. Essentially by meaningful she meant "MAKE ME FEEL BETTER ABOUT MYSELF, NOW!" and because you didn't and you asked for nudes you're literally terrible.

She's smart and saw past your BS of blaming technology as a cowardly act instead of owning up to human failures and proactively propose solutions.

The industrial revolution being bad, fucking hell. Anyone with neurons would cut contact with you after that

She wanted you to say something meaningful about her. Yours was funny and she overreacted big time though