Why does everyone want me to be their boyfriend im not gay they call me feminine and tell me to be gay im not gay

Why does everyone want me to be their boyfriend im not gay they call me feminine and tell me to be gay im not gay

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why do you care then lmao
but usually people who post these are gay so good on you for getting all this attention user

I made a thread two days ago and they wanted me to be gay and get grindr

It's up to you really, do what makes you happy and since you're not gay you shouldn't do what you don't want to do.

Gays want to fuck everything so they want to fuck you. Is this a surprise?

I tried telling them im not gay but they said they wanted to have sex with me more when they found out im a little slow in the head

I thought gays were normal people

Well they're not if you consider monogamy the norm. Most have many partners & want to try different sizes/races & party. If you think that's normal then they're normal

Why do they want alot of boyfriends cheating is wrong

I'm not saying they want many boyfriends, from my experience as bi it's usually 1 partner they keep around for a while & gangbangs etc or club hookups. I assume it's from the sex drive & lack of family structure, men generally have a primal urge to spread their genes to as many people as possible & two in a relation probably accentuates this. It's probably also less threatening since none of you can have babies by mistake when messing around so it doesn't feel like a morale dilemma. But I'm just guessing at reasons this is the norm.

Ah ok i dont fully understand but thanks i just want people here to stop telling me im gay when im not

Lmao I remember you man you said some really fucking gay and feminine things and you wonder why they want you to be gay? Are you the actual retard OP who was asking for friends?

You're not a certain sexuality because of how you look, but you will be much more attractive to people of certain sexuality based on how you look. They just want you to conform to their liking for fantasy/hookups.

I'm crying laughing so hard, are you the slow guy who says feminine shit and stated you weren't attracted to women? I hate to say it but you really come off like a fruit pie. I wouldn't doubt you liked the attention you were getting from them have you tried Grindr yet?

Ya that's the OP his mom raised him like a daughter

Do we have to go through this again? There is nothing wrong with you being gay OP.

Yes i am that guy i made that thread

Ah ok

I liked the attention because i am lonely but i dont wanna date them i just like talking to people

I am not gay

There is no way you are straight most likely bisexual (gay)

How many times have you ever wore girls panties?

Never i sometimes dont even wear boys underwear

I dont wanna date guys

You can still be straight as long as you don't get TOPPED

You don't have to date to fuck a sissies boipussy

Why do you guys want me to be gay

Would you wanna get topped by a chick? I mean pegging & all.

Pegging? I just want a girl to talk to and hold her hand and love me

Pegging = strap-on up the butt from a girl. & cute wants.

I dont know if i would like that i never had things up my butt

But I'm not gay i am serious

>I-I'm not gay
Post pics of ur butt and we'll tell you if you're gay or not. Baka.

I dont want to do that thats nasty

I have the same issue OP except i'm not feminine. I attract traps and gays like a magnet. We are people that are cursed to forever be gay magnets.

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Gays are sexual predators who reproduce by touching children and young adults. They get off on hijacking your sexual urges and twisting them into some disgusting downward spiral of self decay.

Yes but beta bois won't touch kids they'll be cute catboys & know their place. Meanwhile their dom is a married male with 3 children & a happy household.

I wish itd stop id love to be friends with them but i dont want them wanting to be my boyfriend

Its wrong that they touch children

Yeah, i'm the same way. I just want to be friends with them but they always try and derail the conversation with things involving sexual conduct.
I know they aren't bad people but it makes it hard to be friends with them when its sexual advances every other day.

It makes me not comfortable when they say im feminine and that they want to have sex with me

Same shit, im not a homo but unfortunaly my some of my friends are and harass me, worst one is a fucking furry that keeps sending me rat remy porn all the time, but he s an okay friend

Im sorry that they do that i wish theyd stop

Stop being friends with gay people if you're a cutie twink like for real. You don't want to develop a 1 year friendship & they ruin it because they can't smash boipucci. Same as you wont befriend many females if you're in a LTR coz they're home-wrecking bimbos.

I blame them for it. They are the sexually degenerate people. Just because they are gay doesn't mean they will constantly make sexual advances but these type of people are fucked like that.

Why not date cute twinks though?

If you get a boiperiod you are gay

You might go with it and start fapping idk wtf your talking about but give it a wanky

I just want to be friends with everyone friends are very important

Twink? Thats what i get called

Predatory faggots trying to get in your head...
...So they can get in your anus
Don't fall for it OP

I keep telling them im not gay but they keep on

Are you a twink though? Twinks are feminine and should always be bottoms (the one getting fucked)

Judging by your replies ITT you seem very tolerant, that's likely the problem. When I was a good tolerant liberal fags would flirt with me. Now that I make it clear batty bandits are not welcome around me they know to keep their distance.

People on here say i am feminine but i don't think i am i think im just normal im not gay i don't wanna date boys i just want friends

I dont wanna be mean i just want friends my mom taught me to never be mean she said you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vineger

If by flies you mean men trying to resize your rectum then yeah. But if you want them to stop you will probably have to hurt their feelings.

I wish they stop when i tell them the first time

The last thread you did come off mega gay though but it is creepy they are predators

I dont mean to come off as gay this is just how i am i speak with my feelings and how i feel i dont speak like you do

say to them "fuck off you greasy AIDs monkey" to them and they should get the message

> "but I don't think I am"
You got to be more strict and less afraid to hurt their feelings. For example,
> "I'm not faggot such as yourself".

That sounds mean i dont wanna be mean My mom said she gets happy if im a good boy

But im that type of person i cant be mean im sorry

I agree with this post. Don't be kind to these people.

Would they tell your mum if you told them to fuck off

If you're really a little slow in the head (if you're not larping, just to be clear), then close this thread and abandon this board immediately. Jow Forums is full of horrible "people" that would manipulate and mess with your head only for a quick laugh.
Leave and you'll feel better

Is your mom responsible for you being feminine? If so she is part of the problem

I dont think so i dont it still but ill try to be more mean

I talked with some people in other threads and they didnt seem mean but people are just mean and call me gay when i post my own threads there has to be good people here

I dont think so she just told me to be nice to people because if i don't then i wont make friends

Your mom sounds like she feminized you OP

How old are you and you remind me of a 12 year old?

Other people said she raised me to be a girl im not a girl i wear guys clothes and i dont act like a girl

You'll wanna take this to Jow Forums. Jow Forums are full of faggots, they will manipulate you any change they get.

The bottom line is you are gay and just need to come out you would be way happier and could make friends and boiwifes on Grindr

That's a meme of people taking the pink pill do to fag exposure

user, I'm just being frank with you: you seem vulnerable (VERY vulnerable from what I'm seeing). People like you are the perfect preys for some of the anons that post on Jow Forums: do yourself a favor and abandon this godforsaken board.
You're free to ignore my advice, obviously, but know that I'm only trying to help you

Im 18 almost 19 im sorry i sound like a kid
There is some good people here there has to be

Im not gay and how can a boy be a wife boys are husbands when they marry women

But i just want to talk to people and not feel so lonely im tired of being so alone and not talking to people i know there is bad people everywhere i just want to talk to people and i found out about here and saw people talk about themseleves and i thought i found a good place to talk to people and express myself

You probably look gay as hell. Nobody has ever mistaken me as gay, except on Omegle, but that does not count

I am not gay for the last time

post a selfie, changing your dress / demeanor could stop people from mistaking you as gay

This is not a good board to "talk to people". Too many despicable individuals post here: individuals that want to exploit you, turn your mind inside out and much, much more creepier things.
There are many boards on this site: try using one of the others
Jow Forums is moderately nice. You can talk to people without risking to get your brain twisted and deformed

Alright if you think its for the best im sad that i won't be able to talk to nice people on here like you and a few others youre nice youre a good person

Go to any other board, user except Jow Forums: Jow Forums is even worse than Jow Forums. You should never go there too. Just remember that this place is bad for your mental health

Same gays know other gays I got hit on by a few but never mistaken for being a fag, they were just "hoping"

It really is not that bad you are exaggerating

Whats wrong with Jow Forums do they want to make me gay to?

No one is making you what you already are

I already said im not gay i will never be youre boyfriend so please stop please

Enough, user. I told you what I had to tell you.
Now you're free to take my advice (or not). Obviously, I hope (for your own sake) that you'll take it.
In any case, do know that Jow Forums and most of its users will not be kind to you

No if anything their going to show you things the (((the ruling elite))) don't want you to see.

Can i wait until this thread is archived i promise ill find a better board

Like what

I'm not gay I don't want a BF lmao just saying if you like cock your gay nothing wrong with it

>tfw no str8 bf

My sides user holy sneaky

I do not like men in that way after this thread ends im never coming back i am tired of being called gay

Are you a girl i like girls

Do as you wish, user. You've been warned anyway.
Now, here where I live is very late, so I'll have to say goodbye to you. Remember to always be wary of Jow Forums's anons and good luck for finding a better board

Thank you user you have been very nice to me i will take your advice thank you again

I am a girl but I feel like me revealing that kills the assumed joke that gay guys want straight men

Im sorry i messed up your joke

Dude you are super beta and feminine..

There is nothing wrong with being feminine my mom says she likes how i act

Well shit she wants you to be a girl

I knew your mom was responsible.
I was fucking right

She didnt make me be one she bought me guys clothes and always cut my hair she did say if i was a girl id be pretty

Let me guess you also don't have a father figure right? Or he was bad/abusive to you? The way you write is like you've had no male guidance you need to be less of a doormat with people.

Omg I knew it

I want to say he is trolling but this is why they think he is gay I knew it from yesterday

My dad is still married to her he works while my mom stays home with me he was always gone at bars when i was a kid tho

We can be just friends if you want to