We should make this board blue to get rid of the trannies just as /b/ has their own yellowposting movement

we should make this board blue to get rid of the trannies just as /b/ has their own yellowposting movement

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Sissies keep this board alive that and all true robots crave boicunt


blueposting indeed

Fuck Twannies

time for blueposting it is then

/d/ickgirls is og and been here longer than you've been alive Reddit sadboi bitches
If you don't like it, go the fuck back

blue posting time lads

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Yes, because threads that are only interesting because porn really increases board quality.

yellowposting is already dead though

cha cha real sm00th


Yes, more funny b l u e p o s t i n g

Jow Forums is about largely about porn and adult themes underage faggot.
If you don't like it GO BACK Mormon crybaby

>largely about porn
Then why just let R9K be another shitty porn board? R9K is awful and just making it more shit because "lol internetz le Jow Forums" is retarded. Making it a blue board would remove useless porn threads and promote discussion.


go easy on me bros i'm not very good at image editing

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its a good start but we'll need a lot more

help me out then l0l

hahahah lol jhave you ever thought of just not looking at the tranny threads? if you really hate them so much, then just leave. noone is holding you here. everyone has the right to excpress themselves

also banning things is for pussies.. if i hated trannies then i'd just scare them off somehow

Why are trannies and women so obsessed with posting pictures of themselves?

All boards should ban porn. NSFW should still be allowed but porn needs to go, it's nothing but trash.

have you ever thought of just accepting that you're a male?

i am a 100% male .. i just like to wear skirts, ok?
wearing skirts in public while not passing as a female and not giving a fuck what others think is the most masculine thing one can do ..

what the fresh hell

suck on it , fag hater

uwu ;33