Daily reminder that even if everyone else abandons you Jesus still loves you and will be there for you.

Have you taken the christpill yet? Christ is the only way into heaven, and if you don't get into heaven you go into everlasting hellfire for all eternity. I'm telling you the truth. Believe and repent today.

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I'm close to doing it. I want to have some purpose in life

Ive done, watched and said shit that already reserved me a spot in the deepest pits of hell. There is no salvation for me.

Seriously, do it. I absolutely promise you he's God and everything he says is true.

The only unforgiveable sin is blaspheming the Holy Spirit

Jesus probably hates me op. I sin too much by fapping every other week or so.

He loves you regardless of your sins. Simply stop fapping, my fren.

idk it just feels fake. it feels like some higher power's trump card for everything if that makes sense

>The only unforgiveable sin is blaspheming the Holy Spirit
What about satanists who saw the light and changed? See: He came to set the captives free.

I'm not a satanist, but I have done and said things I'm absolutely not proud of. That's not who I am, I'm trying to expel the evil from myself.

Its not even that its the fact that being a human is a problem itself and if I dont obey I go to hell then I burn. But I have natural lust and its bad even though I am not doing it with others its safer. It makes no sense. Why would I get this type of mental torment from a loving God

Depends on whether they blashpemed the Holy Spirit from their hearts or not

God is a just God and punishes for sin, which is worthy of eternal punishment from an eternal God.

if god loved me he'd prove his own existence.

Which if they really meant it, they probably wouldn't change right? When I "hated" Christianity, I was a nihilistic atheist who didn't know anything about it. I am deeply ashamed of that.

The proof is in the pudding (the Word)

that's a pretty shit proof.

Whether they change or not, it's still an unforgivable sin my fren

No it's not. If you have an open heart and open mind, when you read the Word you can just tell it's truth. Unparalleled absolutely delicious wisdom that clearly comes from God. That's why those with hearts waxed cold cannot come to the truth.

bitch I could tell it was wrong when it told me people lived to 900 years old 6000 years ago.

Even when they don't really know what they're talking about and haven't had any exposure to Christianity prior, outside of my atheist dad telling me how bad he thinks Christianity is? Now I'm just talking about myself. I don't hate God. I am not and was never a satanist. I was ignorant, and only now as an adult who can think for himself I am discovering the truth.

It shouldn't surprise you, humans have been genetically engineered. If that's what gets you then you're really lost.

Are you saying you blasphemed the Holy Spirit? It depends on if it was from the heart or not. If you didn't know what you were talking about, you might be okay.

yeah genetic engineering definitely existed befire the last century bait-kun

>Are you saying you blasphemed the Holy Spirit?
If mindlessly critiquing Christianity with my atheist friends and family, then yes. Until adulthood I never looked at Christianity from outside the atheist bias.

Based christanon, thanks for reminding me to have more of a dialogue with god. To be honest I've been hesitant getting closer with him because I constantly think I'm not worthy enough from my sins, but I know it's the only way I'll ever find peace in this world and the next. I've been seeing a pastor who takes me out to lunch every so often and he's had a sinful life when he was around my age so I can relate to him and all we do is talk about the word. Other than that I've been a bit off my game, hopefully with the support of him and others I can make a stronger connection to the lord. No matter what your sins, even african war lords who raped and killed children turn to christ for repentance and just look at Paul for example, who murdered christians until he finally saw the light and received forgiveness from god. It's not too late to accept jesus into your lives

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Look at the Ancient Pyramids, which we couldn't even create today. The nephilim I believe it was genetically engineered us.

No, that's not blaspheming the Holy Spirit. I believe it has to be a direct insult to the Holy Spirit Himself.

Thanks for posting, fren. God bless.

Being a christian is hard. You have to forgive sinners and stuff.

we could absolutely build the phramids nowadays the nephilim are from an apocrypha, and btw the jews were never enslaved in egypt.

Reminder kristjans stole and grafted pagan religions onto their own. If you need to change your religion to convert people and kill people to make others join, your religion is terrible in the first place, and if changed then its no longer possible to claim its true.
An all loving god would not send any of his children to suffer for eternity.
Want to take any pill? Take the pagan pill. There is no better way to live than for honor and glory. Answer me, would you rather live life in fear of ever commiting a sin, or live life being as glorious and honorable as possible? Kristjanity is a joke, the true gods will welcome you. My brothers and sisters, take the paganpill, and sit with me, and all the children of the odhinn, bask in the glory of the gods in the halls of valhalla and folkvangr. A life in search of glory is better than a life afraid of sin.

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I thought that, if you had insulted the Holy Spirit or done otherwise terrible things, but saw that you had done wrong, regretted doing it, and sincerely repented for it, then you never actually blasphemed the Holy Spirit. Because you were able to see the light and change, you had never truly, completely rejected salvation; you were just lost and misguided and confused. At least that's what I read on Jow Forums once, I think. It's the kind of thing where you have to look at your entire life to know if you've done it or not.

Why do you have to derail all the threads I make? Stop it.

And why do you attempt to recruit people to your false religion with your "god" who loves his children so much hed make them suffer forever?
I will not stop. Not now not ever. Your religion is one of fear and submission. By my honor i will try my hardest to never see someone fear and submit to a "god". Humans are born to live and die with glory and honor, not in fear and submission. All i do is show people the way of the true gods, and the way humans are meant to live.

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I'd rather believe in buddhism hinduism or shinto than norse paganism. the cyclical nature of ragnarok makes less sense than hinduism and buddhism, and shinto is more interesting as a concept.

Hell was prepared for the devil and his angels. The devil tricked humanity into joining him. The wages of sin is the second death. We're called to live holy lives.

Your so-called gods are harvesting your energy.

>i jargon and act as if satan is everything i dislike which proves my point
Die in fear and sit eternally in Helhaim you fool.
It matters not what you believe. If you die in glory you will sit by the allfather or freyja.
You are correct in stating the cyclical nature of ragnarok is confusing, such is befitting of a catastrophic event. The most we truly know is ragnarok is yet to come. Science shows we are at the end of the warming period of a million year ongoing ice age. We are long overdue for the cooling period. This period could bring fimbulvetr, or the next. We know not when it will happen, but we know it will. I live hoping to enter the halls of the allfather and fight when it comes.

>how could god send his children to hell
>my religion is superior
>go to hell you fool

>how could god send his children to hell
Yes, answer the question
>my religion is superior
True. Not superior. If people must be killed and forced to accept the love of "god", its clear your god is not true. No one forced the allfather on anyone, yet all of scandinavia believed in the gods. Very telling isnt it?
>go to hell you fool
Comparing Helheim to hell shows how big of a fool you are. Helheim takes many forms. Only those who die in honor and glory go to asgard, everyone else goes to Helheim. Those who lived good lives will live much as they did in their life. Helheim for them will be a welcoming place, maybe even similair to the place they lived in. The only ones who suffer in helheim are the truly evil.
Lesson since you're a fool. Heim means home. Jotunheim is "home of jotun", home of the giants, so helheim is "home of hel", you know, the goddess who presides over helheim?
There you go, now you're slightly less a fool.

>he doesn't realise that the demiurge controls this universe and reincarnation is forced

>still using anything from a false god acting as if its true
By baldr your mind is like ginnungagap

My dog is going to die tomorrow. What are Bible chapters that talk about death and dealing with grief. I don't mean psalm 23 ashes to ashes and that. Something that will help me understand what death is. I guess I'm looking for wisdom/philosophy, not he will be happy because he's chillin on a cloud getting belly rubs from Jesus (though that would be pretty neat).

Maybe all the interbreeding lead to shorter lifespans