Timothy James Byrne here again posting a new /britfeel/ thread in Jow Forums on the 17th June 2019 edition

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I've done a big FAT stinky poo

Love shippy so much lads.


My Captchas are too long lads. Might have to stop using Opera, FireFox never had me taking this long for a Captcha.

>went for a shower
>pull down trousers and boxers
>BIG smell of shit
>haven't poo'd, just have super swamp ass
fuck off summer

Feel like we've already had a norway gf arc
Why are we paying for the /britfeel/ licence if the writers can't even think of new content

What's this mad lad up to these days?

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ugh that's worse than a shit. you must be severely obese

microwave curry for dinner

my tongue hurts, though. think i bit tongue in sleep or something.

>What's this mad lad up to these days?
up to his usual neet antics
ziggy died back in february btw

Jow Forums-x nojs captcha

what car do you drive shippy and how old are you fren.


Mate, I use X. Idk why the fuck it doesn't work. This browser is toss.

ford mondeo, 26

>doesnt even know basic details about his 'friend'

>want a cup of tea
>no milk
>shop is a 3 minute walk away
>no headphones


just seen a rainbow going into lidl as i was walking down to lidl. found the pot o gold, 4 sweet chilli pizza slices.
fucked up though and thought it was tuesday today so spent all the money i had. still 3 days till payday. woops

what kind of mondeo shippy?

also at 26 i'm surprised you've not gone off the rails already, what with your no gf status. i think when you do, you'll go off the rails big time, smoking crack, shooting fentanyl you name it

Yeah Opera sucks

Webm related for anyone who doesn't use it, so much easier to use

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im a skinny twiglet

hes 34
years old
what the fucking bollocks fuck off

I just told you, a FORD mondeo

hnnng please sit on my face

Shippy has had a gf and his own place he's doing alright

qu'est-ce que c'est?
fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa

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Don't understand how I can have lost my dressing gown. It's big, grey and fluffy where can it possibly be?

I thought shippy was mid 30's?

*strides through the thread in his new dressing gown*


oi m8 give me back my dressing gown

up your fucking arse mate

thought shippy was well into his 40's given the look of him

at its last MOT(12 september 2018), sceas car has 96,088 miles on it

Nah you're thinking of...actually I dont know

>you now remember SCEA talking about his 'jag'

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*walks into thread wearing a grey dressing gown*
Alright lads

What are all you lads up to on this fine Monday evening?

Ford Mondeo? Fittingly a nonce car.

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I've worked in Norway, everyone speaks English.
Shame the Newcastle > Stavanger ferry doesn't run any more, didn't realise flights are such crazy money now.
Face it, you ARE significantly less wealthy than she is, she knows it too so she can't expect you to be on a level playing field and drop cash like she can (on Selfridges ice cream etc).

Don't make an enemy of SCEA, Mayuri. He'll shitpost about you until you cry.

*hugs the /britfeel/ cat to death*
small lion go boom haha

Drinking a bottle of wine, being homeless.


Tim's a good lad. So is shippy.

(can't photo upload tonight - poor connection)

Please explain to a spastic where to get Jow Forums-x and how to install it.

what an absolute mong

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Wheeey lads, switched to Chrome so maybe 4chanX will work.

Having to switch to sleeping on my right side because my left shoulder hurts

>What are all you lads up to on this fine Monday evening?
watching da football

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*wolf whistles at you*

HMM you looking FINE in that gown

Has your mum put it in the wash?
Has it fallen down the side of the bed?
Laundry basket?

He is indeed a very scary man, I don't want to mess with him. I apologise SCEA mate, won't ever happen again.

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*closes all the windows and farts relentlessly after having four tins of Tesco Value chilli for lunch*
haha stinky winky
*claps hands*

not him but, go to your browsers add on section then click on install. if on opera just google 4 chan x for opera and it's the first result

Ford fiesta, and 26, 27 in July

>Tfw started posting in britfeel aged 22

You alright benders?

>He is indeed a very scary man

I'm one of those outliers not apprehended by the local 'mental health team'. So yeah, i'm an unknown quantity. Even i don't know myself.

Dads doing the routine again lads. "Hey son, you okay?" and "If you need anything..." shabang. Love him desu, but he must sense I'm on the edge atm so feel a bit gay.

>Jow Forums-x.net/
>install violentmonkey
>install Jow Forums-x

>Jow Forums-x.net/builds/Jow Forums-X.crx

>Note: This version of Jow Forums X does not work with Opera 12. If you need Opera 12 support, try loadletter's fork instead.
>github.com/loadletter/Jow Forums-x

I like or tolerate pretty much every poster here but SCEA annoys the fuck out of me. Dunno why

aweeeeeet big man?

no lennie no godammit

hes a manchild who still manages to think hes better than everyone else, look whats happened to him in the space of a couple of years without his dad constantly looking after him and fixing his fuck-ups

>not apprehended by the local 'mental health team'
All it will take is an outburst. When do you think that will happen?

got some good weed and a lot of alcohol lads. will be a good night, I'll start at 21:30 or 21:45 and go from there.

SCEA is like an IG attention whore going on about how 'mentally ill' they are

SCEA is britfeel incarnate, second only to Ebin.

Yes. Please do, I love night pictures.

*steals your alcohol and smashes it and grinds all your weed and blows it in your face*

a fucking mondeo

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*nervously looks out of the window as lewisham concil try to force their way into britfeel towers having heard about the slum conditions*

what's wrong with the ford mondeo fucker?

don't woree
I won't letem in
*downs 5 cans of spinach and passes out*

Can we have a bootsale to raise money and pay off the /britfeel/ debts?

God almighty he's a lying prick. Being a braggart is unattractive but bragging about something he doesn't even have is sad and delusional.

Who was that lad waaay back in the old days who always bragged about his car?

His dad's BMW? Absolute fruitcase.

ding ding ding ding ding ding rading ding ding ding ding ding ding

go watch tv with him for a bit user, he'll enjoy it

how do I move out lads

Nah the wagies can just pool their resources

SCEA is so kerrrr-aaaaayyyy-zeeeee! Absolutely mad he is!!

cor LADS!

imagine all THAT MINGE! COR!






bmw fella

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He's just gone to bed. Maybe tomorrow.

Where in the GOD DAMN FUCK is SCEA and shippy?


that's some serious minge,

Wankin? don't have the man power.


Before my time this, dont recognise half of them

*takes switch out of dock*
*detaches joycons*
*plugs in headphone extender*
*puts back in dock*

i'm trying to imagine all that minge but it's too much

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And this is how you separate the oldfags from the newfags. See ya later kiddo

This is a small list lad. Where's the big one?

I need da powwsssi lads

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corr look at all them lemons

haha yeah m8 see you

Going back to Portugal in 3 weeks. Very excited. Going to be a sober one this time as I haven't drank since New Year's.

unreal how straight rarted that lad is.
Reading his comments and that puts me in stitches.

thanks, your a good lad, lad
*throws you a fish*

Back lads, had a few days to myself but I'm back, don't worry. Got me some 'erb, couple of ciders and a fuck load of fedora posting ahead of me tonight. Cheers to that!

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this is another list I have, not that much bigger

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were you sick or something lad?

>only have shitty back up rizla

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