Nothing you accomplish can really help

> spending 4 days in Edinburgh attending scientific conference
> cute Asian girls wherever you take a look
> talked today about some scientific shit with a 10/10 girl
> she is from Nagoya, super shy, barely can speak and understand English
> her name is Mutsumi...
> tfw I realize that no matter how good it felt to talk with her I end up as khhv
> only 14 months left and I will be officially a wizard

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at least you are in Edinburgh

yeah and very anxious about getting home
Edingurgh airport is much bigger than one I came from
makes me really nervous

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If you are not getting the results you so badly crave maybe trying taking a step back and doing some self analysis

It's easy to get a girlfriend, bro. If you can have a conversation with a woman, you aren't fucked. Most people here are souless insect retards that can't talk to people. You have infinitely more potential than real incels.

what a depressing looking shithole

"oh look im ugly everything makes sense"
theres your self analysis

Oh hey im from edinburgh, wanna hang out user?

and imagine being unable to make us of it in almost 30 years of life
I mean having some ordinary little talk is no problem for me
I just don't have any idea what such conversations are actually good for, let alone how one builds a relationship with another person and stuff

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killing yourself is always on the table. nice humblebrag,btw

>attending scientific conference
>talked today about some scientific shit
Those two things alone make me question the point of this board. Who really goes here?Students craving their daily dose of Facebook notifications? You are so normal it hurts me physically.


no thanks, it's too late, I have to sleep
something like that I guess..

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i can smell this android camera friend, dont worry mine is the same, pictures like impresionism paintings

Godspeed user, hope you atleast enjoyed the city while you were here

I have nokia 225 cellphone, and was able to take only 4 pictures with it, then I copied them to my laptop by usb cable

i like the aesthetic of those old cameras, i have an old lg p350 and because of its small memory, every photo i take with it is special and has a story behind it. Also they all look somewhat like a painting

they look pretty cool user.
Don't worry, you'll make it. You have a good respectable job. And you're only 28. Who knows where you'll be 10 years from now.

But I thought us white guys were supposed to easily mog asian guys and get all their women user

Wtf has Jow Forums been lying to me

>You have a good respectable job
yes academic job but in eastern Europe:
earning 750 euros a month and not sure to have the job in one year
working every saturday in chickenfarm on top of that...

>, super shy, barely can speak and understand English
thats just the character she uses to get fucked by as many BWC's during her stay.

I'm also from Eastern Europe. I know how little the wages are here and how unstable everything feels.
Still, you got a trip to Edinburgh and got to talk to interesting people (do you have any idea how rare smart 10/10s are?) on actual interesting topics not just random normie chit-chat. I'd call that a win.
You're already better than a lot of people. Just take care of your health and don't let yourself fall prey to the darkness.

Enjoying each other's company is the first step.