Another robot went ER and died a hero

Another robot went ER and died a hero

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Another brother down, F
What is his bodycount?

Clearly they killed him because he was onto something.

Not surprised to be honest, everyone from Texas can go fuck themselves

where you when KFC and MKULTRA worked together to create a meme?

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are video games not good enough anymore?

>died a hero
It looks more like he died like a bitch.

Just wants a shortcut to the next GTA, who can blame him?

mk ultra or not, watever it is its working

>Daddy's hungry!
Based and hungrypilled

You guys ready for the next stream of normalfags? With the state the board is in, this might be terminal.

he was r9k? this hasnt been exclusive to r9k in years

Does it matter? I feel like this place gets noticeably worse every time some autist decides to go shoot up some place.

The incel purge has started.

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Why were the feds on his ass? What lead to the shoot out? I just want a quick rundown.

idk bros. im just a nice poster

well. psyop is in fact making young men go postal

Looks like he was mentally ill, decided to attack defenseless people. Cops showed up and put an end to it.
Some of you guys are alright, don't go to r9k tomorrow

Dude, hide your reddit notifications next time holy fuck.

A few windows

god fucking damn why are you here

this niggas analagies all over the place