Do femanons have cute hairstyles or is your hair gross and greasy

do femanons have cute hairstyles or is your hair gross and greasy

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I have my own hairstyle.
I call it Wake and Go.

>teehee i dont have to do my hair
goddamn staceys

It is called body positivity.
You should try it.

i am positive that my body is a negative
fuckin stacy

no, why should i give a shit desu

Your attitude is very attractive. I bet your hair looks lovely as well.

I don't believe you, I bet you spend at least half an hour getting that 'tidy yet messy' look

post top of head pics with no face

Why don't femanons just buzz their hair? QT without any hassle.

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>compensating weak-ass insecure woman
>"your attitude is very attractive"
She's not gonna show you her penis.

They looks curly and brown.Really nothing spectacular.
No, literally Wake and Go (tm)

>curly and brown
i fucking knew it was a stacy

Sounds more like a negress.

I am not insecure, I am proud of my body, I am proud of who I am.
It sounds like the opposite of insecurity isnt it?

That's not how it works kek

do you masturbate while looking in a mirror?

Do I look like a Stacy?

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You look like a goddess...

No, I am not THAT pretty.I am just ordinary girl.

Yes without my face :D

you look like the I Dont Give A Fuck Stacy

Well maybe, but that was a Facebook picture.
Everyone knows, you make your profile pic more pretty

You've got that Anne frank look.

What's wrong with your face? I think you are exaggerating.

yea she looks like she was born one evening 1945 with just her sister at her side

Yes, I heard it few times... But Anne had black hair? idk
My eyebrows. omg they should be thinner

Thick eyebrows can be nice too though

I got hime cut. Had for half decade.

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i do not like this at all. i demand you change your hairstyle immediately

my hair is short and curly, I tried cutting a nicer fringe and fucked up TERRIBLY but the curls blend it at least so uh yeah. Hopefully in a couple months it will look nicer

Especially on Brezhnev :D
(jk, they are not THAT thick)

Your boyfriend is one lucky, lucky man

>I tried cutting a nicer fringe and fucked up TERRIBLY
congratulations you played yourself

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Yes he is my sweet sugar.
But he should stop buying me dinners sometimes.
Like I know cook, and I want it to show him

I don't really want to. It's easy and won't get in your way. I aim to reach kuuguya lengths.

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Well, it's hard for a man to resist some times. What do you like to cook?

Stop consuming Japanese media.

can you make me chicken tendies and i can dip them in your vagina for some tangy sauce

I really like Chili con carne.I am not a big fan of spicy foods, but he loves it.I cannot compare with him, he studied som gastro school so he is "Mr. Chef"
No, but you can order that :)

Fuck, you are kinda good looking but you are also attentionwhoring really bad. Im divided. Unless you are posting more pics of yourself, please gtfo the board.

she looks lieka 12 y.o boy

This is my theme when I walk down streets, wind blowing down my hair bro. spinning umbrella tehe. Whoosh good to be hapa.

It bothers me that woman come on r9k honestly.
Not even incel so don't bother

Here was my friend, so I cropped her.
But this is the last photo of me (we are not on dating site lol)

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god you are just adorable, I can tell

Oh thank you. We were in Zoo and OH, what a day!

do you enjoy the zoo? I quite like them myself

Yes, but some animals looked really bad.For example pandas.They were not ill or something like that but I dont know...
Or maybe it is just my feeling

No, she looks like an angel.

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I hope the zoo took care of them. I guess they aren't always ideal facilities

i....i want to pinch those cheeks

Yes, our Zoo has (quite large) monkey pavilion so I am sure they live in good conditions.
Sorry, only my boyfriend can do this

messy? yes. gross and greasy? no.

>Sorry, only my boyfriend can do this
i HATE your bf

He is really nice, smart and funny.Also little bit clumsy but nobody is perfect.

Damn, you are QT. Almost so cute to make me wonder what you are doing here in this cesspool.

Just having fun.My boyfriend browse this website too so I said why not? I will try it.Yes it is not prefect, but I don't see a problem

has your bf licked your butthole
we need to know this information

For what purpose? I will not give you this information.But you can answer it yourself.

Pennies for counterfeit mikos.

>For what purpose
bitch i need to fap

[lying mode on] yes [lying mode off]
Have a nice fap

yes. you do
now fuck off and collect orbiters at /soc/

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I am truly sorry you see me in this light...
I will not go to /soc/ but I will not stay here either.

straight and down to the waist

I want a greasy fembot

Reading about all these fembots talking about their hair has my heart pounding... they must be so hot

Guys you scared her away. I know one shouldn't orbit, but she had something special. Its not often we have actual girls posting here.

imagine having a greasy stinky femanon gf that smelled like salami


You're saying Anne Frank has a descendant running around right now?

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>tfw I feel like I recognize this photo

Did you graduate high school in 2011 by any chance?

Even if yes, I dont think you know her user.

I'm pretty sure she and I went to the same high school.

And where did you go to school?

I'm saying this based as fuck man here brutally raped her and then slit her throat.

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Somewhere in California 2007-2011.

Graduation ceremony was held as a university amphitheater.

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>blocks your path

Not on my watch kraut

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Anne Frank thread anyone?

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My hair style is literally just shoulder length middle part. I shower regularly but it still gets pretty greasy.

pls be my greasy goblin gf

This is the best hairstyle for girls IMO nice job!

Ive tried it befor but everyone thot i was lesbian :( i just do short hair with bangs. Easy but still tried yanno

What's so bad about people thinking you're lesbian?

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hello lesbian
how many pussies have you licked?

0, because I'm a virgin boy.

hahaa everyone point and laugh at the virgin
oh wait im a virgin too
delet this?

We're on Jow Forums, if anyone here is not a virgin they don't belong here.

my hair will be at my waist in a few months. its alright and i dont take care of myself so sometimes its greasy but it never gets *too* bad

No, it is plain and short, but alright with me.

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Side view of the same thing. Dunno if it matters

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boys are not girls, please go back to your board

I'm biologically female. I identify as a female. I have short hair. Why is this so difficult?

why do you have a boys haircut then

pls do not bully the qt

this do not bully the short haired qt

It's easier to deal with. Doesn't take ages to clean, get caught on shit, I can run my fingers through it when focusing.

because she likes it?
consider using common sense retard

Nope. Originally not all that good looking. I mean you're white an not fat so good enough more like.

well i dont like it and im more awesome than she is so she should listen to me