As a kid i would rape my imaginary friend. am i fucked in the head?

as a kid i would rape my imaginary friend. am i fucked in the head?

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>as a kid i would
>literally states that he is a kid
>not banned because mods are dead

As a kid implys he is not a kid anymore you actual retard. Blowing your brains out would make you smarter holy shit

>tfw first ejaculation was to the description of a man stabbing a sheep as he was raping it.
>never felt right since that day

be ready for some jail time

Are you unironically fucking retarded? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH HOLY SHIT

someone please end this guy

And they say pot does not damage the brain

where the fuck did you come across that

he came across the room i would assume

I had a book on serial killers and there was a chapter on Peter Kurten - The Vampire of Dusseldorf. He had a lot of crimes of this nature but idk that story in particular got meürten

>he never specificly mentioned that he wasn't kid nor did he use past tenses meaning that he was potentionally referig to his current state.
"as a doctor, i recommond x thing"
"as a jury, i'm given the right to decide"

you are the world's smartest retard

That's seriously fucked my dude.

>as a kid I WOULD
yeah, no past tenses here

"would" is used all the time as a polite request that i didn't even know it was a past tense. english isn't my first language so thanks for the free lesson and (you)s

kino origin story

it doesn't really matter if you never did anything, as a kid I would harass animals and I feel guilt for it everyday

You started at your sceen for 15 minutes and THIS is the best thread topic you could think of?

Let's leave the r9k thread making to the experts please

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No, but your imaginatory friend is

Frogposters must all die theyre all reddit migraters

we must close the boarders

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My first ejaculation was to seeing my sisters tits at the beach