How come weeb girls are so """racist""" when it comes to dating...

how come weeb girls are so """racist""" when it comes to dating? for all the memes about their supposed interest in anime, i have never seen a weeb chick date anyone other than a Chad.

will someone explain?

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you must have low standards for what you consider a chad to be

kek. dont flame the messenger

Weeb girls actually have zero interesting things to talk about so they rely on Japanese media (limited to anime, video games and manga) because they are too socially inept to pursue any other hobbies or learn any new skills.
As for the racism it's mostly a show of how they lack cultural awareness and sensitivity despite regularly consuming east Asian animation which at times seeks to improve cultural awareness and sometimes reference diversity.
In short weeb girls are just boring and when you see she watches and all that other gay shit she just wants attention for not being like the other girls

the only interaction I had with weeb girls was high school, and they only dated weeb boys.

so. even though they like asian media, they are hardcore WN's is what youre telling me? good.
why dont Chad's cosplay more???

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eggxactly. they only date (white) weeb bois.

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how the fuck are white weeb boys chads?

ever go to a con? theyre huge. they look like this but theyre 6 foot 6 inches tall and usually rail thin or swole.

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Dunno man, I'm pretty much Elliot Rodgers japanese twin and weeb girls liked me. Granted I have absolutely no interest in them since they're literally proto travelroasties.

"liked" you, watch out we have a slayer here.

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No really, they even asked me out and I turned them down every time expect for the Chinese girl which I broke up with 3 months after. I can't stand weebs literally worse than werhaboos.

>they asked you out
like i said, we have a slayer here

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my school had three female weebs and 6 male weebs

the 3 just made rounds with the 6 like a game of musical chairs

Ironic weebs don't count.

Anime characters look more like white people anyway

sharing is better than none t b h

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Nope. They where not attracted to me rather the idea of what I am. Someone who grew up overseas speaks multiple languages, grew up in the culture they idolize. Not for me as an individual. It's disgusting and dehumanizing.

weebs pls rise up. now is the time for a WeebNation

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>they were not attracted to me
woah buddy!
>they wanted to befriend someone who spoke multiple languages
extreme disgust

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im a weeb and this is the type of guys i like.

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hes cute. nice taste

Are you alright? I mean we can have an actual conversation about this or we can just meme around. I'm just posting my personal experience that's all.

i dont doubt you are. what im poking fun at is your interpretation of events. maybe you mistook an invitation to friendship as being "hit on". correct me if im wrong, lad

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No, it was romantic in intention. You would normally say something like hey let's go to x place and do y thing. I'm pretty sure calling someone over to talk about their feelings about you isn't something you would do with friendship.

Fact: all qt ASMR waifus are weeb girls

guess youll never know bud

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Hey man, I consider those dodged bullets. Most of them became travel roasties who skim nations cultures not learning anything from them but just use the country they're visiting as a giant Instagram post. My mom is also a travel roasty as well and fucked my dad out of half of his shit and dumped her mom on me so she can go travel.
But fuck weebs and anybody who can't look at culture of others objectively and learn instead of idolizing in ignorance.

it has nothing to do with being a weeb chick or discrimination against usual guys, females in general just prefer good looking social guys, that just how it is and how it will always be, just like most guys prefer big tits/ass and a beautiful face

idk what youre even on about bud

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>females in general
this thread is for weebs. weebs rise up this is our nation.

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That weeb girls are shallow idolizers of culture who choose to be ignorant of the nation they idolize. They mostly grow into travel roasties in the future. That's really it.

i dont see why youre so anal over this

Because that same culture they worship is responsible for the death of two of my cousins my uncle and two of my aunts. But since I travel a lot now I've had the opportunity to take these weebs to Japan and crush their weeb dreams and show them the reality of Japan and show them things more than anime to love about the land.

dont you think youre going too deep with this?

Not really, idolizing culture without learning about is wrong and then treating people from this culture as props to up social stature instead of people is wrong as well.

no its not. you just expect too much from other people.

I want a weeb gf so bad
not original

i wanna give weeb girls meni orgasms

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You have trash taste. You must be trash. Kys

>weeb girls only date weeb boys
What kind of misinformation is this?

Weeb girls, are well as gamer gurls, do NOT date their boy equivalent. Even fucking anime made a joke about this.

thats not what ive seen at cons. weeb chicks are always with weeb bois

>thats not what ive seen at cons.
You're not a weeb, you're going to cons, you're just a normie pretending to be a weeb and your way of speaking proves it. Just like any chick going to cons, they are not weeb chicks just normie attention chicks.

because Chad is the only biologically desirable male archetype. This is obvious, and only the newest of newfriends don't understand this very basic and central point.

>con chicks are NOT weebs

Nice reasoning. Keep on thinking you're a weeb knowing the world, idiot. No more you for you.

and your reasoning is that con goers are not weebs which makes no sense.

I spent 4 years in my university's anime society. All of the girls that joined made rounds with the most vocal of the male members. I found that none of the girls stayed longer than 2 years and the same few guys always got the newcomer girls. I don't think it is about weeb girls going for weebs, i think it is more girls going for the most attractive in a certain group and that group happened to be filled with weebs.
Maybe I'm just being sour because I didn't make any friends.

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no no, weeb girls going for weeb bois is a good thing.