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i like the digits user

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Watching fatkino with my /tv/ and /fat/ bros

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My husbando makes me happy.

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Mmmm Pepsi cola

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white power and dominance

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Thicc girl buttholes make me happy.

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are these really good?

Fuck McCuckles and fuck the shit they put in their burgers
I want to stop eating their garbage fucking food, but it's the only thing I enjoy

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Ori ori ori ori ori

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Just stop then lmao

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Chunky animals

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gloomy snowstorms make me happy

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Dying women and murderered babies

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pretty girls shitting and/ or playing with shit

oh I forgot to post the photo

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anthropomorphic furry animals

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Loona makes me happy

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I thought they were. Don't think they make them anymore. Atleaset they don't sell them where I'm at anymore.

Much much original and content here mods

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This. This image alone brightens my day. Everyone I love can be killed, but if I look at this masterpiece of an image, I instantly feel joyous.

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When is it my time to be happy?

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Hop in fembot

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Guns and ponies make me happy

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I'm gonna live here with someone
Brisk cold mornings, the bite of wind

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my cat desu. hes my friend my brother my son

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Hairy edible pussies presented from a position of dominance.

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Killing trannies and women

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I love you til the end of time.

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Love the sea in general

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very cute post user thank you

>killing trannies and women

more like larping you edgy gay boi

I love the ambiguity and mystery of both life and death, and anything in between. It gave a much more healthy view of my life as well as opening the path of appreciating life even more and opening the mind into researching foreign concepts.

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Abusing qts. It's my life's goal to be an abusive tank-top wearing lazy bum husband

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i love turtl

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I think ill kill myself if i never get to realize my dream of living here

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based turtlposter

Major cock and balls moment

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Alright, but you can't ask for something like that and not be prepared for the ensuing cringe.

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For me, it's pedal steel guitar

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this is the best pic ive ever seen in my life, its absolutely hilarios

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Fumino makes me feel less shitty.

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God I love Huey

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The Kingfish? Tell us what you love about him.

One Word. Kaiserreich.

m&m hapi

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illya makes me happy

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Waterhouse paintings

based, i saved a turtle off the road the other day.

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Jesus this thread is full of degenerate shit.
What makes me happy, well, not many things.

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Late night mcdonald's is the only think keeping me from ending it all

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yeah at least you're better off than the poor guy working there at 3 AM

Ok, this is epic
Black hole sun wont you come

Beautiful Architecture and enjoyable people

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part 2 of this feel

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It took years and sacrifice. It was a long term goal I hit

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Love the quaint medieval architecture.
Feels cozy.

that kinda maybe made me happy

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I recognize you from before user. Post more of your cat

The art of Frederic edwin Church

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High quality automobiles

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This image encapsulates it well oreganoli loli

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To think it had such an effect gives me hope

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Excuse me sir thats illegal

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playing the guitar fast as fuck

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I recognize your cat! Isnt his name Picasso or something like that

me too my fellow user

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when it kicks in,

and my anxiety is all gone :)

i feel warm and nice

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my wife artic wolf
have sex

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How do you bring yourself to use drugs? I fear it's gonna fuck up my mind so I've been making do with daydreams and fantasies, but even those are getting old.

Senjougahara makes me happy

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see this post
yes this one that you're reading right now
thank you for taking the time to read it
sorry I don't have a picture of an anime girl that would go along with such a post as this, I'm sure it would have been more attention grabbing if it did

I feel like this photo really encapsulates my happiness

Funniest part is I didn't show up to class for most of this semester. Too busy getting high and trying to cope.

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I've only ever taken high mind numbing doses and half of the time I mixed it with alcohol. My experiences with it have been very wild. How much do you take and how does it feel?

yeah if you can handle anxiety in healthier ways please do it. I now have a tolerance and am gonna have a hell of a withdrawal when I want to come off of it.

I didn't really think about it when I started. I'm obsessive-compulsive as fuck and my anxiety is pretty constant, so my psychiatrist gave me a prescription. The rest is history

I can say though, it changed my life. Taking it as prescribed has made me capable of socializing and being a normal fucking person. Confident, even.

Drugs do fuck your mind up if they're your go to coping mechanism. So you gotta be careful. It's easy to hit rock bottom but it's also easy to avoid it if you're experienced.

For me it's JJBA Steel Ball Run

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Rolling for death of commies

I started off with taking .5 a day, one .25 in the morning and one at night, but tolerance grows quickly. I wouldn't feel anxiety or panic anymore. I became a lot less depressed because my mind felt free. I talked to people. I felt happy, even. Now for that same relief it takes pretty much 2-3 mg per day.

I kind of screwed myself over though because I started using it recreationally. I'd take like 4mg at once just to chill out at night. The feeling of being anxiety free was just too good.

It gets extremely wild when you start mixing it with alcohol. That's when you start hearing stories of people waking up in jail or other crazy things

bladee and ecco

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Hier, have einer bump, OP.

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I like cheese and cheese products

and another piece of fun

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>youll never be RLI or selous scouts

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praying the Holy Rosary

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Ah, sleep.
No bills to pay in dreamland.
Dipshits can't make small talk with me when I'm asleep.
Its the best part of life right now.

If being dead's half as nice as being asleep it won't be so bad.

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>not using clover/omnichan

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That's good user, I'm glad you did something genuinely useful and requires discipline in your life.

it's .gif but it counts i hope
this image in particular is what makes me happy

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Based tituss sorry for disappearing on you miss you boy

based gaben ofc

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Right now only this bad boy makes me happy.

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This. I want to take my anger out on a femanon

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