Why don't you have a gf yet, user? It's easy, just date someone your own level!

Why don't you have a gf yet, user? It's easy, just date someone your own level!

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this is the most painful form of slowjusting ive ever witnessed

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That's a quite good cosplay of pic related.

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How does it even work?
If he is on top he likely won't reach into her vagina and even if he does she'll get sweaty and he'll just slide off like a person on a sled riding down an icy hill.
If she is on top he suffocates and she can't get up again.

I'm 25, 5'10, in decent shape, and have a full time job with my own apartment in a nice area, my own car and no debt and the only people who match with me on either tinder or okcupid (I have a paid gold account on both) are obese black women and obese transexuals. It's stressing me out immensely. I have so little interest in either party that I'd rather just continue masturbating to attractive women alone instead.

>masturbating to attractive women
i honestly think this has destroyed my ability to feel attraction to the women who are on my lvl, but to your point - arent there any communites you can join for mate seeking?

Save money and get a waifu from asia. Problem solved. Why even consider degenerate western whores?

Look at the picture in the OP, it's actually true, that's kind of my point. If you're not Chad supreme and you live in the USA that's what you're stuck with unless you get really lucky. If there are any communities of the sort, I don't know about them. People always tell you to "be yourself" but my personality seems to be fundamentally incompatible with females. I know I don't look perfect, but I feel like I should meet all the standards to at least be considered average and my options are either nothing or someone absolutely disgusting and obese, even though I am not obese.

Unironically saving for one of those 4k realdolls. I'd have one already but I spent thousands of dollars on prostitutes last year. It's funny, I can't get even a single date with an average girl to save my life yet I've managed to meet up with multiple 10/10s over the internet to pay them hundreds of dollars for sex instead. Our society has some issues man.

Grandpa here, what is slowjusting?

i meant like larping in a religion to get a qt, but i see your point,. i think the advice commonly given is subject to dunning kruger, but simultaneously development of many here didnt include the vitals to functioning in this dating landscape. essentially, i think your perception is a bit more grim and black n white simply be being subject to the reality, but your not far off
i meant the guy in ops pic is clearly displeased and confused as to why this is his only option, but is intent on following through because of his desire for companionship. so, he is committing to a life of justing and his face is the incarnation of the inevitable degradation ahead

I've been told multiple times on r9k to go to church to find a girl, why the fuck do you guys keep suggesting this?

I've been an atheist my entire life, there's no possible way I could fit in with a crowd like that and even if I did meet a girl that way, the entire relationship would be predicated on lies anyways. How long would I have to keep that shit up, indefinitely?

His face desu

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Literally in the exact same boat bro, feels bad man...

I wonder how they have sex lol

My god the look of pain on his face is unreal.

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He knows how bad things really are.

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his fault for hunting a landwhale, lmao

>to church
hey man, ibve heard mormans are the ones trying to offload bitches. dont shohot the mesenger. there just aint many institutions left that scrutinize a humans associates and family history.

Actually mormon church is the one church I actually did try going to.

The first half of it was just sitting in silence while they sang weird songs and we listened to some old guy talk about mormon shit. Then after that everyone went to a gym type thing to "hang out" or something, I don't know. All the other guys my age went to play basketball and I sat on the sidelines by myself. All the girls stayed in their corner and obviously didn't talk to me. I really didn't see any opportunity to get in with them as just cold approaching all the girls would have probably seemed really creepy and awkward. Maybe Chad could do it, but if I was Chad I wouldn't be here talking to you about this to begin with.

Also, I'm going to be honest, if I have to designate a few hours of one of my hard earned days off every week indefinitely just for the off chance of eventually, MAYBE finding a gf that's into that retarded jesus shit than fuck it. Again, masturbating is a better option.

I really want to have sex with a very fat girl with very large breasts.

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Raised mormon, that's not going to work out well for a convert. Those who don't marry in their early twenties are just as bad as op. But they'll expect you to live like they do, so no drinking, etc. Those are the ones they are "offloading".

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So hot, it's there some kind of porn with this fetish? I saw a JAV once, where a small japanese dude fucked an American bbw

Many have reasons as to why they can't obtain a gf, maybe mental health or being largely overweight or ugly themselves? I wouldn't say it's just as easy for both parties, men on the spectrum tend to have it a lot harder to hook up with women than women have with men, I myself just gave up on online dating and pretty much see the only way of getting a partner is meeting them through my day to day life. I have mental health issues so it's a bit more difficult to find a girl who'd put up with my problems
>please send a broken fem my way

The woman i love is under my level, I don't have fucking guts.


There seems to be a documentary about these two.

The fuck is wrong with this guy? He could easily get a 6/10 gf, not this freaking monstrosity

whats stopping u from taking a shot and asking her to eat some tendies with you? your families know eachother well or soething?

Looksmatch in 2019. I want to kms..

Not in 2019. We are reaching peak thot inflation no pun intended .

5'9 here and in a similar boat. Decent shape, not fat, no kids, decent job. I'm also facially average. Maybe that's the problem? And yet I only attract landwhales, trannies, and single moms that want a stepdad. All I want is an avg femanon that isn't fat and has kids, is that too much to ask for??

>I'm also facially average. Maybe that's the problem?
Of course that's the problem. All girls want nowadays is an 8/10+

I made the fatposting thread and even I say this is like -infinity/10

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The problem is that landwhales, trannies and single moms ARE the avg femanon in 2019.

Sub8 theory is legit. All men under struggle immensely. The average men who DO find somebody, they have to betabux and accept the scraps of chad.

Because they're retarded, church girls are either insane closeted sluts with daddy issues or broken prudes without any ability to actually enjoy sex. If they happen to be in between they're simply in the midst of transition from one to the other.

It is cute that this board thinks organized religion = morality by default but more often than not you just have shitty people do long more than the usual amount of rationalization to justify their shittiness.

What can we do about this? Do we simply wait to settle for Chad's leftovers a few years down the line?

He's probably a thinking man. THICC does the trick!

That's not thick, that's th- R I P P L E S