Judging ONLY from what you can see from the picture (yes, it's small)...

Judging ONLY from what you can see from the picture (yes, it's small). What can you tell me about the girl in the yellow shirt?
What are the first things you notice?

This is for a college project of mine. All responses will be used without filters.

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We all know you'll filter but... She's a kike

You have been in this same class for a lot of years mate.

First thing I noticed was the very short shorts and the poor posture.
The girl in yellow is someone that doesn't think highly of themselves but lets others think she does based off her posture. I.E the general confidence issues most women during college have.
The girl in yellow isn't happy with their position in life yet thinks they are or at least want to believe they are.

very interesting response, thank you sir/madam.

Large thighs and short shorts. Large stomach. Large nose and pore posture. Overall, probably an undesirable woman with little dignity. Jewish. Bad fashion sense and frumpy.

she's got huge tits which affect her posture and walk. Her shoulders are rolled forward and she probably has backaches.
Those shorts got out of style a few years ago so the pic is either old or she doesn't really have a fashion sense.
Then the neck. She has the nerd neck meaning she spends most of her time at a desk in front of a computer.
From now on I'm just speculating.
That looks like a really decisive way of walking with long strides, putting the goal destination above the trip. I've seen this in the Virgin vs Chad meme.
All those things added together would bring me to a response similar to . She doesn't have much confidence, she isn't a very socially active person and she doesn't seem to follow social trends very well. Might be a nerd but that's far fetched.

Here is another picture if the first one is unacceptable.

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She has large perky breasts

She's a dumb over privelaged liberal

Pretty girl but the first thing I notice is the horrible expression she carries and the fact she is a distance from the group.
Seems like she is showing off her body to compensate for how they feel. Also has pretty poor posture but that could be due to poor habits and her breasts. Overall, seems like a girl that shows off her personality in a showy way to gain attention and masque the fact they don't like themselves or are depressed.

The first thing I can see is that giant fucking schnoz she has on her, along with her weirdly portioned ass. The cinder blocks against the fences makes it look like she is in the ghetto or a construction zone.

Nice Sherlock Holmes LARP buddy, you're not smart

eh, it could mean anything really. But that was my take on it. Blow me.

I see your posts a lot saying similar things like this. Did you take an IQ test and fail or have you always been so insecure in your intelligence?

no chin
no haircut
piss cheap clothes
probably old and ugly

theres grass, big nose, bad posture

her way of walking it's annoying me, it's just so obnoxious you can clearly see she's the type of person who buys a Starbucks with more than 4 adjectives on it

This is one of the weirder posters on the site. Asking us to look at this low-res pic of a woman over and over again.

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I wish I'd only seen the first one.

w-what why? are u implying something bad?

Recessive chin, big schnoz, dresses slutty. Probably fucks niggers.

She's over 30 years old yet still dresses like a teenager, therefore most likely on state welfare and also a heavy smoker too.
First think I noticed was her poor posture, weak chin, and dull skin tone - the type you'd see on women who've hit the wall.

Based af

Her jaw is fucked up. If she has kids, the men will be incels.

She is wearing a yellow shirt. She has sizeable tits and poor posture.

Kyphotic posture. At least she is not one of those lordosis-thots.

This is not for a college project, this cunt was posting this thread years back. Take your fetish elsewhere OP