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You die and live in a rpg world of your choice
>name it
you are given a single skill by an entity with you, its name is "Upgrade". You can upgrade yourself to any extent, whatever you like. You will remain with your past memories, will you finally be happy and what would you do?

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I would go with Deus Ex universe, become second Adam Jensen and do everything he did. Or just become Isaac and go on a full schizoid mode while killing my own mother and then her heart.

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>konasuba world
>kill monsters for money
>spend it all in the succubus brothel

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I played a lot of The Binding of Isaac, got all the DLCs, great game.
I personally would go to Azeroth (from WoW) and try to befriend dwarfs, with the smithing skills they have I would turn myself into an immortal battle golem, end up as a raid boss that no one will be able to defeat.

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I was thinking about that too, joining an anime rpg (I don't know the name of the genre) world with my battle boss golem build sounds like a lot of fun. I would smash every retards brain to pieces and would try to build my own kingdom just like overlord

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I'd be reborn into my own dreamscape since i frequently dream rpg type shit and use the upgrade to forget my past memories of this depressing life

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I'd enter into any infinite rpg world. like dnd I guess. That way I can find whatever I want eventually.
upgrade into an intelligent coreless slime.

Id like to be in the world of ARIA. Maybe Use my Upgrade to become the best baker to ever live and could open a small shop in Neo- Venice to sell overpriced bread.

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I watched a cool anime, it was about a slime who could, by eating things, use the abilities of them and transform at will. He also fused abilities together to create new ones. Like that, or just a brainless slime?

Would you just want to be a normal adventurer, or some kind of hero /villainl?

Sounds comfy, I guess we are all born in the wrong world eh?

Earthbound and sure I can fuck up some starmen for existing lol.

Metro 2033 or S.T.A.L.K.E.R
post-apocalyptic style is my dream

a song when the lifegame starts.

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What would you do, you are still a robot with infinite potential, I love post apocalyptic settings, play a lot of fallout and still in love with 28 days and 28 weeks later

i would like to be in the world of Persona 3 and 4

I have never played the game, what is it about and what would you do as a robot with infinite potential?

My body would never be ready, and that's a good thing.

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it's basically like modern japanese high schools but with the power ot enter peoples dreams, i would use my infinite potential to become a popular guy in my school

>become a College wizard and get to sit around studying Conjuration and eating stew all day

Why wouldn't your newly acquired robotic body, capable of being godlike not be ready for the adventure

I was thinking about choosing to join some anime rpg world and try my best as the protagonist, is it worth tho desu?

Jojo has an RPG, give me a fucking stand god damn it, make it sentient too so I could have a port-a-buddy.

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>name it
I name it "Libre" because I would be Free from this hell we call reality.

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I actually got the Metro 2033 book right next to me.
I haven't finished reading it but it is nice.

So you create your own world, what kind of world would it be?
The forever medieval one with magic,
The post apocalyptic one, or
The pretty much real life one with upgrades?

magic, medieval style. Something like 16 century maybe but less diseases. And I would just live on a farm for a while later explore the world.
idk rly something like this above maybe.

Remember user, you are a robot, you dont sleep, eat, or drink, you need to look for things to craft parts to enhance, but with magic infused objects you can basically make yourself human, how far would you go and would you want to be a hero or a villain?

why would I want to make others suffer as they have done to me?

im going to bed now, have a nice night

>Be Femto
You have to be a fag to answer otherwise. Scared of a little horrific brutalization and torture? You could be a god. As long as it is actually an "upgrade" and not some sissy escapism shouldn't you suffer immeasurably more than you do now?