Night Walk Documentary Project!

It's been a bit, but, we are still open for submissions.

-Can you talk about a time in your life where you felt like things changed for you?
-What was the favourite time in your life?
-What do you look forward to in life?
-Do you think things will ever change for you?
-Where do you go on a nightwalk? --Like to the liquor store?
--Do you just wander aimlessly?
--Do you go somewhere with any significance to you? etc.
-Why do you nightwalk?

DOs and DON'Ts of submissions:
-Do try and have at least decent audio and film quality
-Don't make it all about virgin tfw no gf
-Don't show your face or show the inside of your house or anything that would get you doxxed
-Do have something unique to talk about. Do try and show a unique place along your nightwalks. It doesn't have to be the destination it can be a place you just pass by.

You can send your submissions of your night walks to nightwalkersproj@gmail(d0t)com

I hope for this to be a good documentary preserving what little is left of robot culture.

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What do we have nobody here that nightwalks anymore?
Oh and we would like video and audio separate so we can better hear your thoughts.

How many submissions have you got already?
I might be able to film something like this to submit in a week or so, because my parents are going on a hiking trip and I'll have the place to myself and be bale to go out for nightwalks without being questioned. If you're expecting to wrapped up by then I guess I won't bother, although I look forward to the finished project anyway

I don't have great audio quality either desu, I've got a chinkphone so the camera is pretty deece but the mic is not great

A week from now will be fine I reckon. We have a Discord server if you would like to discuss things with us. Let me know and I'll share the link.

I've never used discord, how long will it take me to register or whatever.

Does joining mean I'm being held to something as well, I could very well pussy out and decide I don't want to upload my voice to something like this

I'll bump with a night walk story.
>In North Dakota.
>Snow just started to melt off enough so it's not a slippery dangerous death trap.
>Walking at night.
>See something on the sidewalk.
>Move closer to it.
>It was a rat,
>He looked up at me and scurried off.

He was a handsome rat at that.

Well thank you Satan!
We are not closing it anytime soon, we only have one submission currently.
Please do send us a submission this week or next.

No joining the discord does not automatically make you held to anything and it's okay if you pussy out and don't do anything.
If nothing else thank you for the bump.

Give me the link, I'm curious

ok, well I guess you'll be making a thread like this every few days/ week yes?

I'll just find you that way do you already have a youtube channel that I can sbscribe to so I don't miss the video, if I do end up not contributin

if u had asked a few months ago, i may would have contributet. but now its summertime. there are to much people outside at night to feel comfy.

the language needs to be inglish?

why is there a fiddler standing on a pole? that looks fucking scary

Well yes we would like that, but, we would consider it if you gave us english subtitles
Like film yourself night walking (no face showing)
Then upload audio in whatever language you speak and then give us a translation to make subtitles with.

No youtube channel yet but, I'll post it when it's ready.

Post the discord. I can't nescessarily contribute but i'm interested in preserving obscure internet timeframes.

so you want audio recorded separately?
I can't edit senpai, will you put it together for me?


That's strange I thought it was

One can be a silent video.
The other can be a vacaroo link or recording done in a quiet place.

Like cars passing by drowns out what you are saying. We don't need the audio to be super great or anything but, it does have to be enough for us to work with.

Both kinks point to the same server just invites from different users

Yeah we can put it together, dont worry

Would you accept it if my audio and video weren't separate? I live in a place with very thin walls and I don't want people to hear what I'll be talking about.

Yeah we'll still accept it, but if I may offer advice around that? Try and find someplace on your walk that's relatively quiet and record the audio separately there?
If that doesnt work for you then doing them together is fine

Yeah, I'd planned to do that, dunno if I can find a perfectly quiet place though.

We will see what we can do.
If your voice is gonna be drowned out by passing cars and environment noise it will be less likely we will use the vid.

What you can do is type out something in email or in pdf form and I can narrate it for you.
btw you don't have to answer all the talking points. You can talk about what you think and feel while night walking.
You can talk a bit about >tfw no gf or god or drugs or being gay or being a virgin NEET, or how media video games etc suck these days but, please PLEASE don't make it all about one single topic.

And everyone looking to contribute See

It doesnt have to be perfectly quiet, but when you're not focusing on the Nightwalk you can hold the phone more steady for audio, yknow?

I have a bunch of footage of a nightwalk I did in Toronto in 2017 if you want to include it. Might not be that great for a doc because it's low quality phone camera shit, however there's a spooky part where I'm walking in a mall alone (don't ask me why it was open) and I start talking out loud about how creepy it would be if someone else was in there with me.

Maybe that would be a good idea.
Yeah you can submit that, and others you think would be a good fit,
We can't make any promises they will all be added but, we will consider all submissions.

I actually just found the clip... If you know a way of sending a google photos anonymously I'll just post it ITT. I'm a little too lazy to do a Youtube upload.

Hoping for more submissions!

You can post it in the thread right here if you want or you can e-mail it to us from a throwaway if you want.

Yeah using a throwaway is probably the best option here, it's what we're advising pretty much everybody to do

ah fuck lads was going to film mine tonight but there's mist everywhere

That sounds aesthetic, film it anyways I wanna see it

My phone camera doesn't really register it as mist, it's just this shitty blur all over everything that prevents my light from working properly.

Post a pic I'm genuinely curious. Mist and fog is my aesthetic

This is the tiny lit area where I can make it look ok, beyond that it's just pure blackness or grey mess depending on my camera settings.

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So I've tried uploading the toronto nightwalk video on two youtube channels and it keeps encountering processing issues. anyone have somewhere else I can upload it? I can't send the google photos link directly because there's no way to anonymize it

Goddamn that's cool looking, thanks for indulging me.
Back to the point at hand, you could try filming it anyways and do another a different night, we could choose between the two. You never know, it might look better than you think

ok, I'm up for it. I'll film it and see how it works out.

You could do it on a throwaway email and just send it to the email in the OP

>do you blah blah blah
Holy fuck. I /nightwalk/ because it's good exercise and I like walking around at night because everyone fucks and I can see the stars. Not any of that other crap you listed.

Thank you friend, we aren't looking for top quality, not everyone has 1080p so it's understandable and I do like mist as well. We will certainly consider it if you submit it to us.

That's understandable and your answer will probably be mentioned in the intro anyways.
Thank you just the same fren.

Anyone else interested in helping in our project?

Depends, is this project christpilled?

Where at fellow NDbro?
Grand Forks here

I might submit something but it might be a few days, I'm working the next 48 hours straight.

i used to nightwalk 2 hours every night and it was kinda one of my wild dreams doing daily videos about it but im kinda scared of anyone seeing mt filimng with a phone and thinking im retarded

Shit I used to live in Bismarck.
Worked at the bobcat factory there for like 2 and a half years,
It was cozy while it lasted.
I even got a pseudo gf but, I had to end it.
If I learned anything from my time there it's that a north dakota girl can be just as much of a whore as an L.A bitch.

I miss those winters and the mild summers. I used to drive out to the Missouri river and just watch the stars at night.

Checked' by blessing of Kek you must upload something
Take your time, we don't have a deadline and if we did we would push it back because we only have like 1 submission and 3 or 4 "maybe I'll upload something sometime soon" type people.

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