I want people to fuck my mom

I want people to fuck my mom

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Want to see her face taking load after load

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Are you russian?


And another one
This time original

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What makes you think so?

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pls user dont do this, it aint right

Make me, bitch

>What makes you think so?

the cyrilic and your mom and the rooms/environments look eastern european too. Or ukrainian?

hot mom btw

She looks like she's wearing fetish outfits in most of these pics. Got any nudes?

Got me, Sherlock Holmes

>hot mom btw

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No, sorry. Once i had a tape with her having sex, but then someone found it and rewrote the sex part

Why exactly do you want people to fuck her

She's pretty. Same reason I'd want to fuck any woman.

Yeah, but why are you concerned about her sex life

I bet she sucks a terrific cock

>Same reason I'd want to fuck any woman.

Yes but you want others to fuck her? Or did you mean that you want to fuck your mother? I'm confused

Sorry, I misread. I thought it was OP asking why other people wanted to fuck her.

you mean multiple persons in a single session or spread out over time?

also, you think she'd like my 8" bbc?

She had a 10" vibrator with rotating head that i found few times, so she'll be fine

I dunno, it started from an incest fetish and evolved into this

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whats the hottest pic of your mom you have

>She had a 10" vibrator with rotating head that i found few times, so she'll be fine

any evidence of her putting things up her ass?

I guess it's the OP pic

what a fucking freak... you think she takes all 10", or maybe most of it and leaves the rest hanging just for visual stimuli?

I found a present box with a buttplug in it, so she tried at least

i dont want to, which is why im pleading

Tell me about the tape

I think she might have gone full on that

>I found a present box with a buttplug in it, so she tried at least

very nice

So the tape was someone fucking her on my parents' bed, found it in my father's old cassette camera, it was actually on small cassette, so in order to watch it i had to connect the camera playing the video to a tv

Was it just vanilla sex or did they do anything kinky

Her lips look really soft. I bet they'd feel great on my dick.

Oh they would

Few toys, camera was at one angle all the time, so i couldn't see everything

trying to find a partner for your mom?
that is very considerate of you, user

good luck in your endevours

Your mom needs to service the BHC(BIG HORSE COCK)

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Thank you, stranger

I imagined her getting fucked by a horse for some time

Has she ever fucked a turk?

Why you ask?

Your mom is cute I'd like to take for a nice meal at a family restaurant and then walk home through the park holding hands.
I'd notice she was cold and offer her my scarf but rather than take it she would wrap it around both of us and we would sit huddled together and watch fireworks.

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post more pics reeeeeeeeee


Sorry, slut is for degenerate purpose only

Here you go, sick fuck

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I bet she has, or atleast a bbc.

Are there some signs on photos i can't understand?

So anyone willing to fuck the slut?

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got anything in bikini?

Only old physical copies in patents' apartment, no digital

youre mom is cute i am gonna beat my dick to this shit ngl

Good luck with that bro