What has your experience been with the police?

What has your experience been with the police?

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good, but im a decent human bean. sad some stations are getting militerized tho

my town's police is ok but they're getting different. The old ones are good sports but the younger cops are a lot more aggressive and view things not as though they're serving the community, but fighting a war against everyone around them. Immediately confrontational in any and all circumstances.

Maybe it's because they aren't experienced, but the training seems to be really geared toward that mindset.

Good mostly. But I've noticed that criminals are more likely to become police. Every fucking time someone that has criminal past, is lazy and has short fuse will apply to become security.

Police are worse version of that. I've noticed that many of them are psychos that just care about their own wage increase and will do anything to achieve it. Serve and protect my ass. One time I drove out my house 100 meters away and there was some fuckhole that decided it is a nice idea to arrange police stop on middle of highway and randomly check and apply fines on people for things like not wearing seat belts. Fuck cops.

Boomer cops are cool but new ones are just plain sociopaths.

>Sting in the electrical infetterence copypasta

We need more women and LGBT cops. Male cops are aggressive psychopaths.

I appreciate what they do for society in terms of stopping violent crime, but in my personal experience they've been a nuisance who ruin people's lives for victimless crimes e.g. arresting 20 year olds for drinking beer or mentally ill drug addicts for possessing drugs

when I was 16 and learning to drive with a permit, I caused a minor crash because I didn't stop at a non-controlled T intersection and my mom wasn't paying attention so she didn't warn me. the cop told me "you're lucky I'm not giving you a ticket for reckless driving right now"
like what the actual fuck. that was my second time ever being behind the wheel and I made an honest mistake.

>I just made an honest mistake that could've killed an innocent person, why is this cop an asshole
Honestly wish you had died in that crash.

>like what the actual fuck. that was my second time ever being behind the wheel and I made an honest mistake.
US cops are like that because of blacks.

I was going exactly 0mph because I freaked out and stopped partway into the intersection. The other person actually hit me, and their car was completely undamaged. This was on a country road with a speed limit of 15mph.

If you think I deserve to die for being hit by another person, that's pretty fucked up.

Mixed. Some cops have been really cool with me. Some have drawn guns on me and freaked out with little provocation. There are good and bad guys on the police force, just like anything else.

I'm white so I haven't had any interaction with the police

Stay on /lgbt/ please

Women cops are fucking insane bro, they scream all the time start magdumping at the first sign of danger.

I had nothing against cops til they fucked up my life for basically nothing. Their priorities are fucking shit.

I am a white male so my experiences have been wonderful. I even talked to a pair of officers on an MDMA adventure. It was New Year's Eve and I asked them how much overtime they were making and how bored they were. No issues. We got caught smoking weed in highschool, the cops took down everybody's names and numbers one by one but when it was my turn they skipped over me.

fuck no, they're trigger happy and incompetent

ur incompetent bro, its a doggy dog world get bit

I have only had a couple experiences with cops
>four years old (at the time, obviously. I'm 18 now)
>see telephone in parents' room
>want to use the phone
>realize that I need to know phone numbers to use the phone
>wrack my four year old brain for phone numbers
>only one I know is 911
>dial 911
>can't remember what I said, but ended up going back to my room and forgetting about it
>cops and mom show up in my room after I wake up from nap
>tell me that I shouldn't call the cops unless there's an emergency, hand me a box with four wooden jigsaw puzzles
Pretty good experience. Also, we have a couple cops in our neighborhood. They always bought stuff from me when I did fundraisers in HS. Never had a run in with the cops concerning crime, though, because I've never gotten caught speeding, and I restrict my crime-doing to pirating anime and old vidya.

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Only had one experience with the cops so far. Almost 8 years ago a friend and I ran through the red lights with our bicycles because we were kind of late. We didn't see a police car. The police stopped us a few hundred metres before the school bicycle parking lot. Told us to give them our school IDs and then told us not to do it again.

someone post the video of the guy in a courthouse mocking the female cop that falsely arrested him

Literally nothing because I don't drive and I don't engage in suspicious activity

>16 or 17 years old, don't remember
>sleeping at home through school during the day
>suddenly woken up in my condo room by 4 police officers telling me that they got a report of me sperging out and going nuts from someone at the school
>I was literally just sleeping
>all of them are looking around my room and checking out my posters and figures
>get out from bed
>while I'm doing so one of them asks "woah you got any pants on the-"
>always sleep fully clothed
>3 of them look around the house to check for anything dangerous
>the guy that remained with me asks if I played any games
>"yeah, WoW I guess I main warlock"
>"cool I play as a gargoyle"
>everything's fine and they leave
>they were all wearing their shoes inside the house, fuck
>can't go back to sleep anymore, back to anime and vidya

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