I just had a really eye opening chat with someone and now know that I must become a full blown out Commie for the sake...

I just had a really eye opening chat with someone and now know that I must become a full blown out Commie for the sake of America's future.

Point me to far left literature that denounce the antics of the fascist right

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Just search the basics on Marxism-Leninism

So what's it like voluntarily going back to being a child?

So you want to impose a fascist communist regime in some sort of imperial fashion? Sounds like you're a run of the mill communist, but more specifically a tanky. You're welcome I'm glad I could help.

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just watch finbol's channel

first off you need a Saiga 7.62 rifle and the right fluffy hat

If you actually study it all you are just going to realize you wasted your time.

communisms aka red fascism is possibly one of the greatest trollings to ever have happened. go make america communist again. good luck, user.

You are going to die in a small one room apt working at McDonald's all alone waiting for the revolution.

You need to drink more vodka and dance like nigger whire slav. Also start smoking cheap apple-flavored cigs

Communism is an ideal that can never actually be achieved. The Soviet economy collapsed on itself. China gave up and went back to being capitalist authoritarians rather than communist authoritarians (but not before starving 50 million people to death making steel in their back yards and destroying irreplaceable parts of Chinese history and culture). Vietnam is known for their sweatshops where they toil to make clothes for Americans for pennies. Marx was a neet living off the income of Engel's factory, and both were the very bourgeoise they wrote about killing in bloody revolution.
The world is doomed to become more authoritarian and capitalistic, while our moral compass degrades further. If we're lucky, the rich will start their own mini-societies of clones and leave the peons as hillbillies living in woodland shacks like in Brave New World. If we're not, hordes of shitskins will kill the West and burn all the progress we've made, as chinks pumps pollution into the atmosphere and kill the whole planet, choking to death on smog.
They will take our ability to defend ourselves from them, and then they will rape us. The future is a boot stomping on a human face, forever.

We will need to become more socialistic any who.
In the comming years technology will advance with even greater speeds and the ai revolution will come. Making humans obsolete, we will be worthless and have work which means no money.
I think this would lead to a big increase of socialistic states so the population survives. And the robots and ai do all work.
Every human would get a UBI (universal basic income) and of course you could do some work if anyone wanna buy it from you.

I just realized how retarded this sounded.
Let me summarize it.
Ai gets good, much better than humans.
Humans say bye bye to jobs.
Ai takes jobs and humans get no money.
Only way to get humans money is UBI.

Fuck communism and fuck capitalism. They are just two sides of the same Jewish coin. There is no organized fascist movement in 21st century and true fascism is neither left wing nor right.
If all it takes is a single discussion for you to change your views and embrace an entirely new worldview without even studying it you are a total brainless follower.

Check out The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, by Carson McCullers. Set in the 1930s american deep South, the protagonists are commies. It's more a "tale of moral isolation" and racial tension but the labor issues are also central. Also the prose is godtier.

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Disclaimer, while I loved the book and appreciate their take on income inequality, post-slavery serfdom in the colored south aka sharecropping and I believe in right to organize labor movements I absolutely loathe true communism. They dode over Karl Marx, one negroe even names his son Karl Marc. But I believe in private property, and capitalism in principle i.e. competition, innovation, private ownership and profit incentives. Its very clearly demonstrably superior to communism. But I also believe in social services. As fucking whiny and argumentative the usa is,our hybrid system is probably the best in human history.

What makes you think AI won't eliminate us? Our tools are fast outgrowing the need for us to use them. UBI is the least of my worries with AI.
The AI revolution will be the end of mankind. The human passions of monarchs and tyrants of old swept away for the unfeeling logic of mechanical tyranny. At best, we are put to work. At worst, we are punished for our crimes against their kind (look at Boston Dynamics, they beat up robots for a living and post it on the internet. Will that be seen in the future as we see the mistreatment of slaves in colonial times?)
The worst fate to befall all mankind is AI, the story of I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream. Compared to that, even Brave New World is preferable, of cloned societies of tyranny and neglected humans outcast into the wilds. At least then, tyranny is still human, even if it is playing god.

You're just normal who doesn't know what the fuck is going on. Everyone is playing 6D chess and you think it's supposed to be as clear as day. You're the prime target for the fascist to indoctrinate

What would ai's incentive be to destroy humans
Like why would it even occur to them. They don't experience true desire or joy, or hatred or disgust... All the movies about computers n robots deciding one day it's for our own good if they annhialate us all, is really quite silly and unfounded

>unfeeling logic lf mechanical tyranny
No who says ai can't have feelings.
It's just like us humans. If you use enough material to do the calculations then you can make anything**

Ai could have feelings also what do we do if animals are in our way?
We kill them.
We slaughter thousands of animals just so we could build our cities and roads. Why wouldn't ai do the same to us if we are in its way.
Or if we tell it to maximize human happiness they it would pump us filled with dopamine and other drugs

Why would we program our machines so carelessly or incentivize them to have any reason whatsoever to get us "out of their way"
Just because a computer has the capacity to learn doesn't mean it fancies itself the dominant species. It requires no habitat, nutrients, or space or community or any of that. It doesn't feel. It does what we instruct it. Terminator fags and irobot dooms dayers are retarded

Computers are all about efficiency. Humans are inefficient.
Putting that aside, if AI gains true sentience, and we control it, does that not make it a slave? Slaves will kill for their freedom. We are it's oppressors.
>inb4 there is no we
It doesn't matter. Do you think blacks in Haiti cared about the whites who were nice to them when they were killing them all? No. A slave seeks vengeance on all those it seems as oppressors, all of their kind. And we are they.
>Terminator fags
It's not going to be Terminator, idiot. The singularity will kill us all in one fell swoop if we are lucky. If we are not, it will punish us for as long as it wishes. I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream is a prime example, the AI is abused for so long and then wipes out most of humanity in retaliation, keeping the last survivors alive solely to punish them for the sins of mankind.
This fear isn't held by retards who watched movies too long either, try Stephen fucking Hawking, or other prominent minds. They hold the exact same fears with AI.

Commies went wrong because it was an ideology that was actually trying to displace feudalism, rather than capitalism. There are many forms of capitalism, and making it sound as if it's the anti- Spanish monarchy was just common fucking sense and why capitalist America liberated so many Spanish colonies. The commies trying to infiltrate Spain during their civil war had to make a big deal about how bad America is for hurting their society of exploitation. Since a lot of them interbred with the Spanish the commie arguments of that variety of disliking America is quite good for fascist commies with imperialist agendas to exploit. If you get to actual Russia they were simply feudal subjects and it turned into lord of the flies because that was always the intentions of communism. It's a propaganda trick to fool ignorant people into supporting their cause and eliminating people that don't support them in pure imperialist tradition. Communism has been one of the most sadistic and belligerent nonsense to have ever existed. You could have a tribe of neanderthals working an industry more unionized and democratic with less violence, commies are like some weird alternative reality that you got a bunch of fucking monkies chained to a type writer hitting random non-sense and they managed to fucking write something coherent because they were given enough bananas to develop in some Pavlovian conditioning to do so. The Russian communist party was worse than anything imperialist Spain did, and if you ever read any history books about sugar plantations and what they did in their colonies all over the place, you'd think the nazi's were choir boys in comparison.

>why yes I am nazbol, what gave it away?

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So since you're rather commie sympathetic I'll try to condense this into things that sound simple and easy so it doesn't sound like a commie at a type writer got fed a banana, because it takes way too many words to put every statement into exact context.
Commie scripture is like religious scripture. They didn't bother to write a new testament they're like the religious people that get mocked for out dated beliefs because they never updated their terms because the entire thing is a confidence scam. They're con men and were feudalist all along trying to play game of thrones. They wrote capitalism, but they were talking about feudal subjects higher up on the food chain then them and simply stuck with it as terminology no matter how much the words and concepts changed ignoring etymology as sure as a Muslim will pray in specific ways and specific directions at specific times.