What is the ultimate point of living? Up to this point my life has been nothing but suffering...

What is the ultimate point of living? Up to this point my life has been nothing but suffering, with a couple good moments thrown in. What are you getting out of all this?

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>What is the ultimate point of living?
To suffer. There's no other logical answer to why we exist.

How do I work up the courage to end it all bros?

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>suicidal thoughts began at age 9
>parents divorced when I was a baby, constantly fighting either when together or on the phone
>sister handled it well, got over this and was a social butterfly, used social life to escape
>i was all alone all the time, increasing depression w age, and consistently without friends or support from another soul
>still am, still here doing the same old shit
When does it end.

you are suffering because you are not satisfying your basic biologic needs like having sex/having friends/having money,try being succesful first and then you have right to be a nihilist faggot

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Point of living is having so much to do like friends, girlfirend, family, fullfiling job, that you don't even think about it

Life takes its form cause of death

>Whats the ultimate point of living?
Well first step is to stop forcing yourself to feel like shit to appear more like an 'intresting' doober

Survival and reproduction.

There is no big philosophical point of living, its very simple. We don't really need to worry about survival and its not a requirement to reproduce. Life is literally how you make it, you can suffer, or you can succeed. Whatever you want to do with your brief existence before we all inevitably die.

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-playing mount and blade bannerlord
-playing cyberpunk 2077
-playing tes vi

there you go. 3 reasons.

Please describe your suffering. Not in abstract or overarching broad stroke shit like tfw lonely, no one likes me, vague and childish bullshit like "I gave all of me to those i cared about and in return I got nothing", the horrible torture of having to subsist on a wage like nearly every single other person, or girls wouldn't give you their pussy in high school.
Like please, tell me one thing you've been through that actually qualifies as suffering.

>What are you getting out of all this?
tried to kill myself when I was 20, because of history of delusions and hallucinations I got sectioned a few months after release I was talking to my dad and he mentioned how he stands outside my room to see if he can hear any noise, me snoring, me typing or any sign I'm alive, does it everytime he walks past my room - I'd rather suffer if the cost of ending it is my dads suffering, I never comprehended how selfish of me it was

That's pretty much it. If you're having to think about reasons to live (especially at such a young age) then it's already gone wrong. Normalfags just do not think about these things at all because they have not been exposed to the negativity that would cause them to contemplate their existence and have friends/family that will pull them out of any rut. This is one of the reasons that I feel the Internet has been a bad thing socially because anyone with a pessimistic outlook on life will just seek out even more pessimism and drive themselves deeper.

You're based my man I can tell. Here's my dilemma: I'm socially isolated, been this way for a while now and starting to hate the feeling of being alone all the time, yet I have no real friends so there isn't much I can do about it. I've been a NEET for a month and a half now and starting college soon. I'm afraid I'll just have this same exact feeling in college, only I'll have tons of work to do then instead. I'm a social outcast, even when I try to make a little initiative conversation with someone they're just put off by me and avoid me for the rest of the time. The rejection hurts but I'm not sure what else to do about it. I plan to see a mental health professional soon to get some of this sorted out, I strongly believe I may be bipolar and/or avoidant personality disorder, among other anxieties, fears, and depression that I've suffered with almost all my life it seems. Thanks for reading all this if you did.

You guys have a long time habit of underestimating normies. Like fair enough they have it easier in many ways. But inside everyone's got some problem or problems. Many normies Chad's and stacies as you call them suffer too, have broken homes, ruined relationships and question their existence. They're not idiots, they just know how to navigate the world without seeming "off", as it's a priority for them. And even that is a product of their upbringing and pressures.
Normies do contemplate their lives, suffer unfulfilled dreams and lost ambitions... They get squeezed out of paths they dreamed of walking for need of a more practical living.
Many also commit suicide.
I understand the us / them dichotomy but I can promise you you're wrong about these people a lot of the time

To enjoy the present moment

I did read it and I appreciate your candid attitude. I can promise you as well that I've been in those exact shoes. My lifes not perfect now either. I still struggle every day with my past mistakes ajnd blown opportunities.
But all I can say is opportunity will come. Learn to appreciate, realize and actualise them when they present themselves. As you enter college your first pals or roomies very well might not be your long time best friends, despite what normies usually expect.
My only advice for lack of having more time to talk, is do your work first and foremost. Do it well, submit it according to procedure and on time. Your professors will note this. Your occupation is Student, ajd it is your job to do book work.
Let loose at times, don't drive yourself over the edge but don't obsess over social life either. A lot of people around you are going to be having a lot of fun. They may or may not succeed at school. But that's why you're there. It's a lot of money and time to be wasting on a big party. There's always another party
Do your work, be polite to those around you and never be aftiad to look ppl in the eye, smile and say hello. Offer help to someone if they need it. Ask for help when you need help. Talk to your professor at office hours.
Be that student and friendships as well as romance will come. Women are a whole other story but please trust me when I say by doing the right thing and always being polite, if not charismatic, good things will fall into place for you.
I wish I had time to tell you how much of a total fucking mess I was by Sr year of high school and how I was able to get a fresh start in uni.

It's one of many big and small opportunities to learn to love yourself and do good.

Finally, do not fall in the trap of substance abuse. If one thing did the most to absolutely ruin my life, livelihood, relationships, appearance, self respect, every goddamn thing, it was addiction. Please don't go down that road. Cont...

Heed my words and I can guarantee things will trend overall in a positive direction for you.
There will be dips. Ups and downs. Sometimes major lows. Let yourself experience them but don't let them define you and give into depression as an identity.
If you genuinely struggle then don't shy away from professional psych help nor medication if necessary. It isn't a failure. It can change your life immensely for the better if that's what you need.

Also remember college is not where you ought to "peak". make sure junior and senior year you emphasize internship practicums and career counseling and most of all networking. Regardless of your field, and even your grades as long as they're decent, this is where you ensure yourself a future career path. It is IMPERATIVE.
good luck bro

Thank you for receiving my response and giving your experiences and kind words. I feel enlightened, I feel as if it's off my chest a bit. We all still have a lot of work to do I suppose but that's life. I should probably stop trying to initiate things but let them gravitate towards me instead, that's always worked better for me and my personality. I struggled with an addiction to weed for a bit a year or so back and then it started to give me panic attacks and paranoia so I stopped drugs and alcohol completely for now (maybe for good). Though some people say acid and things like that are very enlightening for your spiritual growth and whatnot but that's another story. Good luck to you as well beautiful anons.

>basic biologic needs
>having money

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Psychs can be interesting, but repeated use and overdoing it leads to exasperation and chronic anxiety and possibly manic depression. Then the drugs you reach for will be those which guarantee a simple, relaxing experience to give you relief from your troubled psyche. That's heroin, opiates, benzos.

Stims too if that's your bag. These and alcohol as well are the dangerous traps. It's a crippling life-destrpying thing, those addictions, and if there's one thing you need to avoid to give you a chance at growing happier and more fulfilled, that's number one.
Handle your responsibilities, have manners, and take care o your hygeine and appearance, and things will absolutely fall into place.

It's a near guarantee that you'll find like-minded people eventually in college. Don't worry about girls either if you don't meet your sweetheart in college wait til you have a career and your stock soars in the sexual marketplace. I'm 31 and us old user's have to chuckle when college students moan as if they've missed their last chance at sex or happiness. Its utterly absurd. And forget highschool. It's meaningless.
Also just so you know sex is nice but it ain't even close to everything. You gotta be attracted to your SO and have sexual chemistry but if you don't have romantic and platonic love too, it's as good as over. Those who date or marry for looks and cling to it long after it's obviously shot, are the most retarded manchildren of all. That's where horrible unhappy families and children from broken homes come from. Stupid thot mother's and idiot pussyhound dad's. Don't be one of those. There are a gazillion hot chicks. Someone will always be hotter than your girl. Don't !sorry for looks. Find someone who loves you and makes you laugh. Then hold on to them and make them happy. Period.

>Don't !sorry for looks
Don't MARRY for looks
Obviously I'm phone posting

>What is the ultimate point of living?
having sex, after that you're just waiting for death

Good question user. I dont know. I think its some kind of sick test or evil prank by the demiurge. How do we escape it? They say believe in Christ

you'd have to be pretty shallow to be satisfied with that, good for you though I guess

there is no point, finding natural intrinsic meaning or external meaning will lead you nowhere. you make of life however you want, create false meaning and pursue happiness, or commit suicide. it's your choice

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There is none.
The world is quite abstract if you think. Like why do things even exsist in the first place?

Im just here for the meme. I like hot guys

Right now I think we are the product of random atoms interacting in a certain way and we exist out of a combination of sheer luck and trial&error, and will die out at some point, as does all life in the universe at some point in the far future. I change my mindset every so often but that's what I feel is the most logical my brain can get to without going theorycraft autism. Embrace the pain user, there is no inherent purpose or value in anything, enjoy what you like and try to have more enjoyable moments in your future.

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