Want to get into /nightwalks/ but live in my town's ghetto

>want to get into /nightwalks/ but live in my town's ghetto
How do anons living in shit neighborhoods deal with this? Do you go out at night regardless? Any advice?

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Nightdrives and nightcycling

No, you dont just go out regardless. Are you retarded?

Actually, on second thought go out at 1am with your nicest clothes and shoes with phone in hand. Wear some jewlerly/watches while youre at it. Robbery and murder only happens in movies bro!

I own neither a car, nor a bicycle unfortunately

Thanks user, will do that for sure

Pepper spray and a knife

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a guy a couple towns away from me was killed in a drive-by, while on a bike.

Do nightsprints, no one is gonna try to mess with you because you will look like a fucking sociopath who wants to murder people

I suppose that would help make me fit as well
Would women be impressed if I ran towards them like that, showing off my physical aptitude?

Early morning walk. 5-6 am never had a problem

That might legit work better for me, I'm a morning person anyways

They will also scream in submissiveness because you are an absolute alpha

Nightcycling only works on well-lit streets.
Night driving makes people think you are a drug dealer but I doubt OP's hood gets patrolled much.

I haven't really nightwalked since getting a PI, and nightwalks are long and tedious if I'm not drunk.

Yeah, most gangbangers are probably passed out or high by then.

I'm lucky that I live in a quite area with no niggers. The most I'll see is the odd yellow vest wagie walking home from a 12 hour shift.

The part I live in has niggers, arabs, gypsies and drunk skins looking to start shit, so it's a bit of everything for me

> turn lights out
> nightwalk inside

Imagine being this big of a pussy

legit made me laugh

In the 2-3 years I've been night walking the worst I'm come across is a few druggies shambling around the streets like zombies and they're harmless. I have to worry about the Police on patrol more than anything because I do a bit of dumpster diving. Also, Sunday night/Monday morning has always been the quietest time I've found and best time to go.

You can get a 10-speed road bike at Walmart for like $150.

Nightcycling is where it's at. It's fun to bike all the way to a neighboring city to do some sightseeing.