Is it possible to get a cute husband if you are an ugly girl

im askin theaoreticly pls jus answer

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Maybe if you appeal to obscure fetishes that hot girls wouldn't want to do

Just do anything and everything he tells you to do.

You only want chad but he will only fuck you as a last resort. Not wife your dogface.

ouo i hope ya dont mean sexual
i m jus an autistic emo ni g g who spends all day browsing boards,drawin

but will he love meh ouo
i like cute average white guy

i jus want someone who will love me for me

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lewd and scary owo

I think the main problem with you roz is that you are literally a fucking whore (and a jew)

nigger what origibal?

yes, yes it is, apparently my gf is ugly but i don't see it and i'm somewhat attractive. you just gotta find a cute guy who thinks you're cute, they're out there

ouo the first constructive and sweet thing ive heard this weeek

you are right bro i jus have to try

i jus want a guy i can meme and b emo wit

i hope ya shit go gr8

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So you want chad. If you are ugly then date ugly. Stay within your own league or kys roastie

It would be a fetish

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read i dont like chads/normies

plus wtf why is it okay when you orbit qt girls?

don't get me wrong, if you're not very conventionally attractive the amount of guys who think you're cute will be lower than there would be otherwise, with the amount decreasing the less attractive you are, but if you do a decent bit of looking you'll find him.


hey i will also keep tryin to get a job to afford surgery etc

at the end of the day i aint that picky on how ya look as long as you aint a complete moralfag normie

don't get surgery, you'll just end up looking weird, unless it's a boob job, boob jobs are god's gift to mankind.

heh dont think a nose job will be that dangourus
yaaaa a lift >one day

No, orbiting is NOT okay whatsoever. I abhor such behavior. Also how white are we talking? Like blonde and blue eyes?

Yeah just date Asian guys and Asian incels

>heh dont think a nose job will be that dangourus
yaaaa a lift >one day
>yaaaa a lift >one day
^ what does this even mean?

Yes. Meanwhile it's impossible to get an average girlfriend even if you're an average guy. Shit is fucked.

that sounds like a pretty good way to get murdered user

OP is an ugly landwhales and Asian incels praise white women regardless if they are disgusting and ugly or not

i uninicly love er tier hapas so ill try ouo
kinda,well you are in the minority most bost oribit girls prettier than em while bithinwhen wemon do it
worth it for meh nose
i am atleast not fat

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>worth it for meh nose
if you say so
>i am atleast not fat
then you're probably not very ugly at all, not being fat is all it takes

she is r oz elli
google it she is ugly

ugly how?
like tall slim but flat chested and strong nose or jaw?
or like squat and stout?

big nose long manface saggy tits roastie

>r oz elli
this girl? she's cute as fuck dude, the fuck you talking about? especially considering she seems to be wearing little to no makeup.

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Is right you have to be his fetish slave to get cute bf by universal standard unless you mean some niche cute. Also browsing boards wont get you a bf. uwu

>he didn't check the other pics

i dunno user, she certainly has a bit of a look about her and i can kinda understand why some don't appreciate it but she's cute as fuck to me.

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I mean lil peep or lower doomer sad faggot cute
But I can't talk without edgespeak

Ignore saltychan, tenkss but although I'm faltered I have to say this is jus my most flattering one
I haz to go to sleep

can you like stfu you faggot? OP never namefagged, so dont be a dirty rat

wait this actually is this girl? bitch you ain't ugly

Sounds like you just want an eccentric boi. I'd say it's very possible but I have no idea about how fem dating works since sometimes pretty good guys will go with the ugliest chicks and it confuses me since they offer little in return.

If that's actually you, yes, you can easily find someone.

JFC this is dissapointing, turns out she's a fukkin camwhore, all her cuteness has now evaporated