Do you alcohol today or no

do you alcohol today or no


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My god, why is she so perfect? I want to stay indoor and have drunken sex with her, then do pills and coke and go to crazy parties only to return home and fug some more.

Yes, I'm getting drunk in my room alone


NO because I'm not a fucking alcoholic that needs booze every fucking day I'm stronger than that.

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why you say that anyway

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Explain!? Vyuftyd5yd

Is this the same girl? You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not original.

yes it is same girl for sure lad

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yep, same life here

nope, I'm trying to healthmax and alcohol kills gainz

God, why are fucked up women so hot

Trying to hold off for a whopping 48 hours. Ill probably break tonight but somehow I still don't consider myself alcoholic. It's just getting boring lately and I do more and more stupid shit.


Yeah, but I can run for miles when a little tipsy.

Yes I'm drunk atm, technically it's my Friday so I don't wage till Thursday thank God.
>Tfw no qt gf to drunkenly pester for a cuddle/handjob session

Because they are real and don't hide their problems.

>do you alcohol today or no
no money

no money
> why
no sobriety

Just got a 6 pack of Shiner Bock which is enough to catch a small buzz on.

Sure it tastes good, but if you want to get a buzz just drink some whiskey or vodka. Even a $25 fifth of Jack has a better alcohol unit rate than craft beers.

yes just drink pure vodka with lemon juice and you are in alcohol heaven lad

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yes, i got grain alcohol and it sucks. no mixer can make it go down well

I like to mix with water or something like Tampico or Hawaiian punch. I've even mixed with milk before, which is weird.

I'm a bottom shelver
Burnettes (smoothest by far)
White Wolf

I've tried Svedka (middle shelf) once and it was ok but I couldn't justify the price for difference in effect. Don't know what people get out of top-shelf brands.

Skol made me feel like I had lead in my system for a day. Nasty

just go for russian standard platinum lad

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I live with my parents, they would throw me out if I became alcoholic

I binge drink. SSRIs cause too bad of hangovers to drink regularly and I have a DUI already.

that shit is terrible, why take ti willingly?sorry, fren

Yes my lad, strawberry vodka milkshake, So refreshing.

>that shit is terrible, why take ti willingly

I had a bad asthma attack 10ish years ago which caused me to start having panic attacks every time I left the house after that. Neutering my brain emotionally with pills is the only thing that helped.

I keep telling myself I'm going to try to get off them but I never do.

Have you tried meditation and breathing exercises? Sometimes helps my anxiety. The psych industry makes money on telling people they have no other options. They also demonize alcohol which is a perfectly valid sedative which is far cheaper and more fun without a prescription.

With you on that one but asuka is better

I'm going to lose medical insurance in January so starting the day with a couple shots of whiskey in my coffee will probably be my solution without meds. My Dad has drank 6-12 beers daily after work for the last 35 years with no liver/kidney damage so it should be fine.

I can calm myself down with breathing after I get home but I've never been able to get it to work anywhere else.

Not today, I already had plenty of booze last weekend

I was a functioning alcoholic until things took a turn. I'll be kicked out of the place i'm living if I start drinking again.

only shandy beers because is so hot

Im drinking Havana Club (straight) now.

Breathing exercises usually work best when it's quiet. Getting a full chest of air and holding it for a few seconds before gently exhaling will calm you down. It may not calm you down enough but you never know until you try.

Also Nikolai. Forgot Nikolai. Once I got it for $9 for a handle at Spec's

That's usually my limit. Once I get to around 20 a day I feel ill and show signs of nutrient deficiency the next day (numbness and tingling, sometimes a foul salty taste which is no fun)

I'm pretty smashed at 6 anyway, but it doesn't hold long due to my liver size.

Damn it. I shouldn't be reading these threads. Now I have the urge to drink even though I was pretty good an hour ago. At least it's past 6

Thats fucking disgusting, pigeons are flying rats why would you touch them?


this is why i keep stash in house, needless danger in travel to drunk

Kill yourself.

yea. im on my 14th beer right now. been dirnking slow and steady so not too shitfaced but fuck me i need to stop

Holy fuck, that plus the bird flu she definitely has.

Russian Praznik Vodka
It's so simple if you know some cyrillic alphabet.

how the fuck do i get pigeons to sit on me like that, they are all scared shitless of people

Just had a small meal. The appetite subsides a little. I have part of a handle in the freezer. Testing willpower with alcohol present in the house.

>handle in the freezer
good plan. holding only beer isnt enough and spirits are clearner in truth

But if I start I may have to finish with a beer. I think I have 12 to 15 shots in there. A full handle is about 40 and it's in the neighborhood of 1/3 full.

I'm actually good at hitting the breaks up to 3 or 4. After that is when it gets slippery and its drink till you drop.

I spelled brakes wrong. My brain doesn't work even before the sauce.

you have right, tappering is quite enjoyable
>3 or 4
without units is hard to understaND however i undertand drinking until unconcious. it is unfortunate yet pleasing at once

standard drinks. Basically 12 oz of 5% beer, a glass of wine or a 1.5 oz shot of 80 proof

It's pleasing as long as I stay inside with no one around and tie myself to the bed.

rum gang gang gang

Yeah my handle is James Harbor. Maybe when I get more money I'll try stuff like Captain Morgan.


my people drink rum, so i abaondoned it early from drinking too foten
are you eastern block? unironic sympathy for cintons tratment

I hate this thread. Everytime i see it bumped i have to look at Ksenia and it hurts so much knowing she is not in my life. All i see instead are dumb alcohol posts. At least make this thread about her if you're using her pic!! Fucking faggots.

No. American, but poorfag nonetheless.

Binging on the cheapest vodka in store. A fifth per day is not that bad right?

Post more qt OP.

Not bad but not good either. Depends on your size and constitution. It comes to about 15 drinks (25 oz at 1.5 oz per shot). Cheap Vodka is usually 80 proof

Depends on how fast you consume it really. Over the course of the day that's a lot but not too extreme.

i drink cheap 10 dollar rum but if you get like 20 or so i'd recommend a black rum. krakens the meme brand but fuck it it's still good. captain morgan blacks good too.

Only bad since you should get a handle and split it up over 2 or 3 days to save money.

I can get a handle of Captain Morgan for $18 right now but even that's kinda out of my price range.

well, sadly we still pay the cost. if only it was deduced from our preference
>A fifth per day
if thisis out of reticence for alcoholism, youhave no fear currently

Yea I'm drinking in my hotel room after work, still have to fucking do more wage shit before I can sleep.

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unironically degennerately, do youhasve paypall?

No booze today. I'm trying "self-improvement" again lol.

>more wage shit before I can sleep.
i tell you it is dangerous to drink before job. even so, whjat is awaiting you?

Nah I'm good. I want to reward myself next time I get a job. Captain and Jack (or any good whiskey) are things I wanted to try after sticking with beer, cheap vino, vodka and rum.

I have no idea what that word means as I'm not a native speaker of English. I'm psychologically but not physically dependent yet though if that's what you meant.

What's worse? Talking for hours about drinking without actually drinking, or actually binge drinking? Sometimes these threads are the only thing distracting me from actually drinking.

>haven't had a drink in 2-3 days, craving hard right now
>don't get payed till Friday, so nothing until then
>already been kicked out of parents for drinking and am currently at my nans with zero alcohol tolerance
>know that I can't resist the temptation so I'll be sneaking in vodka/whiskey and drinking in my room when I have money
>still 3 more days left till booze time

Hold me lads, threads like this are only making it worse for me

based user, I'm proud and unironically inspired

You're better than that; control your feelings, don't let them control you instead.

you are a good fella. wish i knew you in person for a roun
basically mean reserved, like for fear of addiction
]>binge drinking
it can be worse simply because disproportionate consumption. habit is better for routine
>3 more days left till booze time
with so much on balancwe routine is better, but i know substantial decrease is hard. as says, mastery is better

no, i have about 40 cents on my card and i wont buy corvalolum again to get "drunk" because this will affect my stomach

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yes, this is no good. strange talking got others who have experienced similar

Well I had my first shot of the night. It has begun.

No I quit drinking
I spent years never drinking again but once 2019 hit I just knew I was ready to give up

>first shot...of the night.
sometimes too eager. what was the substance
henceforth truth in my admiration. vey disappointed i could not abstain

I sell worms to gas stations for a living so I'm on the road with a truck full of em. I'm done driving for the day but still have to count what I sold and call those numbers in. If your curious on if it's my real job Google Walt's Crawlers or Midwest Crawlers.

and also awful taste for next several hours and urge to drink

Didn't realize I got dubs twice already

i believe you. actually have some family in courier processing. surprisingly, US doesnt seem interested in this industry
thast is the reason beer utility remains, simply to pass time with slow intoxiactoin
rum is actually quite nice, but it is completely up to the consumer for enjoyment

but corvalolum is much,much cheaper than bear
you can buy 125mg of corvalolum for price of one beer here

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Yea that does seem to be the case, it's fucking wierd worm business gets to it's best during recessions so you can imagine how it's going so far this summer

I water it down a little since I get really dehydrated quickly

>cutting scars

life is much harder for others than it is for me

0.5 beer, i meant

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I drank 2 beers
Not gonna drink anymore because I plan on doing DXM

Me toozies