Does anyone else keep a journal or a text file or anything like that? I don't want to bother people with my problems...

Does anyone else keep a journal or a text file or anything like that? I don't want to bother people with my problems, so I just vent in here. I've kept this notepad file for almost two and a half years now. There are gaps of a few weeks or months where things are going okay, but then things quickly get shitty in my life again and I vent in it. Do any of you guys do this too?

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I only have a dream diary

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I just rant to myself in my room. I also swear constantly when I do this.

I cuss a lot in my journal too. Sometimes I just type the same thing over and over until it's out of my system. I don't allow myself to copy and paste, it's all typed out.

You mind sharing it?

Yes I do the same, but I actually do want people to read it so I upload it to wordpress

I don't just use it to vent, I also talk about what's on my mind and stuff, but a lot of the time I do just end up whining about how much of a miserable cunt I am even though I say I'll stop

It has a lot of names in it and pretty personal info, so I don't think I'm comfortable sharing it.

I have nothing to write in the journal except for
>watching anime
>jerking off
>felt depressed just like usual
>tfw no gf
>i browsed Jow Forums just like everyday
My life is so meaningless so I have no use in a journal

Post .rtf or .pdf file of the whole thing, my bloggerino.

i did it for a bit. if you do this and want to make sure no one ever has the possibility of reading it, look into veracrypt containers and diceware passwords.

This is a good portion of what my thing is like desu, except sprinkle in a bunch of internet girls I fall for and end up not having things work out with and going into a depressive stupor for a few weeks convincing myself I'm going to die alone.
It's too personal/people could easily identify me. I'd really rather not.
The only place where it is is my laptop. I'm not going super crazy over protecting it.

What does it matter if you die alone or not.
It's not like you'll remember anything after your gone. It will just end and everything about the people you loved or loved you will be forgotten with time.
There is no meaning everyone will forget anyway

Every once in a while I start a journal. I'll write in it for a few days. Then I start censoring myself in case someone finds it. Then I sporadically write every few weeks, then not at all. Couple months later I dispose of it just to be safe.

Make redactions pookie pie

It's a pretty cool habit I don't have. I believe people did it as a memory exercise.

I used to fit and it make me feel relaxed when I dumped all that energy into lifting.
Now there's only weariness, anger, sadness, tedium and dense virgin energy.

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I keep an online diary. I don't really add anything meaningful but I've been trying to keep it going every day.

Yes, my diary desu. I've written in it for 3 years and 2 months so far. I'm going to publish it a few weeks before I kms. That won't be for a few years though. Lots of private things that I would never tell anyone.

>Do any of you guys do this too?
I do.
Have a journal/diary in paper (that now spans 5 A5 notebooks)
I also type in on the computer to waste time every now and then.

Some months I don't even write 10 pages, other months I write 50 pages.
But I try to always write on it, not matter if it's a dream I had, something that is on the news, some random bullshit that I bought online, or some "woe is me" material.
It's a way to waste time and pens (I have way too many pens).

>type in
type it
>not matter
no matter

I also have another one that is more of a rolling journal, where I simply write anything I want, some stuff gets "promoted" to the main journal, everything else goes in the garbage.
Cheap pens and lots of old yellowed paper, that's all it costs.

Also I have the bad habit of writing while I'm shitting. Some people play with their smartphones, I write random shit.

I do, but I only update it every half year or so, when I feel like enough significant things have happend in my life to write them down. Want to write in it again but feel like where I'm at is right in the middle of something and I'm still waiting for the resolution.
I can only reccommend it to everyone. While it might seem like a lot of effort, your future self will thank you for the service you have provided.