Reminder to be nice to transgender anons, they go through enough...

Reminder to be nice to transgender anons, they go through enough. I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this thread but my message stands :)

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personally i dont care who you like sexually or if you are trans or something but dont flaunt it in my face and scream it on every roofs

Yes now please leave this board and neck yourself! Your kind does not belong

>Reminder to be nice to anons, they go through enough. I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this thread but my message stands :)

There u go, I fixed for you. Transgenders dont deserve special treatment, literally everyone has problems. Transgenders are not special, you are not special.

Obviously I agree to be nice to all anons, I just think transanons get a lot of targeted hate.

Gas trannies
and also
Fuck anons

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>I just think transanons get a lot of targeted hate.
Generally malevolent and evil people tend to be more hated than their less vindictive counterparts, this is common knowledge you disgusting fucking cancerous faggot.

i'll only be nice to them if they date and cuddle me and wont have sex with me until marriage

You can be who you want.
But if you keep screaming: "IM SPECIAL BECAUSE IM TRANS".
Or pushing your hormone bullshit you can fuck right off


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Most trannies aren't like that, user. The vocal minority makes it tough for us. Most of us just want to live our lives. The Reddit trannies that Jow Forums posts aren't representative of the majority, either. I just want a quiet, peaceful life where I can be happy.

Yeah well literally any tranny on this board is a toxic asshole so, i've yet to see it here.

Well that's because a lot of us don't bring it up unless it's relevant, like in this thread. There are some who do it for attention and are toxic, yes, but I don't agree with them.

I also said I don't have a problem with Transgenders who arent toxic.
As long as you don't constantly whine about it ant group is welcome in my opinion

Legit question why don't you guys go to /lgbt/?

I'm glad we see eye to eye on that then, user. Thank you for understanding :)
I go there too, but it's a slow board and sometimes I like to talk about other depression and anxiety-related stuff.

tranny shitposters earned the hate

you will never see me direct any emotion towards any transgender that isn't disgust or rage. same applies here. so fucking hang yourself, you're repulsive

Go fuck yourself you subversive piece of shit.
There was/is a literal discord tranny cabal operating on r9k, luring lonely and depressed robots into their cult. Do not engage trannies, if you must reply, use a special holy plant to ward off their evil.
Finally, ahem,

I will now dump a few images showcasing the absurdity and depravity of trannies.

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Do not be fooled by their cutesy act brobots. They are ugly mentally ill men that will never pass for women. They want to lure you into their trap (no pun intended)

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They spread their virus by indoctrination as they can't procreate.

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b-bonk? is this you?

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Last image for now, I have plenty more, but there are more trannies to fight. I must go, god speed brobots, and God bless you.
Even you OP, may you see the light yet.

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