There is nothing wrong with women being experimental in their youth and then settling down with a good guy later on

there is nothing wrong with women being experimental in their youth and then settling down with a good guy later on

get that in your dumb male heads incels ;)

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I wish a girl would settle down with me. I need to become a good man.

Honestly at this point as long I as I get to drain my balls in her cooch or throat I'm ok with that.

start with plus size women and/or single moms
they are the ones who need the most support from a good guy

drink my piss and cum

nah fuck that eat shit and die roastie

That's cool and all but no one (here) wants to be the good guy that gets settled for. If she was going to pick you then she should have from the start

>restricting women to one man only
you're the problem, pls castrate yourself pig

That's fine, but don't expect me to be your "good guy" to settle with.

True, and theres nothing wrong with men settling down with a virgin woman.

lol you're barely gonna have sex with her, at most it'll be starfish duty sex

See Should a girl feel free to experiment on her youth? Yes, I completely agree, and I shouldn't call her any names for it.
Which, also means that I have a right to refuse to be the end wheel of her carousel without being called a piece of shit.

>reducing a woman to her "virginity"

let me guess
you're a white virgin male in your mid 20s

I hope she doesn't have a problem when I go bring my bodycount past hers then, because I should be allowed to if she is

so you're saying that she HAS to tell you her "bodycount"?
its none of your business

>tfw virgin lonely qt wants me to be her boyfriend
>she lives in russia and I'm in the us

How do I cope with missing out on some easy prime pussy bros?

Go east, comrade! Claim your little proletariat. Procreate for the state!

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There is when they fucking complain about how they regret the lifestyle. No one wants to hear people making gigantic, obvious blunders whine about it later on.

Not that you'll ever find a virgin anyway, as long as she wasn't a notorious slut I'm ok with her

Sure. Everypnes there own person. Free will and all that shit. There's also nothing wrong with a guy not having any interest in a girl to whom nothing is exciting, new, and special anymore and is incapable of feeling the same passion anymore as a result. You're not some sort of hypocrite are you?

by "expirimental" you mean having over 9,000 cocks destroy her vagina and other holes. then no there is a rise in stds becuase of people like OP. I think i will pass and go ahead and get a nice 18 yr old girl when im 50