Legitimate question about children with lack of humanity in them today

I just got done watching movie called Artificial Intelligence and that one scene from Black Summer with the high school scene and it came to my attention. Why are kids born with no morality or souls? Why are children born and grow up until late 20 for them to finally develope morality and a soul?

From what i saw especially in life childrens act like with no soul and the fact they can go and legit go and kill and maim anything without a remorse or care due to not having morales. So i have a question about this now.

How in the fuck do you deal with raising a child if you know that they are born without a soul and without morals? How do you deal with raising more than one child that are destructive in their own natures of their minds and ways due to lack of morals and souls in mind?

Is the only course of action is to either kill all children or make a mandatory law that sends all four year olds off to boot camp and not let them out until the age of 18?

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> Asking virgins how to raise children
You fucked up OP

Kids, Preteens and Teenagers are just pieces of shits that are just smoldering bastards that are just spoiled rotten bastards now.

Only saving grace for them is either a bullet or abortion because there are too many goddamn mouthbreathers on this damn rock.

He is pointing out about the alarming rate of how kids are born with a lack of morals, humanity and souls in them these days

I think these type of children are the same as adults, they just learn to hide it. There are many soulless people. Look how many kids have sacrificed themselves, or who love to share, to take care of younger siblings and animals.

Is the best course of action is to just cull the children into military bootcamp and just haze them every day til they are 30?

Why not just make a mandatory law that makes it so when a child reaches the age of 10 they go to a military medical screening facility and they do psychological testings on them for the next ten years and if any of them show any signs of psychopathy, ADHD, OCD, Sociopathy or any forms of psychosis they are to be immediately terminated via either a firing squad or lethal injection by force.

There i just fixed our world's problem everyone.

Raise them on a farm or in natural environment, learn to take care of animals, learn that you are needed by them and they are needed by you for food. Having to help work and take care of the home/land. Having many siblings, having to share both resources and attention. Best chance

Unironically, you need to make your kids spend time in real life with other kids.

Worst way possible because then you end up with a moralless, soualless, lack of humanity child coexist with others like him and they will congregate and cause havoc just like in the episode in black summer.

Children are evil by nature.

You sound like someone that will kill children when the apocalypse happens

Why do people conflate soul with morals, a soul is a soul and every living thing needs one to move.

I could have said it better. You need to make your kids spend time with other kids that are made to spend time with other kids. People are shit at developing empathy when nearly all of their interactions with other people are through the internet. When a kid is mean to another kid online they don't see their reaction, seeing that reaction is important for developing empathy.

Kids are born without empathy thus they lack and unable to develop and are naturally born sociopaths and must be culled or send off to military camp til 30

You are fucking insane and truly fucked up

What makes you think that? I am just stating the obvious fact that kids are fucked up when they are born.

user where do you OG think we are?

I am aware what site i am on but doesn't the fact that kids born without empathy is an issue to anyone?

Yeah your delusional as fuck op

Kids are developing people without any moral framework, this isn't new, men have always been animals. Beforehand, parent, grandparents and family members would literally beat their moral values into them as these were very often necessary for the family's survival. The more lackadaisical methods of parenting doesn't instill the moral framework nearly as hard as corporal punishment.
Kids are humans without any behavioral inhibitions, they only have familial experience and basic human instincts to operate and form their thoughts around. The snake bites people because it's its nature to do so, TLDR; Take the time to properly discipline your kids

Kids are blank slates, teach them to be good and they will be good.

The internet era unfortunately teaches them to be edgy, with youtube recommending crap like "libtard owned with facts and logic" and fun defined as "let's be racist and antisemitic ironically"