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How do I stop taking out my bad moods on my boyfriend? He can say the most innocuous things, and I'll explode at him and really let him have it if my day's been going badly. The more time that passes, the less I view him as my boyfriend and the more I see him as a convenient punching bag.

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If he really deserved to be your boyfriend he would be able to handle it.

Hehehehe nice

Learn to control yourself.
Your boyfriend isn't your punching bag. He's a human being and deserves to be treated as one.
Don't sweat the small stuff. It literally doesn't matter.

God I wish I was a punching bag

Sorry, it's not working out. I've been seeing a girl on the side, she's way nicer and cuter than you and she does nice things for me. It was nice knowing you.

Fucking christ, don't fuck with my emotions like that. I know you're not really my boyfriend but that post scared me so much that I found it hard to breathe for a few moments and I'm still kind of teary-eyed.

It's what will happen eventually if you keep treating your boyfriend like that
Does he at least know about your issues and you don't actually mean him any bad?

if you really have BPD, why are you looking for advice here?, regular people have a problem accepting people with BPD, let alone robots.

if youre currently not seeing a therapist you probably should, there are techniques to contorl your emotions, also many times BPD stems from childhood trauma, maybe when you feel negative emotions boiling up try to mentally direct it towards the former cause of trauma instead of manifesting it on the nearest person, though im sure its easier said then done.

also, i think generally spending time thinking about your emotions and where they stem from may be benificial though im no therapist (not that all therapists know what their doing either, probably still give better help then randos on Jow Forums though)

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and *than, fucking grammar at 2 am

have you considered suicide? it will quickly and definitively solve all of your problems.

any bpd femanons want a bf? all the women in my family are bpd so i know what im in for, your craziness wont be surprising

>less I view him as my boyfriend and the more I see him as a convenient punching bag.

Learn to stop being such an overly emotional cranky woman and actually appreciate him. Or say specifically what you don't like in a non-angry way & see if he'll concede doing it in future. You seem to have some serious emotional issues & if you don't learn to understand the cause of them (Something in your past, instability in your life, no idea where your life is going & it worries you.) you're going to end up alone, no guy can put up with it longterm. If it's just him being annoying as fuck and he wont change then maybe time to move on though, my ex was retarded & argued over everything. Never experienced that before.

No he's not annoying I'm just a mean person. There's not a single person I know who doesn't piss me off and make me want to beat the shit out of them

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He should be grateful for you, god what I would give to be a BPD girls punching bag.

I spent 8 years with a BPD gf. Absolutely not worth it. Doing fucking gender studies in college would be less of a waste of time than being with her was.

I pretty much only stayed with her because I didn't believe that I could do any better, that it was either stay with her or be alone forever. Now that I've broken things off with her I've been able to come out of my shell and talk to other girls. Been going out with a very sweet Malaysian girl, just last night we discussed getting married at the end of the year. I've never been happier. Gotta live in darkness for a while before you can truly see and appreciate the light.

I used to be like this with my gfs except not towards them just passive anger. It gets better if you acknowledge it as a problem and work towards controlling it, if you have no catalyst to be like this then just working towards realizing you're getting into an aggressive state will contribute. Truly you must want to change, no magic.

Do you do nice things for him as well? I hope at the very least you cuddle with him afterwards and let him know that you love him.

I used to be nice but now I'm cold pretty much all the time because I feel guilty for being a bitch and I'm awkward and don't know how to apologize

I hope he breaks up with you honestly you sound horrible. I cannot understand all the anons here who fetishize bpd girls you are literal human scum.

Yeah they sound bad but sometimes people are shitty & it takes a while to correct personality traits. I've suffered from the same shit of being a person I don't like.


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