Currently no racebait against asians

>currently no racebait against asians
>cant let my guard down

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Asians submit to white cock!

First we will impregnate all your females, then you will serve as our bitch-boiz in the ethnostate.

Prepare anooz

The discorders were banned
They were a white supremacist server doing a psyop


they are all worshiping OVO and celebrating drake's nba championship

BLEACHED.COM and also original

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ah. alright. uwu

why is it always asians >:(

cus we are sexi

Asian in America are pathetic dogs, who support America, while they aren't even Americans and never will be.

I hope the tensions between China and USA rise way more so that these stupid dogs get beaten up.
They will never learn otherwise.

im more american than you.

Lol what the fuck? Does this stuff even work?

Pathetic mentally confused dog

woof woof my guy

Good, you know your place, doormat.

thats alotta judgment from a robot

The board moves slowly enough that enough people with enough free time can warp board culture to a significant degree. A diligent group of 15 or so people working together can more or less keep a thread about any given subject active around the clock, especially if its controversial and attracts (you)s like raceb8.

and i took them all on
>back off, ill take you on!

How do I get an Asian gf?
I am Asian btw.

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are they the ones that post ugly asian women or plastic surgery memes whenever asian women in any capacity are brought up?

it's literally only one guy doing it.

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OP is a shill for Dunkin

did you get an iced coffee?

get those incel plastic surgery to become a 3/10 white

who got an iced coffee after seeing this thread?