Ugly Girl Thread

Why don't you just settle for a girl you don't find attractive?

If you treat a girl like an annoying little sister instead of like a sacred goddess she'll end up liking you more. Find a girl who can't intimidate you with her beauty. If you think a girl is out of your league, 99% of the time you will express it subconsciously and she will end up agreeing and reject/dump you. If you treat a girl like you are out of HER league, chances are she'll agree with you too.

Pic related is my uggo gf. I'm 30+ and she is the first gf I've ever had. If I can do it, you have no excuses.

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>Why don't you just settle for a girl you don't find attractive?
My standards are very, very low.

OP, your gf isn't ugly at all. She's a solid 6/10. Imagine if she saw a thread like this... must hurt like a bitch.

>THIS is ugly
are you fucking stupid?

For real op she isn't ugly at all just kys after posting nudes

I feel so bad for your girlfriend, i hope she never find this post. She isn't ugly at all.

Try raising your standards bud. If pic related tried to flirt with you would you really feel starstruck like a supermodel approached you?

>implying my gf even knows what Jow Forums is

She'll never know and if she does find out i dont care. Ill just get another uggo.

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That's a solid 7/10, faggot.

But that girl is cute....

Dump her, she deserves someone that loves her, find her attractive, and care about her.

Fine, post a pic of the ugliest girl YOU would settle for.

Nah op why don't you post a pic of yourself if you think you are such hot shit

>If you treat a girl like an annoying little sister
You mean as long as you do it. You can't keep up the act 24/7 for years. As soon as you slip, she's gone.
You still haven't realized that approach just makes you into an orbiter?

This man called his girlfriend ugly.

It's actually not very hard to avoid acting like a sappy needy beta-male. If a girl really likes you she'll even give you a few chances before finally dumping you. If you don't act like the man in the relationship she will, and neither of you will be happy. If you want to act like her gay male-girlfriend instead of a lover expect to be friendzone'd.

I know its hard to do with a truly beautiful women, but with a less attractive girl its totally easy. You won't be worried at all if she breaks up with you and once she realizes this, she'll subconsciously see you as a great catch that she can't afford to lose. She'll try harder to keep the relationship going than you.

>yeh breh bruh jus slap da hoe fuk her sister show her who alfalfa
Or, you know, you could just not date retards.

>you could just not date retards

We are all flawed, it's human nature. Good luck trying to find women who aren't "retards". I'll be here enjoying that ugly worn out pussy which still feels better than your fleshlight.

I'd fuck the shit out of either girl

The girl on the right legitinately gives me a chubby.

Girl on the right is the definition of butterface, goddamn
Either girl in that pic doesn't compare to your gf though. She looks like any girl with little to no makeup. You must think pornstars look like typical/average women, huh?

>Why don't you just settle for a girl you don't find attractive?
sounds like a terrible idea and the relationship will utterly fail

Just because a relationship doesn't last forever doesn't mean its a failure. Live in the moment and don't ever get too attached. It worked for me.

She's pretty average desu