Are you legitimately racist and/or homophobic?

Are you legitimately racist and/or homophobic?

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i dont give a shit about gays, i just dont want to be assblasted in the face every 2 seconds with gay shit. its annoying. i dont care who you want to fuck, if your entire identity is entirely based on how gay you are you're fucking annoying

Racist? Kind of, only in the sense that I'm a race realist and know that blacks are inherently violent.
Homophobic? Not really. I shitpost about fags and trannies, but in reality I don't hate them at all.

I'm only racist. Gays are very fucking annoying but I don't hate them

i dont hate faggots but i hate faggotry

Niggers are a nuisance, but I know they can't help it so i don't think much of it. No I don't think I'm racist.

Yes but as long as them being niggers and faggots doesn't affect me in any way they can do what they like.

I'm from Poland. So yeah, it is in my veins.

Only racist agains niggers and jipsys and homophobic against fags and trannys

No I'm not racist. Fuck niggers though.

And gays are gross but I don't hate them.

>Uses "niggers" unironically
>nO Im nOt rAciSt

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I used to be until I fell in love with a brown muslim girl. all the hate seems incredibly silly in retrospect

Just wait until her dad finds out and kills you both.

I hate niggers and faggots but that doesnt mean i hate blacks and gays. So i guess no, I just hate people who make the groups they are associated with look horrible.

>tfw my only friend is an 18 year old black girl
>constantly remind her I look down on her race for keks

legitimately homophobic

I just got permission from her dad to marry her actually

go away u fucking retard

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Yes, i own multiple slaves and burn faggots alive

I'm half black and I can sometimes have prejudice against actual blacks (hood/ratchet type of course) but I don't consider myself racist. I hate when people and the media try to shove their faggotry in your face and sometimes even try to turn you gay, but I don't really care about gays otherwise. If you don't personally bother me, you're good in my book. I don't care enough to be an active racist/homophobic

Are you from Poland too?

Race realist my ass, whites have comitted the most atrocious crimes against humanity as a whole throughout history maybe second to the chinese

Maybe some did, but not me. Black people have lower IQ regardless of upbringing. Even rich blacks commit more crime than poor whites.

> racist
A little, but I'm still for race-mixing.
> homophobic
I've never been afraid of a gay person in my life.

Im a spic so im in no position to talk. I hate nigger culture, but not black people.

Only a little racist. The only groups of people I legitimately hate are gays and women.

So youre not a realist if you dont acknowledge whites as a whole are more violent than blacks on a large scale. Why are you widening goal posts randomly?

yes to both. Negroes and faggots can both suck off a shotgun barrel

Very much racist. I can feel my face cringe when I see most minorities. I wouldn't ever act violently, though, but I do think a lot of races are inferior.

I am but I'm not. I think logically that they are right, but emotionally I'm a diagnosed psychopath and I don't give a fuck if every white person is replaced unless it affects me directly

In a society it's race realism, war atrocities can't be attributed to a race. Plus they're instigated by (((them))) anyway, not whites.

I have never met an LGBT person who wasn't obnoxious.

Because what matters in modern society is crime rate. Yes, we have more frequent, bloodier wars, but that's because we have the means to fight them. What could black people do if they couldn't even invent the wheel while we were sailing the globe?

there's no compelling scientific evidence that shows people are genetically inferior because they're black; and statistically gay people are richer, more well-educated, and better at raising children than straight people are

It's not like people choose to be gay or non-white anyhow, and I would never hate someone for a choice they didn't make

I wasn't, until I moved to Austin. Now I hate Indian people with a passion I never thought I had.

That's because non-obnoxious LGBT people don't let you know they're LGBT. It's selection bias.

This. I don't care if someone is gay, I just don't want to have his gayness waved in my face like some kind of unwelcome feral penis.

Don't care about homosexuality, desu. But I'm not very keen on Negroes.

You should ask her if she wants to make adorable caramel-coloured babies with you.

Im not racist I jist dont like humans in general. We make a mess and cause a lot of suffering. I just want the nightmare to end

Everyone is. Those who claim otherwise are repressed.

Fuck niggers
Curbstomp fags (they would enjoy being fucked)

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Then does it matter that whites comitt more school shootings and child rapes than blacks? Argueably the most heinous crimes today

>legitimately racist?
Depends on your definition of racist.
Would the world be better off in homogeneous countries, with minorities as guests and bearing no political influence? Yes.
Do I believe there are intrinsic genetic differences between races which affect every aspect of the body and mind? Yes.
Do I hate people of other races? No, love them all.

>legitimately homophobic?
Depends on your definition of homophobic.
Is it bad for society? Yes.
Does LGBT pride advertising degeneracy to youths & displaying them for sexual gratification bother me? Yes.
Should LGBT education be terminated in public schools? Yes.

This is why I don't like these topics with the brainwashed masses. I don't think I'm racist or homophobic and can give good arguments against both still. But in our current world any discussion questioning if things are right the way they are lands you with a label which if it gets enough attention makes you unemployable..

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I don't hate either blacks or gays - gay guys are actually very amusing in small doses - but I definitely believe the stereotypes about each group. Those stereotypes just don't make me HATE them.


>Poor impulse control
>More likely to be violent as a result of the first two points


>Fucking sluts
>Carriers of disease
>Incredibly selfish
>Great eye for design

All these things are true, they just aren't reasons to HATE everyone in these groups.

yes and yes.

Some races are superior to others and some races are inferior to others, if you can take 20 minutes to bypass political correctness, bullshit equality and all the mindless programming we are all succumbed to you'll start to realize that certain races have accomplished much more than others.

first off go examine all the landmark scientific and technological advancements in the past 300 years, the vast majority of them are attributed to whites, most of things you use in your daily life was invented by a white man, not to mention the systems of governments, judicial systems, educational systems, innovations in medicine, engineering, all major branches of science etc.

Besides history look at the current state of the countries we have today, the developed countries that exist today are either white or asian, sure you can talk about how Arab countries are developed but they owe that all to the wealth they amassed from oil production not because of their racial intelligence.

Blacks are the most inferior race, which is why Africa has never produced any significant architecture not to mention they never had a writing system, how am I supposed to be equal to a people that never had a writing system in their history, they also haven't contributed anything to the sciences or civilization, sure you faggots are probably gonna bring up black inventors but I can assure you that most of their "inventions" are nothing but innovations attributed to previous inventions invented by a white man.

Some races are inferior and some are superior, that's the way things are, that's the superior races need to help out the inferior ones in order to ensure we all live in harmony, that's why the white man went to African and brought civilization to those people.

Faggots on the other hand are disgusting mentally deranged freaks.

>Then does it matter that whites comitt more school shootings and child rapes than blacks?

I'll give you the school shootings, but on a per capita basis the type of household most likely to have child physical or sexual abuse is a household with an African-American mother and children and an unrelated adult male (i.e. 90% of black households).

Child abuse in such households just doesn't make the news because DCF agencies consider it routine, and the audience for local newscasts doesn't give a shit what happens in black households.

>Another retard
Ah shit, here we go again.

Blacks rob and kill and whites rape and shoot their classmates. All humans are fucking terrible and the planet would be better off without all of us

Niggers are the main thing keeping blacks down.

I try to avoid those people irl

not at all, just act like I am on the internet for laughs.

Stop generalizing & stick to statistics, almost every school shooter has been ethnic/religiously Jewish & doesn't identify as white. Jews benefit from white guilt & mass migration. Coincidence?

Also rape is higher among the black community so this again doesn't have bearing in reality. Just don't bring up stats when talking about races because nothing favors you, I don't even want to bring it up it's tiring as nobodies mind is ever changed.

as an asian girl, yes. i hate asians and non white "people"

i legitimately think gays need to stfu and accept that they are abnormal and stick to themselves. no equality.

im not racist but i dont like a large percentage of blacks and spics. theyre generally loud and obnoxious. I dislike 99.9% of jews

Racist no, homophobic yes.

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Yes, racist and homophobic.

You mentally deranged shits, especially the Whitoids will be wiped out in a few decades.
Your heads are full of shit, worthless.

Yes to both. Of course, faggots are more despicable and retarded than any ethnic group as well.

>He doesnt know about the chinese

>are you a normie
yeah tbqh, pretty much everyone hates other races and sexualities

No, but I do genuinely hate the trans and queer folk(who aren't just gays or lesbians)

i am anti racist and pro-LGBTQ

I'm slightly racist because of experience but it doesnt rule my view
I find homosexuality to be a glorified fetish nothing more. I had gay thoughts before though so that might be a factor. I genuinely find gays to be weird but i dont hate them. Lesbians can be annoying though

White people can plan ahead. Blacks only know how to chimp out.
There are also far more white people than black people, and because whites have higher moral standards, are more likely to report it.

Yes. Now get off my board. Degenerate shill.

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Nah, I just think it's kinda funny. This whole thing is a bit, I don't believe any of that stuff, and pity those who unironically do.

im not afraid of gays

Your attention please everyone! I have something very important I would like to say to all of you.

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no, but if there existed a society with only white straight people, I'd consider moving there


Races do exist
Individuals are different. Racial groups have clear differences.
Homosexuality is ok
Transexuals are mentally ill

Yes. There are definitely shitty races, see Australian Aborigines
I wouldn't say, but some of them are annoying I guess

No, not even after browsing Jow Forums during my developmental years when I was very easily influencable

no, i just don't like degenerates

About specific people? No, but in generalities, yes. This is the optimal way to be. One cool sub saharan african guy should not be discarded, but 2 billion of them is a problem

to not be attracted to females is mental illness. Every man on the planet is born with the genetic imperative to fuck women, you have to fuck your brain up to get past this.

>"Africa has never produced any significant architecture"


>sure you faggots are probably gonna bring up black inventors but I can assure you that most of their "inventions" are nothing but innovations attributed to previous inventions invented by a white man
"You might prove me wrong but I'm just gonna pretend I'm right anyways"

>they also haven't contributed anything to the sciences or civilization

Either this is really good bait or you just say things you want to be true

Yes i'm a fucking racist because I'm not willfully ignorant. I hate flamboyant gays, but i'm not homophobic because i'm bisexual.

Jews aren't a race and this is shitty bait

I recognize the differences of iq between races but I'm not a racist. Also yes I'm homophobic to a certain degree, theyre freaks

I'd be a liar if I said that I had zero prejudices. Nearly everybody on the planet would be too if they said the same. The important thing is that I try to put aside my negative feelings towards other groups and judge others as individuals, regardless of any preconceived notions. As for gays, I don't hold any hate in my heart for them. On the other hand, I don't like seeing it in front of me anymore than any other straight man.

60% of black women are sexually abused by black men before they turn 18:

Whites only commit more school shootings if Jewish journalists count obviously mixed people like Elliot Rodger and Nikolas Cruz as white. Over the last 20 year period, whites have only committed about 38% of mass shootings. Since whites have been roughly 61% of the population over this period, this is an enormous underrepresentation.

I generally dislike being around blacks due to the majority of the ones nearby being uneducated and inarticulate. I have met a few who are alright.

I dont give a shit on a person to person basis but I can plainly see the effects different races have on society. I live in what used to be a white community but ever since asians and spics have moved here it's gone to shit. And I get irritated at how forced the gay and trans agenda is. It gets pushed in every form of American media. God forbid I mention my own sexuality, everybody wigs out

Statistics and facts don't care about your feelings.

Im neither but I still call faggots on here niggers

This word is purposefully misused. A phobia is an irrational fear. Not liking a group of people is not an irrational fear.
Yes, I grew upj ust outside Baltimore. Living with niggers for a week will turn any redditor into moonman

>Black people

Two different things

Not sure if this counts.I'm not racist or homophobic but I will never understand trannies

yes and yes. next

dear robot, go fuck yourself origanally.

Yes. I hate wh*te """people""" and hope they all get raped and murdered by a pack of refugees.


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I unironically hate all faggots and trannies because they are a disgrace to humanity as a whole. They are mentally ill. I'm not racist perse, but I do have prejudices towards minorities since they are statistically more likely to commit crime.

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