Why are girls butts so great?

why are girls butts so great?

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i just want to ram my face into a girls ass one fucking time is that too much to fucking ask for
fuck you jesus how the fuck am i made in your image

They're not. Men have butts too. It's gross.

Boy butts are qt

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because of the asshole

girls buttholes are magical

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becuase theyre soft and round

They are very soft and warm and squeezable and perky, when we started walking on two legs boobs evolved to imitate them, but the boobs lack the best part which is their cute little buttholes.

imagine being a femanon and having the ability to pick and choose who is worthy enough to lick your asshole

Someone please explain the appeal of buttholes

Do femanons enjoy thinking about how many guys would love to worship their assholes? Do they even realize how sexually valuable their buttholes are?

Are they great or do they just make us all want to die?

Such a nigger thread this is. Get help.

For me it was literally porn brainwashing, not gonna lie though I am glad that porn was awakened me to the glory of female asshole worship.

the ass is one of the most erotic parts of a woman and the asshole is a soft hole in the center of it

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They are for sure. I think it's because it shows they are ready for mating with and bearing children because a big butt signifies fertility and the ability to successfully birth a child

You mean anal porn or what?
Yeah but the appeal is normally the cheeks, no?

It's literally indescribable, and I say this as someone who used to kinda not get it myself. I'll say that if you start looking at really clean airbrushed ones like pic related it might start to make sense.

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i dont know but my dick and tongue wants to play with girl buttholes

its this forbidden fruit, its a hole in between two soft cheeks

i wanna fuck it

you guys know men have it too right? are you fags?

That's like saying you can't hold hands with a girl or kiss her on the mouth because men also have hands and mouths.

hands and mouths (lips) are sexually dimorphic
what purpose does the asshole serve except to shit?

this. i'll never understand why people let niggers brainwash them into thinking they're attractive. it's fucking gay.

> why are black* girl butts so great

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Black butts are gross. White and asian butts may be small but as long as they're fit and shapely, they're much cuter.

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its so tiny and cute compared to the pussy. fucking a pussy is like a loose bag esp in porn when women are all whores. but sometimes in slavic countries you get these girls who are super pretty and aggressive men who just destroy their assholes, and you can see in the girls' face that they really feel it. jamming it in and out while their ass is prominently displayed and angled for you viewing pleasure.

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I used to be able to walk with girls and have my hand on their butts, and they liked it. Even at age 10-12, their asses were so nice to touch and bury my face in. Haven't had any since I was 14 though. I touched a 15 year old"s butt when we had a fire drill. Something happened and girls just suddenly went from finding me cute to finding me repulsive and creepy. I'll never have any again.

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Asian girls sometimes have a semblance of curvature when then, but white girl butts can sometimes be anti-butts and curve inward. It's seemingly impossible but they somehow achieve it.

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when thin*

thats a dude, orginally of course

This asian is more up my alley.

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I don't really see this, I think there's a variety of butts for white and asian girls. I like both but what really pisses me off is that asian girls seem to be unable to figure out how to arch their backs.

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That one's ok for a PAWG. I still prefer black and latina for the full package.

pic related p1

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Meh, as long as I don't see the dick it's a girl to me. A good butt is a good butt if the body looks female.

dude fuck off
pawgs are good BBB(big black booties) are good
ass is good

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pic related p2

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I can have my preference. Truth is I don't find pink very attractive and like darker women sometimes. I wouldn't turn a thicc white girl down

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> ass thread
> no ass

She is so beautiful. This makes me happy. Horny = happy

>that pic
White girl asses the best. Pinkest pussies and such edible buttholes. I just want one to sit on my face, lads.

wish my face was a seat cushion tbqh bros

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speak for yourself.

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Did she just take a shit? Why is her asshole gaping instead of closed?

Ok I will speak for myself.

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Nothing gets my jimmy all soft as the thought of a girl farting

this desu
Tired of people saying "it's a trap you're gay kek"
My sexuality isn't so insecure that I'll freak out over that shit. If I liked it when I thought it was a girl I'm straight

Pheremones my dear boy. Women excrete them from glads outside their asshole. Its the same reason guys love to smell womens underwear.

So how do they turn me on over a digital picture?

WaKe up fEeLing so hOoOOOrNyYyy

i want to eat asian anus

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t. confused Jow Forumssmokers

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They are perfection, everything about a woman is

>i wanna fuck it
Because you're gay

She's the type of woman that Robert Crumb would draw.

Id love to have my face deep in between those pale pasty cheeks. Laying there having her suffocate me with her sweet asshole, rubbing it all over my face sneaking my tounge into her hole feeling her body react to it.

Just fun to play with really.
If I had a gf I'd randomly spank her butt all day.