Why does stoicism fail for doomers?

Why does stoicism fail for doomers?

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Stoicism advocates working and lambastes being lazy. Fuck that.

they can't commit to anything.

What have you done to improve yourself today user?

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One of the most shallow quotes from one of the worst stoics

But as a doomer, I wasn't born lazy. I used to work hard and do well in school. Depression made me this way; I wouldn't be a doomer otherwise.

In the end your justification is irrelevant and the only thing that matters is what you're going to do about it?

I'm going to fap to lots of porn because it's fun. It just gets better and better

If I knew I wouldn't be a doomer. I want to regain my purpose and my motivation, but I have so little hope that just getting my shit together feels impossible. I can't even pass the driving test to get my license because of anxiety.

You don't deserve to drive. Walk, you lazy fucker

Post Body or answer the question

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Trying to control anxious thoughts is literally what stoicism is about


I was at work, hiked and fished for a few hours and then had a bbq with my family at parents' house. All activities I'd rather do than go to the gym and look myself in the mirror and think it's some spiritual exercise.

That's what I've been doing, user. But the only jobs within walking distance are shitty and I need a car to do anything more.
I wish simply following a philosophy can change the way I feel about life.

Self-improvement will only carry a person so far and in today's society it doesn't do much.

Because keeping out of other peoples way is already a pillar of the doomer life

Maybe there's a fundamental flaw in your way of life. Do you still believe things like success and money will be the main thing providing you with happiness?

No, I just want to not be so depressed and anxious all the time. I want to make my parents proud for once in my life. I don't want much in life, just to be at peace in one way or another.

I practiced archery. I'm getting better, too. Instead of using my speed bag I set up some firewood I've got leftover from winter and used that, it was way more fun and the target is much smaller

Its easier to ignore what belongs to others if
>it doesn't get constantly rubbed in your face
>you have something of your own

Stfu epictits, I'm not taking advice from someone who's dead

>be stoic doomer
>Marcus Aurelius is a good man
>apply his philosophy to my live
>successful in my work
>admired by my peers
>lonelier than ever

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Good for you user. Keeping in shape doesn't have to be confined to the walls of a gym

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>>it doesn't get constantly rubbed in your face
Does it, though? The internet is mostly where this happens and you're here voluntarily


because epicureanism is superior

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its inherently untenable and denies humans need for positive feedback

honestly it's pretty good cope. you can't stop the motion on your own anyway so no point obsessing and spending fuck loads of energy on stupid shit.

That's cool. I've always wanted to try archery. Long now or compound?

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stoicism is just a suckers cope for life.

>just to be at peace in one way or another.
that's more than most had desired, historically

If the urge for human positive feedback is so strong, wouldn't they do everything in their power to improve the likelihood of attaining it?

Recurve actually. Archery is great, it's kind of pricy to get into but ince you have equipment you dont really have to spend more and can just enjoy practicing. I highly recommend it

>rev 6 8
unironically my favorite verse, this is pretty funny

no, the philosophy doesnt agree with that from what i understand. it's like washingtons overly elaborate war strats

Also noone really thinks about the concept of mental energy and the value of the time spent. Why bother worrying about something you're doing absolutely nothing about? If you're obsessing over something it better actually be part of your life and not just something that causes you anxiety.

Cool. When I get done staring at myself in the mirror at the gym I'll try it out one day. Gotta get these gains so I can pull it back with ease tho. Also gonna start fishing off of my kayak this summer.

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I'm not familiar. Are you religious or just know your holy books?

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Even if you get dem gainz you might have difficulty, pulling it back uses muscles you dont really use often

You're probably right.
Tommorow is back day so I'll look up some videos of a recurve so I can try to incorporate similar movement patrerns

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That quote is from a guy who had no idea how interrelated the world is. Everything anyone does affects everyone else somehow or another.

i read them verses, like from everywhere, it makes life way more funny. tho i unironically wish i was religious

Failed normies try to use it to reach their shallow goals rather than coming to the realization that there are better ways to exist.

The normie lifestyle wouldn't work without an underlying feeling of not being content since it's based on competition and consumtion.

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But that's where it draws it's power from. Be indifferent to normies and suffocate them.

>advocates working

honestly people misinterpret what work really is (yes i know the literal definition of work) when people think work they just think being some wageslave cuck but thats just a job, actual work is something meaningful to advancing your personal goals, if you can think about it like that instead and start doing some real work for yourself you will see a vast improvement in qol

Life would be more simple if only the wool was over the eyes still. Nevertheless, I try to be the best version of myself hence the gym, nutrition, taking care of mental health, and getting plenty of sleep. Good luck to you user.

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because doomers are whiney bitchy pseudo intellectual softcunts
with their heads so far up their ass they can't comprehend anything beyond muh super edgy blackpill bro!

>posts picture of epicurus
That's also a shitty interpretation of what he said. Should be keep your attention focused on what is in your control, aka your mind and its response to the events of the outside world. Disregard externals.

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Fuck society. Live for yourself.