Fell for the college meme and still unemployed

>graduate chemical engineering
>summa cum laude
>2 internship/co-ops
>still unemployed
>not even interview
>get rejected from operator and technician jobs

why does America suck so much?

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Same. Mechanical engineer here. I decided to take the "cagie" job in the mean time. Teaching my self how to program so I have some actual skills and find a job, maybe even earn some money on the side.

>didn't networked
guess you are doomed to a mcjob

>so I have some actual skills
did you not learn a skill from enrolling mech engineer courses?

Pathetic failed wagies, I enjoy your struggeling.
Meanwhile I have been a NEET for over a decade now and get paid for it.

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>expecting a robot to network
Fuck right off

then don't complain about your lack of success

>graduate biology
>get offers to get into a chem lab
>constantly get offers to get into a micro lab which also always needs chemists
>i'm not even subscribed for offers and my resume in their database is like 5 years old
>mfw working comfortably in a process development team for cancer therapy
>mfw OP is a liar or just retarded

Agreed, fucking try more than 2 internships. I applied to 8 and was only able to get into 1. Now I just work as an On Board Diagnostics intern for now.

>mfw OP is a liar or just retarded
no it's real. some people don't make it despite accomplishing in uni

Wait, misread that part. I'm retarded. Why not use your previous inte

Academical graduates are the perfect slaves, overnalayzing apolegetic, selfhating tards.

this kid who probably went to community college and thought engineering meant solving problems is making a statement about LE AMERICA LE XD. in literally every corner of the country, we have a desperate need for chemists and biochemists. if he was truly into developing drugs or bombs or whatever, he would need a masters, a certificate, and something more specialized than chemE.

most chemE programs have a mentor who can help you with jobs btw. this fool isn't even getting a tech opening? yeah he's lying or retarded. the most i'll agree on is that not every city has labs, but fuck out of here with that self defeating meme shit. we've hired high school kids with zero education in science at some of our food chemistry labs. if he's writing a resume for a tech job with chemE language, that's hellsa gay boi

my worst fear. i knew an engineer working as a plumber, another one took 8 years to graduate and i don't know what the hell he's doing. have several other wagie friends with degrees. about to go back to school myself.

nah, i want to hear his whole story before making judgements. i was once in his shoes but managed to get out.

I went for math and CS. Took me six years to graduate and I have been a NEET for the past three. I'm going to be working minimum in my late twenties. I lost a decade of my life where I could have been making green. I could have a house by now.

>Being an engineer and not living in Michigan

i have a pretty good network its just that almost no one is fcking hiring in my area. the people who got jobs are lucky as it is. 90% of my graduating class is unemployed or working some irrelevant job not related to their major making near minimum wage to pay off loans.

im fortunate enough not to have loans and i rather die than do data entry

i call bs. where do you live?
i live in east coast and there are almost no jobs

chemistry labs pay shit for new hires

>rather die than do data entry
it's better than no job. i took shit jobs to fill in the gaps

I'm currently failing organic chemistry

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user. You've gotta work before/during college. Once you finish, no one will hire you because they'll know you'll leave once you find a better job.

and you should GTFO o this board you fucking normalfag

its been a month a little under 3 weeks since my co-op ended. ive been applying a lot of places but im not gonna do data entry until theres no hope. i hope ill eventually get an operator job

i did. the place i interned was kinda shitty and the place i co-opd has no openings atm. they start hiring graduates/seniors in january which is a long wait.