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Here, write a letter to someone who might or might not care! To your mum! To your unborn child! To yourself from the past! To yourself from the future! To your oneitis, to your enemy, you get the jist

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Dear _,
I really need to get things out of my system sometimes.
So, for the past two months or so, I was pretty much aware of everything you were doing. Even though we weren't talking - P1 was showing me all the conversations you were having and how she ignored you, P2 kept sending me screenshots, P3 mentioned things about you when I didn't even ask. I suppose it's because everyone associated me with you. I talked about you a lot.
I don't think you browse here, I know one of your friends does but I guess I just don't give a fuck anymore.
So I saw when you told P1 'you don't know who she really is' and P1 told me you're the bullshitter and I made it seem like you were really dramatising stuff because you're that sort of person and I'm completely normal. Really, you should know better than to try to set people against me. How utterly silly of you. And of course P1 said she will believe me any day over you because you seem so 'desperate' and 'weird'. I thought after going through the same material I do, you'd get a grasp over all these social interactions but you're still so fucking autistic damn. Haha like what the fuck is wrong with you, how are you so smart and driven and absolutely socially retarded at the same time. Get some self awareness you absolute dweeb.
I've worked really fucking hard over the past two months to fix things for myself. And I think I pretty much did. It's all done. It's all one. I still feel a bit off sometimes but the hard thing is I realised I am M. So that's just been that 24/7.
Some people tried to hug me last week and I was absolutely disgusted and said no thank you. So that's how it is.

I still sleep with Edward every day. I like him more than you. I'm wondering if you'd ever be capable of killing someone and I can't make up my mind because I don't know which side of you is real. We were so awful for each other, it's like we both brought out the absolute worst. I will never forget the shit you did to me.

You calling me 'toxic waste' still rings in my ears and sometimes I doubt myself simply because of what you were capable of saying. When I drank and you made me do those disgusting things, I will never forget that. I did so much for you, you know that I'd cut my arm off for you to appreciate me, and you were aware of that, I really don't know how you can throw something like that away. I was only like this with you because I loved you, you absolute retard. I wasn't like that with anyone else because of that sole reason.
I don't accept that I am the one who made it bad. I became aware of this after our walk in the field, where I was done with everything and I decided that if you don't want me I will try my hardest to be friends, to make it normal between us. And then I get back, and what, fucking 30 minutes later you start an argument over something trivial when I decided consciously in my brain that I don't want to talk to you about anything in depth. That was 100% you and I just started laughing at your text. And then all seemed hard but fine and that one night and you make a scene and ruin everything all over again!
I was so over it all as well! Like, I'll never stop loving you but I was sleeping with someone else for like three weeks at that point, yet you still thought I'm trying things with you for some reason. I guess it's cause P1 somehow still was trying to get us to be together. Well she didn't know about the stuff I'm doing.

I've surrounded myself with good people, like what you tried to do, but any hint of an ability to deceive and it's all back again. Yeah I can pretend I feel some sort of empathy towards others but how long will that last? I just can't and don't.
I thought I did for a week or so. I felt like a part of some sort of community but I realised I just enjoyed the social interaction I was getting and I realised I was already doing bad things to people so it was kinda hypocritical for me to think I cared about them.

God, you think you knew me. You think no one else knew me apart from you. But you didn't know me either. There are so so so many things I've never told you about. There are so many things I've never told anyone about. Whatever I decide to be to other people, that's what I am. The only problem is sometimes I haven't decided and it muddles up and it's like uhh maybe I'm this or that but really I don't care and then people get angry at me for seemingly pretending to be someone I am not. In truth, I don't think I've ever really been 'myself' to anyone else. To you, in fact, I've been the least myself because you've STRESSED ME OUT so much that I just kept acting extravagantly different to anything I truly am. You saw that towards the end, you saw that when I stopped wanting you. When I confessed I hate physical contact and to you, that just seemed impossible.
and I've had to deal with so many fucking people confessing to me this month that it's just making me roll my eyes at this point and I'm not even trying to be humane. I don't really like anyone. I liked you but you're such bad influence I'm glad you're gone.

So I guess the reason I'm writing is, I think I'll love you for quite a while and uh, pray to God that you never ever see me irl again, ha ha. I regret not using my chance to have my sort of fun with you.

You were a really good therapist. We made a lot of progress in the few weeks I saw you. Too bad for me you're going into private practice and have that non-compete clause in your contract so I can't follow you. See you on the flip side!

dear you,

i genuinely dont care anymore and it feels amazing. i wonder when you stopped caring. someone should have told me about this whole 'accepting defeat' thing a lot sooner.


You might not love me anymore, but I love you. But I'll move on if you want to move on.

Goodbye, babydoll. I'll never forget you.

Love, C.

Dear God
Fuck you for everything you've done to me
- Q

Hey Myra,

Just wanted to tell you I love you again. Sorry if I am causing trouble for you. This is all a part of the healing process for me. I know I need to get over you. Its the only way for me to truly move on. Still though I will keep my love for you alive for as long as I live. Hope you are doing well. Love you will all my heart.


cope harder reject

Yall mfers need jesus lmfaooo

I just want everyone to leave me alone

The only person i think of is the old me
I miss u, happy girl,
I miss your dreams, ambitions,love of life, your smile...
See ya

I stalked you again, please respond

Yeah I know we really do

Summer's been good, where are you? I'm almost back in peak fitness, plus my summer term's finally over - so much time and stuff, would be better spent with you.

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Why do you hide their initial then say it in the same letter? Seems pointless.

i dont really understand what you mean, the point was that i'm not even coping anymore

dear 432,
you are very comfortable to me. now i feel instinctively that i need you very much.
you accepted my past. i would always accept you, and you will wrap me with your love.

recently, i'm tired of you. i feel that you are harmful to my ears.

dear s
we had such a big falling out, yet for some reason you still upload to our playlist all the time. i'll be honest a lot of these songs suck mega balls. some are alright tho. I hope i never see you again. For fear i'll either kiss you or just bash your face in. good luck with that insane motherfucker you greasy bitch.

dear my past self,

i remember how i used to be before the shit hit the fan, and i miss that. I know the only way i can ever get back to feeling happy or at least not suicidal is to drug myself up with prescriptions and pretend i'm fine. Just stay strong and don't let mom drink again. if this Jow Forums thread worked like a time travel machine, i'd tell you to not let her go to the store alone. don't let her pick up that drink. Please stay strong and don't break down. Don't make that post on /soc/. don't let jeremy do what he's doing. If i wasn't such a lonely fucking idiot, these things wouldn't have happened and i wouldn't have had to worry about breaking up with him because i lied about who i was. Please just ddon't be an idiot. I know things get really really hard, but please stay strong. Don't break. You'll be okay. I promise one day it'll be okay. It might not be okay yet, but i know one day it will be no matter what. So please PLEASE stay strong and don't break.
i miss this old self so much. I'm crying while typing this because i wish i could go back to when i could smile without worrying about people realizing it was fake.

love, Fia

>write a letter to someone who might or might not care
N, I miss you. I think (?)
>To your mum
You are a piece of shit
>To your unborn child
Be grateful I got zapped and had my tubes tied. I would be a wretched mother.
>To yourself from the past
Stay in FL. Never move back home
>To yourself from the future
Do not get a dog. You will cry when it dies.
>To your oneitis
N, or M, or J, or B, or.... I have loved you all. If I am even capable of love. M was mostly lust.
>to your enemy
Myself, I hope you die quickly and soon.
>you get the jist
Thx, user

When I see you I get a boner. I fear that I won't be able to hold myself anymore the next time I see you.


dear l i'm drunk and i wish i was younger or you were older because honestly you're perfect i'm scared of the inevitable pain when someone else realizes that too -a

am gay someone pls put a cock in my mouth

Turn off your ad-blocker. Cocks galore

I erased your family from my afterlife for trying to posit yourself as me

There's a cordinated psyop going on with the media and Jow Forums. This entire place is pozzed by antifa


You have no power over me or my family because I am the real Christ. I am also gay.

i saw your letter the other day but i was still in melbourne and honestly didn't want to mess up my mood by thinking about it.
i don't really hate you and i don't think i ever could. probably not a good thing for me.
i'll send you a physical letter with more of a response.

You're going to Hell you retarded shill

Gunjy you bitch.

I know too much!!

This is a very unpleasant experience.
Love user.

Dear M,

I honestly do hope that we will end up friends or I might just have to go to steam or other shit just to have interaction. I honestly hate all the people around me and hope you will be the one there for me.

From, A.

Dear _ _ _

Almost exactly year ago, you gave me slight hope in life. That hope passed by quickly, as one could expect.
But could I ask you to make something like that happen again? It would mean a lot to me.

Best regards

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Dear J,

I've tried having this conversation with you in person multiple times, but I always struggle to say it as plainly as I should, and you always struggle to have these kinds of hard conversations. I have finally found the love of my life and the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, but I am not the person I want to be for the rest of my life, I cannot see who and what I am improving as I age, only regressing. My vision is getting worse, my hearing is awful, my teeth need more work done than I can afford, and my hairline is receding at the ripe old of 21. I am years away from looking like a different person, everyone will treat me differently, and you will see me differently too. I know you will still love me, but you will not be sexually attracted to me when I am bald, badly aged, and rotting. That isn't your fault. It's not my fault either. It's a horrible fact of life. It makes me want to get as high as I can on whatever I can and end it there and then. I think about my balding daily, suicide daily, even though when I am with you all I can think is how happy, and perfect life is. But it's temporary, it won't last, because how I am now won't last. We won't last. People like to pretend that love can exist independent of sexual attraction, but sex with you has made me realise how important sex is. It is a core part of life, a core part of relationships, and a core part of love. If you are not sexually appealing to your partner, then it is over for your relationship, plain and simple...

I love you. I've loved every day I've spent with you, and I will love ever day we spend together from this day on wards. You think it will last forever, but I know better. Time will take everything from me, you will recover, but I will not. I will not burden you with the knowledge of my death when I finally decide to do it, maybe I will write a letter claiming I am moving abroad forever, I don't know.

Forever yours, C

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Dear R,

remember that one time when you said I'm like Monk; you know, from that TV show, that one total weirdo of a main character who solves crimes? The type of person everyone laughs at, even if they do good things. Everyone laughed at that and you know what? You're right. I AM a hopeless autistic retard. I can't act normal around others, I have no interest in most of the things others are interested, I'm extremely slow in social situations, I even talk weird. Everyone knows it, everyone sees it. There is just one thing you're missing:

I'm fully aware of this. At every point in time. I always can tell how you all view me and I can tell that how inferior I am to you and everyone else. To you, my family and my """friends""" I'm at best a dog, likable but not fully human and to most others I'm a total creep. I always know others see me as off, but do you know how much this actually hurts? To know you'll always stick out like a sore thumb wherever you go? To always be the comic relief in other people's lives? To never be seen as an actual part of any group? Do you know how much it hurts to be laughed at constantly when you try to show genuine feelings and enjoy yourself for once? I quite seriously would kill to be like you and other normal people, but thanks to some neural pathway in my brain or something being different I'm confined to a life of loneliness

You might think this an overblown reaction, especially since this happened 2 years ago or so, but I think that was just the moment where this finally dawned on me and since then I see it in every interaction I have with others. The way they look at me and how they talk to me.

I'm glad we've barely spoken in the past few years. Thanks for trying though, it's not even your fault really, I'm just different, but I just want you to know that if could break free from my mind and body I absolutely would.


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God I fucking hate my life my parey paid a downtown price for a 70 year old house in the fucking ghetto for no reason??? Like they've lived in this shit city all their lives they know the good areas and they bought a 300k house where all the gas stations nearby have fucking bulletproof glass WHY ARE YOU SO RETARDED WYY DO YOY MAKE LIFE SO HARD FOR YOURSELVES AND BY EXTENSION ME GEE I WONDER EHY I NEVER LEAVE MY ROOM MAYBE ITS BCUZ IM SCARED OF GETTING FUCKING ROBBED????

Dear k

I miss you so much i tried to say friends because you wanted that but it was too hard for me you hurt me so much but i can't get you out of my mind you telling me you don't love me like i love you still rings in my ears every waking moment.

You don't seem to have received a signal. It is forever platonic and innocent love.
And it's still sinking into the bottom of the deep sea...

K- please help me lure one of those dumbasses here for me to torture. God, that would be great.

Idk if I ever loved you, loved you. I thought I was in love with you. But now that I have accepted you never saw me the same way, those feelings are fading. All I know is that my exes are good people who I care about so they continue to be a part of my life. It scares me to think that since I am unsure if I want to have any sort of platonic relationship, maybe I never really loved you to begin with.

Dear I
Almost 1 year ago(-1 week) we met.Started talking.Daily and daily more.At the end of the summer we started something lovely for 9 months.It was beautiful,tragic,stressful,amazing,wholesome,depressing.I don't know why I'm such a person that I forgave you for all the fucking shit you did and said to me.I really hate that, a lot.Your BDP was never disappointing and I realised that from the start.I ignored your red flags and your shitty past.In 1 week something extremely important was supposed to happen , but now it won't because of both of us , your lack of communication and my lack of social interactions led to what happened 3 months ago.I wish though we could talk again for 1 more time just to clear everything up and to know why you were like this.I miss you because of that

Thanks for removing my the rose tinted glasses; I'm sure you didn't do it on purpose. I guess the blind-spot I created just for you isn't all encompassing after all, huh? I just have to stay mad, and that's going to be the hard part.

What a ride, man. I had fun

you dont owe me anything, you know. not after the abhorrent way ive treated you. if you send a letter, i will treasure it, but please don't feel like you're obligated to do so. i dont have a right to continue existing within your space. please do what you think is best.

p.s. i hope the concert was fun, i recently played a bunch of osu beatmaps to blackpink

If you mail the package can you put a goodbye letter in there? I need closure. Please, please.

Je t'aime M. C'est triste que je ne puisse pas vous le dire directement. Ce sera cet hiver pour vous revoir. Vous avez dit que vous viendrez me voir l'annee prochaine. Notre amour durera pour toujours.

I'm grateful I have nothing to do with, despite how you ended up. I At one point I consider you a compass to decide things. You're no longer among us because of bad decisions in how you were navigating the world. I use to feel shame about the way I talked to you once I figured out how to consider what you'd think of me from what I told you. In any event that's the nicest thing I can say and you're going to need as manyPaul Bearer for all the weight you gained you dead fucking cunt lol
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia as possible to carry your fat ass. I'm so glad I get to say this here instead of actually being involved with that. By the way have you bothered to tell the rest of the people you talk to about how horrible I am that I wouldn't have bothered to speak with you at all if it were not for them? Is it all bad? You had nothing good to say about anyone?

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god damnit paul berrer if I'd spent as much time copy pasting google results for paul bare-er that might have the kind of dignity the kind of person that's dead deserved to have talked about them in retrospect. That could of been really nice.

i'm glad you're enjoying blackpink. whistle is my current obsession with them.
stay safe.