You will never find someone that will love you and accept your mistakes

>you will never find someone that will love you and accept your mistakes

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What mistakes did you make? It can't be that bad.

I was a thot

love isn't even real. shoot some morphine into your arm and you'll have the exact same feeling as your crush confessing their love to you. it's all chemical bullshit that you'll be able to buy at the store in 10 years.

women dont accept any mistakes, men have to be absolutely perfect, and even then they aren't good enough

There's nothing wrong with that. You are still worthy of love.

What's the point of life anymore if that becomes available?

fucking foids can't even love men and only want Chad dick, kill yourself

Are you serious? Then why don't I have a boyfriend?


How have you been looking? Maybe your standards are too high.

Probably because you still want to be a hoe

maybe your breath permanently smells like semen

My standards is that he accepts me fully and will love me and doesnt cheat because I wouldn't cheat and also has a good job and is not obese

>Ugly ass thot thinking some user fag on here cares

Get your unwanted ass off my board roastie reeeeeeeeee

There should be plenty of guys like that out there. You just need to keep looking!

Pic related, life may be hard when you are alone. But all anons should have somebody who they care about and get cared about in return..

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You're a whore Harry.

get a dog roastie

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Why is it that all femanons are/were thots? They should be punished! There is no redemption for you. Leave this board and NEVER return, roastie


No such thing as was. You're a whore, plain and simple and you always will be. Choosing to be a slut is not a mistake its a conscious decision. You knew the consequences and you did it anyway because youre selfish.

Probably the amount of STDs you have.

Get off my board your normie whore.

>I can get laid
>waahh my life is so hard

i found her. she helped me stop drinking so much and made me want to go back to school. not because i wanted to study but because i wanted to finish my bachelors and move on with my life insead of working food service alone the rest of my life. we're getting married in a few months. fuck

Would anyone date a man that cheated on all of his last partners?

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