No. It's me. That was just damage control against an user who was calling me out on not being being a girl with that picture.

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Were you scared when he did that? did you feel someone wanted to doxx you?

No. I'm not sure what I was thinking. I was saying I'm a boy for a while by the time he said he'd post it, so there wasn't much point in denying it. But he was pretty angry at me too, so when he did post it, I took it as a challenge to ruin it for him.

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>I took it as a challenge to ruin it for him.
Is that why you spent 2 days without sleeping, did the AMA and the Laura larp? pretty impressive you cared that much let me tell you

No those were separate occasions. The Laura thing was just low-effort shitposting and I don't sleep for unrelated reasons.

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I remember now. I haven't seen the ASSte pic in a while, I think anons felt you were hiding something from them hence the discord gang speculation. probs was mad at that

I had nothing to do with that. Some user was just having some fun.

Have you used an epilator yet?
It's pretty awful, but it's worth it.

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No. Fun story though: when I was younger, I started shaving my legs (not sure how I got that idea). When we were on vacation, my cousin's friend noticed and pointed out that boys aren't supposed to shave their legs. I got super embarrassed and haven't done that since.

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That's a cute story. I'm kind of worried about that happening at work tomorrow desu.
How are you holding up sister?

Ugh. That angry user was me, I just felt you, or rather that pagang user was trying to fuck with anons. I thought it was you, I don't hate you or anything but I'm pretty paranoid myself, sorry. If that guy is reading this feel free to try again, I won't say anything this time. On the bright side this will help him improve his larping skills.

Where do you work? I think adults are less likely to say anything about it, so keep your chin up! As for me, well I posted a bunch of pictures to show I'm not a girl, but jannies made quick work of it. Some user even thought I was a cute catboy haha. I like it, but it's probably not not healthy for me, it's for the best to shut down these delusions. I also tried getting my point across to some femanons, but failed yet again. They hate me so much.
It always seemed that both he and ASSte anons were very obvious jokesters, so I never even bothered with them much.

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I work in a warehouse driving forklifts. Everyone there already seems to think I'm a fruit. But some of the people there are openly hostile about "trannies".
You're self harming again! Don't do that. If someone called you "cute" that's already one step in the right direction. You are a female, it's not a delusion. You're in a male body sure, but you as a person are not defined by your body, as much as some people would like it to be so.

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Fuck ASSte user either way for riling up my paranoia.

Don't you feel guilty for "enabling" some trannies though? I even saw one say you "inspired" him to stop repressing. That's pretty fucked up, I know you don't advocate HRT/ReassigmentSurgery and speak loud against it with good arguments, but still it feels so wrong. I feel this moral duty to stop trannies, but they just won't listen. wat do

I'm becoming strangely addicted to reporting your posts, tranny avatar faggot.

Could you elaborate on why they already think you are? But yes, it seems like a tough environment to be trans.
I just say what I believe is true. It's up to them to make the decision. Personally, I wish to one day work up the courage to finally end my pathetic life, but of course I'm not gonna recommend that to anyone else. That'd be just cruel. I'd rather see them transition or whatever else they see is right.

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I went to Norway for a week "to meet a friend" during the week of Valentines day. Then a year later "my friend from Norway" came here to visit.
I've admitted to watching films such as Grease, and I have a "pretty boy" hairstyle.
Just today someone told me to pour water on my head to cool off after my lunch walk. I told them that would ruin my hair, and they couldn't understand. I told them I had wax and stuff in it, and they didn't know what to say. It wasn't that humiliating, but still. Worse yet, the one who was the most confused is a known lesbian. Ahh well.
At least my boss said he doesn't mind trans people, he just doesn't get it. So I know if I do transition I'll be fine, even if I am found out.
I'm just going to boymode though.

You're a girl.

So you actually have a Norwegian boyfriend? And people think I do haha. I'm jealous now. I just tend to grow out my hair as much as possible, like on my avatar, until parents start begging me to cut it.

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He was stalking me on Jow Forums through my reaction image names. Somehow we started emailing each other and now we're soul mates. Being an attention whore has some benefits it seems. Hopefully you find someone.

I do that too. When I was still repressing (last year) I just let it get all messy and disgusting. Now I style it on a daily basis. Little things like this make me feel less dysphoric.

Can you two fags take this elsewhere?

Well I've had opportunities. Quite a few stalkers were after me haha. I almost got with one Quebecois neet, but ended up doxxing him, because I suppose I'm not very mentally stable haha. Where are you from btw? Fellow European?

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This thread already exists. We might as well use it and not hijack someone else's thread.
You can always hide this you know.

Qubecois? I don't know named people these days, sorry!
I'm American. From Wisconsin specifically.

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Sorry, the second part of my post was meant for you.
"Qubecois? I don't know named people these days, sorry!
I'm American. From Wisconsin specifically."

I mean from Quebec, Canada.

Oh that makes more sense then!
Wait, you doxxed him? It's not a good idea to do that for potential love interests, but I'm sure you know that.
Don't worry. I had to build my humanity from the ground up. Probably why I only started transitioning when I'm nearly 30 years old.

I know it's not good, but I grew to dislike him and I suffer from paranoid delusions, so I don't always make the best decisions. Plus, he thought that I was a real girl, so there likely was no chance anyway.

>I only started transitioning when I'm nearly 30 years old
Good luck then. I honestly don't think I'll even live that long.

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Don't lie to potential lovers! When you start lying that's the first step to ending a relationship. Trust is the most important thing you can have in a soul mate.
You shouldn't have to hide yourself in a relationship like that.

>Good luck then. I honestly don't think I'll even live that long.
I used to think that, but here I am now. It might be worth suffering. Maybe something good will come of it.