Mommy is making tendies as we speak

>mommy is making tendies as we speak
will post pictures when tendies are ready frens.

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l want to play with mommys boobs user! :D

These interacial porn ads are fucking disgusting desu

what ads? l have adblock on tbqh

i had adblock on but then all the green boards stopped loading properly

oh that sucks user

meh, worst case scenario i see a brown girl or a hentai girl get fucking drilled in 1.3 speed while shitposting

hello frens. Op here. Mommy said 15 more minutes before i get my tendies

l'll be awaiting those picys :)

You have your own to play with, tranny incel.

>tranny incel

I'm neither of those, but I guarantee you are a virgin haha


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10/10 Iooks good user

I genuinely was lurking this thread for 30 minuts and OP delivered. Thank you op.

Enjoy your tendies. I am happy for you

yay, user!

thank you fren. i lub you. i would share the tendies but i mumched them all

OP delivered
Enjoy the tendies & fries user

I dont know if you are 40 year neckbeard neet or just a young one who is happy for their tendies, or anyehere in between. But thank you.

Your small "i lub you" means more to me at the moment than you think.

Thank you..

Holy fuck it's beautiful...
I cried a lil bit OP

hey user. idk if ur still here but would you like to join a discord server?

whats up with that white liquid thing?

how was that original wtf originally

those look pretty good user, thank your mom for me. made me crave tendies, very nice

Being happy, ever. How do you think?

hunny mussy. is not gud hunny mussy but it feels yummy in my tummy

I hope you enjoyed your tendies

Forget the tendies, those fries look like restaurant quality... how did your mummy make fries like that in a stove?

idk user, but mommy is a bery gud cook. Mmmm fremchys. it comes from the white and brown bag!

Use uBlock Origin instead. I'm browsing right now with no issues


I never joined servers, always talled in pm s user..

You know that its a bunch of cum.