Holy shit I want friends so bad. I miss social interaction so much

Holy shit I want friends so bad. I miss social interaction so much.

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where do you live? im in the uk in exactly the same situation

yea man it sucks, unfortunately were social creatures :(

This desu. Every day I wake up and feel an immense sense of dread knowing I have absolutely noone to talk to or do anyhting with. It's really miserable. And ontop of that my computer is shit so I can't even game to get my mind off it all.

its the dread of not having any way to emotionally express your thoughts with anyone, to seek help...

sorry, not UK

>I have absolutely noone to talk to or do anyhting with
iktf, I get sad seeing people being friends out in public or on tv. Chest hurts thinking about it.
sounds right

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Same shit here. At this point im numb to life. Alcohol and drugs are fucking fantastic tho

As time goes on and my interests slip away, I find that even when I do speak, I have less and less to offer.

Just wait until you hate life enough to not listen to music or game anymore.

I'm afraid of this too, the longer you stay friendless, the harder it is to make friends.

And it makes you feel as if tough you aren't even real. That life itself isn't real. I've been isolated for so long that I find myself just staring at walls thinking on how such a nightmare can't possibly be real.

Chest hurting non-stop. And the weight on my back and shoulders never lightens, not even a bit.

I'm in my 30s. hkhv. I've gone through that phase and back multiple times. At this point I am miserable with everything but anything at all to make some noise, to get me out of my mind.. Anything.

fuck that, i actually enjoy being alone

They are high maintenance. I always had friends then a girl got in the way and told them to stop hanging around me or something. Fuck 'em.

I still haven't completed the new GTA. Drinking tonight to cope.

Join the US military. You'll make a shit load of friends easy

Best thing I could recommend to help is get into a game with an active community and join a clan. Destiny, The Division, WoW, something with an active clan community and start there.
Online pals can be just as good as real life pals.

Or try talk to some people at your work?

giving you this advice while im too much of an anxious wee prick to join voicechats for my division clan is rich ain't it but im sure you're not as much of a prick as I am

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>Alcohol and drugs are fucking fantastic tho
Indeed, alcohol is the only friend I need
I felt like this as well when I went through 2-3 years of complete isolation, I thought that I had forgotten how to physically communicate with others and I'd have nothing to bring to the table but eventually that changed
>And it makes you feel as if tough you aren't even real.
Righto, try complete isolation mixed with psychosis, then you'd really question your entire existence
I enjoy solitude too, I have one friend I'd like to see but the couple of others just want to try and get in my head and use me so I prefer seclusion

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how many new people do you meet every day? like at bars, events, activity clubs.

I don't consider online friends real friends.

I've never been to a bar or anything like that and I'd never go without friends. I've considered doing stuff like volunteering or joining a club even if I'm not interested, just to meet people.

Same here dude. Shame that most people I meet are boring normalfags or loser weirdos. I just wanna cyborg group of friends

volunteering is good yah. i joined a kickball team once 3 years ago and made really good friends, some of the people who met there are best friends who hang out all the time now

So do I OP. I just want to laugh and have a good time, but the memes are too obscure, and rude

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>I don't consider online friends real friends.
Then you aren't desperate enough

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Right now I'm trying with a couple of robots, it's not going swimmingly I think but hey, they haven't blocked me :D

Although I guess my trust issues is the root of everything else. I tend to overanalyze stuff so when I meet a friend at the store and they say they don't have time to talk, I begin backtracking to the last time I saw them to figure out if I did something that bothered them. Most likely they were actually busy, but due to PTSD I didn't develop the necessary social skills other people do develop in their youth. Due to this I am the first to volunteer when friends need help since I am deathly afraid of losing them. After my last GF I have a hard time getting a new one, it may be because I am a working adult now, but I don't get that fluttery feeling of a crush anymore. I don't promise anything I am not certain I can keep and therefore when someone breaks a promise with me it is a hard hit for me. I can't remember last I was happy although I am usually content. I do hope I get a brighter future, but with the agricultural laws in Norway now I just see it being a harsh and unwelcoming future for me. I forget to eat and occasionally for several days, I simply detect hunger by dizzyness. The only lies I tell is like if a friend asks if her new hairdo is cute I say yes no matter what because I don't wanna hurt her, even if she gets a motorcycle lesbian hairstyle. Even though I really do love my friend and would protect them before me in a crisis, I do not believe they would even pay me a thought in such a situation. I do not plan stuff with others anymore since they always were occupied only to find out they were at a party without even mentioning it to me. Last time I hung out with my friends, that would be one person who actually came, was at my birthday in March.

Glad to know I'm in a late stage of this feel. So all I need to do is keep drinking and taking my meds and I'll be numb for the foreseeable future?

>I am the first to volunteer when friends need help since I am deathly afraid of losing them.
You sound nice enough user but if you're always worried about walking on egg shells around your friends then they aren't true mates. Pro tip: if you look like the weak chain in the group of friends you have they'll always just use you whenever it's convenient for them, hence why you sometimes don't get invited to events
Only temporarily, you can try numbing yourself through substance abuse but it only makes your situation worse. After a while it takes a toll on your mind and you'll quickly associate happiness with alcohol and medication, I mean go for it if it's your last resort just be careful

It's been four years for me. It can always be worse.

But I shouldn't even say that because I'm just about done

I have been playing WoW on and off since 2005 and never made a friend

Some of us are just fucked up