Why are y'all so rude and hateful?

why are y'all so rude and hateful?
I thought this was the last refuge from this world filled with toxic ppl?

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there are plenty of nice and pleasant people on this board but the majority are young and edgy or older and jaded. keep browsing user, youll find decent robots

Jow Forums anons can't stay on their containment board

You thought very wrong and I don't know how such a thought came to you.

I just assumed a crowd of outsiders would be more humbled and stand above the horribleness
lets just call it wishful thoughts

As the other user said, it's a mixed bag. You shouldn't expect outcasts to really be all that compassionate, many of them blame the world for their fate. Plenty of nice people here too though.

You are not entertaining me. Go away.

>I thought this was the last refuge from this world filled with toxic ppl?

If a guy. Girls can fuck off and go fuck another random then complain about it on crystal cafe.

You sound like a tranny in disguise and have activated my need to ensure robots don't fall for your evil tricks. Apologies if you aren't a tranny.
There was/is a discord tranny cabal that lures lonely and depressed robots into their cult. I'll be watching this thread for signs of tranny activity and will dump images of their evil if I detect them. Godspeed brobots. I must go fight off more trannies.

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>I thought this was the last refuge from this world filled with toxic ppl?
youre a good few years too late

does this really happen? I stopped coming here often ever since 2016

>activated my need to ensure robots don't fall for your evil tricks.
Not him, but this line makes you sound like an actual robot. Like a mechanical one, I mean.

>being emotionally sensitive is now a trannyflag
dont know if I should blame trannies or the ones trying to name them

Did you think the name was just a moniker?

Just being sincere you braintard.

Everyday life in RL is just facade, you play along.

Go join the LGBT movement next to your door, you brain damaged queer.

I always thought the name was an allegory, honestly.

Kek I'm not a bot, but yeah it does sound that way. Ask me a question and I'll answer. I've been posting around in other threads btw, I vary my posts a bit so it's out spam. I just genuinely hate to see robots fall for their demonic tricks.

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I know that its a facade to hide the true nature of the world, thats what I meant with this place not being a refuge, most here think like the average asshole , they just dont hide it.
Dont know why one would want to endulge in even more shittiness if the real world already provides it

Not* phone posting is cancer. Laptop broke, can't fight off trannies as well anymore.
>you have startled the witch

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We can be nice and pleasant if we want to, we can be rude and hateful if we want. We make decide ourselves, how we want to feel, we don't need anybody's moral guide.

Now pleasantly, fuck off.

decisions ourselves*
fuck, writing early in the morning isn't a good idea.

where did I try to command your feelings? I just asked and expressed some confusion

A bunch of retards came in and with memes told robots hating stuff was fun for some reason. They now call it "board culture" as if it was this sacred immutable thing, yet keep complaining the board is shit without doing something about it

If you try to be positive and encouraging, now they tell you this meme called "hugboxing" as if that was a bad thing, it pains me to see my fellow bots falling for such pathetic tricks