If I get to age of 25 and I still haven't kissed a girl, I'm gonna hire an escort to lose my virginity...

If I get to age of 25 and I still haven't kissed a girl, I'm gonna hire an escort to lose my virginity, then purchase a shotgun to kill myself. I can't take this shit anymore. The loneliness, the isolation, the lack of intimacy, the sexual frustration. The fact that I'm almost 23 and haven't even kissed a girl means that I am a failure, and I am probably destined to get to my 30s, 40s, and beyond a kissless virgin.

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I had my first kiss at 24. Not too late user

>killing yourself over a woman
I'm literally in the same boat as you. But come on man. You got better shit to do.

You'll stop caring once you're in your mid twenties

where do you live? almost anybody will tell you that if you live in city you will get laid bc clubs and such, just get out more user

Nothing matters without love and being wanted. Nothing matters when everything you do, you do alone. There is no escape. Unless I can cut my dick off and destroy the part of my brain that wants connection with people, there is no hope.

Escorts are like honest girlfriends, they want money in exchange for sex.

Nothing different to normal women. Don't feel bad OP.

Escorts only pretend to want you and hold back their disgust. They find being intimate with you to be repulsive, hence why you have to pay a good one hundreds or thousands to pretend to be your girlfriend for a few hours.

Try tinder/bumble/okcupid. Try going to the mall on the weekends, bookstores fucking cafes. Walk around town. Talk to them.


i feel the same way, doing everything alone sucks and how can i stop caring when the need to find a partner is a basic human need

easy to say when ur not a 1/10

Only works for Chad

>pretend to want you
>secretly hold back their disgust
Yes, exactly like a girlfriend.

why do you guys need a woman to justify your existence

wanna gib her da cummies UwU

No, girls in their teens and 20s only date Chads so if you get a girlfriend when you're young, she finds you attractive
Because we're lonely and sex starved?

>girls in teens only date Chads
>if girlfren when young she finds you attractive
So if you get a goirlfren when young you're a Chad?

Women seem to care more about status and money than anything else, sure they prefer 6'6 guys but you have to settle on things. As long as you're not Danny Devito the money is usually preferable & you can master stringing them along but barely spending on them, just offering financial security.

I was thinking about this image this morning. I am glad you posted it.

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Don't shoot yourself. Gun grabbers use suicides to inflate the number of people killed by guns. Hang yourself or use an exit bag instead. Maybe try the car exhaust method.

Yes, because women only get wet for good looking dominant men. Otherwise you get settled for by some girl who never really wanted you in the first place.

>I had my first kiss at 24. Not too late user

I had mine at 28, and a year later I've had sex with 15ish women. It really isn't too late.

I don't care, shotgun to the head is the quickest and least painful

99% of the time it is too late if you make it to 28.

I love that you're concerned about this. Gave me a good chuckle.

It wont fill the void

i'm a khv neet at 35. i should have killed myself at 23

When the void is that you are a kissless virgin with zero friends, it will. It will make the other shitty parts of life (shit job, being broke etc) less painful.

If you base your own self worth on having a girlfriend, you're going to be miserable, even when you get one. First, you need to find security in yourself and sort out your own life. Mold yourself into someone that's able to find a relationship worth having.

That means taking care of yourself. Get a job, eat decent and workout. Think about self improvement and only that. Along the way on the path to success you'll find someone.

I'm someone that was a neet for over a decade and kissless until the age of 28 who is now 30 with a wife, twins, a job and a home.

>If you base your own self worth on having a girlfriend, you're going to be miserable, even when you get one. First, you need to find security in yourself and sort out your own life. Mold yourself into someone that's able to find a relationship worth having.
You can't love yourself if others don't love you. You NEED validation.
I'm someone that was a neet for over a decade and kissless until the age of 28 who is now 30 with a wife, twins, a job and a home.
Yeah sorry but I have zero interest in being settled for by some single mother.

A healthy person is one who doesn't need others validated while still being aware of their presence.

My kids are mine. Got married 9 months after I met my wife and had kids quick sense I got a late start in life. You're years ahead of me if you start down the path of self improvement.

Sorry but the idea that someone can go from being a 28 KHHV to having a wife and his own kids in two years, unless this person had Chad looks but was too autistic to realize it, seems very unrealistic to me.

I'm average looking. The big turning point for me was finding a job and actually going out into the world, interacting with people and learning. Then I started working out and eating right and a few months later met my now wife at work. Everything moved quickly from there.

A lot of people here think it's impossible because they've already quit trying or they expect a relationship or an opportunity is just going to land in their lap. You've got to get out there and try and if you fail, so what. At least you did something, learned from it and have no where else to go but up.

Many of us have tried and failed over and over again. It gets to a point where you have to seriously consider giving up or committing suicide, because getting a girl is just not gonna happen.

Think about that for a second. You say that predication on what?
>you like and value that
You decided that its the most important thing in the world instead of enjoying your freedom to do everything else. You are literally letting society determine your self worth and your entire range of desires instead of actually making your own path.

No, I am letting my OWN feelings determine what I feel is important. What, you want me to just deal with being a kissless virgin forever while Chad has a goddamn harem of women? Fuck that.

Real wholesome thanks for the story man.

His story is nothing but platitudes

i hope you will commit asap if you think that your problems are REAL problems

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It's not kiling yourself over A woman, it's doing it because of 3.5 billion women who simply do not even acknowledge your existence unless you're paying them

How is a lack of love and sex not a real problem?

just hire an escort and dont kys, I think an escort will give you a good amount of confidence but im not making any promises
you have to pull through in this world, society is collapsing. The NWO has destroyed the family model, therefore destroying western society, so pull through for the ideals and for yourself. Do not succumb to the despair brother

An escort is fake and is holding back her disgust, and a good one is expensive

escorts are optional, theyre just a walking expensive one time use onahole. If you really want one go for it, but one must contain their frustration in this world. Girlfriends dont exist anymore, only 30 year old roasties looking for child support

Girlfriends exist for Chad and high tier normies
I am lonely, fuck I think anime is making me more suicidal because I will never have that shit IRL

how many girls do you meet every day? how much time do you spend flirting and seeing what works?

escorts aren't going to help. i'm a virgin but i saw a hooker for a bj a few years ago, my friend knew her and he set it up. it just wasn't worth it, i could barely stay hard, when it was done i just walked out and felt nothing. wow my dick was in a girls mouth how exciting... its so fucking stupid.

I used to meet girls but they all rejected me meanly due to my below average looks and autism

I agree, animes are beautiful but impossible to feel, touch, talk to, etc
pull through it, it will all be over soon, the way society is headed, it is soon to be the end of everything we know.

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>used to
>i can't take this shit
so you're just a liar who doesn't care about any of that. why are you entitled to sex if you don't want to leave your computer chair?

I'm nearly a 30 year old kissless virgin. I would have ended it years ago but I have a sister who needs me. It doesn't getter any better op. Sure you learn to numb the pain a bit but it will always come back. So ending it might be a good idea. Again it only gets worse

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you need to be at a certain level of attraction to flirt with a girl... go post pua shit elsewhere, you people are just delusional

do you think the fat hairy men at thrift stores with their wives are above that attraction level? the guys who have missing teeth and a big rash on their neck?

Most of these fat hairy men met their wives in their 20s before the age of Tinder and even then they were in better shape when they met

>another tinder advertiser
cringe. i guess the next generation of fat retarded rednecks and poor mexicans will take your girl

typical pua shit. at best those guys get fat trailer trash women. all the 5/10 girls and up are going after top tier chads, they don't want anything lower than an 8/10.

how dumb do you have to be that basic interaction is "pua" for you? when you want to eat, do you get food or do you complain on the internet? shut the fuck up moron

killing yourself over a woman is stupid. killing yourself because seemingly no woman on earth will ever love you is fair enough

its really easy to spot idiots who read too much of that shit, you're obviously one of them.

The next generation of fat rednecks and Mexicans will end up being kissless virgins.
GTFO roastie

Do it. But stop being edgy with the suicide bullshit. I was exactly like you. Don't go a virgin past 25. It's pathetic, no matter what anyone tells you. Escorts are fine.


Pua acts like there is a science to talking to girls and that its just a numbers game. Im saying it is literally impossible to have a girlfriend if you dont meet a lot of girls and build social skills. Pua probably encourages retarded gym and tinder shit you faggot

Dont worry they thank you very much for letting them take your girl. Maybe theyll tell you that its not that great and you arent missing out on much when you see them shopping for diapers at walmart in a few years

social skills dont matter if you're ugly. women view 80% of men as ugly. now do you see the problem?

That's not your priority right now. You need to stop being a virgin, this is why you post cringe shit in all caps like this.

Some men never have sex. And this is a real fact. Don't be one of them you guys...

>rich people have money therefore everyone is homeless so do you see the problem?
Take a shower and fuck off. If you dont see how ugly people get laid then maybe theres a good reason most of you turn gay or disappear

lol imagine having to pay for emotionless sex because you're too fucking worthless in the eyes of all women

>fat ogre fucking your girl: yeah bro life must suck if your ugly lol
>you: I wish I had a gf but Im never going to talk to anyone except guys on Jow Forums

Stop being an autist and thinking you are better than everyone else because you aren't. Look at the world as a simple exchange of services using the principles of supply and demand and you will feel better. Guaranteed.

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>fat ogre
>actually getting sex nowadays
Do you actually think women would ever have sex with these disgusting trash when Tinder Chads are a few swipes away holy fuck so delusional

Keep being a virgin then I don't give a fuck

I bet your mom fucks fat ogres and thats why you hate them so much lol. Forget about it man, those fat ogres are already balls deep in any girl you could have gotten

boring troll advice from a dull idiot. i had such hopes for us user...

My mom is dead and my stepmom has never fucked my dad ever since they met
No one gives a fuck about incels, the world would be happier if every lonely male virgin killed himself

Your mom is fucking fat ogres from beyond the grave lmao.
>nobody learns how to do things they want to do wtf, its all just looks

Yeah because fat dudes, short dudes, ethnic dudes, deformed dudes, autistic dudes, ugly dudes are getting laid like hot ripped frat dudes are sure

Yep, the ones who are interested in girls. Not all, but if they are sitting at home getting victory royales they have nothing to complain about

>Yep, the ones who are interested in girls
Are you fucking stupid? These men know nothing other than rejection. You can't honestly believe that looks don't matter.

You're not going to die a virgin because I'm going to rape you for destroying the second ammendment.
An armed person is a citizen. An unarmed person is a subject. Also, guns are cool.

Looks matter but there are tons of pajeets and disgusting freaks who still have relationships. Rejection is normal for any guy, are you retarded? How likely do you think it is to randomly meet someone and both have the same interests and level of attraction to each other? Before you say some garbage ass shit like youd fuck any woman, Ill assume you wont fuck any man.

relationships are the most over hyped thing in human history,at this point it's more of a social status than a relationship

>Looks matter but there are tons of pajeets and disgusting freaks who still have relationships
And yet I almost never see any of these disgusting freaks together IRL. And yes I do go outside. The guy is always taller and better looking than the girl.

Good for you man. Is that LA? Just take it as a W for society for only breeding hot hunks who are strong. Im usually grossed out by most couples at my grocery store and mall.

Except most of the "gross" couples are old people. Young people my age...aren't the same. The ugly men are never with any girls, the girls always have a guy no matter how ugly or fat she is.

Let me try to troll too. All men are gay. All men under 30 are trannies. All girls come from Mars. Oof

Except I'm not trolling, fucktard. I am describing what I see with my own eyes, you bluepilled numale.

Every single man is gay. What are you having trouble understanding, roasty?

Jesus Christ. Stop fucking with me, cunt.

Dumb whore. Not every girl is as valid as you


Yeah sure I believe you, whore slut

Don't worry. I was khv till 23. Just download tinder and hookup.