Hey, user! I dropped my soap. Can you pick it up for me?

>Hey, user! I dropped my soap. Can you pick it up for me?
Wat do?

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I dont want to live in a world where men have tits. Let me out

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>not white
Fucking disgusting.

What about one where girls have dicks?
Also this, although I think Asian traps are cute too

fuck off you repulsive fucking abomination, pick up your own fucking soap. God gave you hands and joints for a reason, you degenerate, but when was the last time you cared about what God thinks of you? do it yourself, stupid fucking shemale reprobate

There was/is a discord tranny cabal operating on r9k, attempting to lure lonely and depressed robots into their sick cult.
If you must reply to tranny threads, use the magical plant of warding off faggotry in the options field. This thread seems degenerate enough that I can leave with just this warning. I must go fight off more trannies, god speed and God bless brobots.

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Are you sure you don't want to help a lady out?

Wait is this the mandela effect? I thought it was Reiko. Who the fuck is aero?

got a name?


reiko and aero were both doing it, reiko was more infamous though
While aero looks like a weird boy, reiko is hairy and fat

>using (((soap)))
Nah, don't think so.

shooped xxx

Be a bro and pick up the soap for him. He's going to suck my cock after he gets out, anyway, so I may as well do him some favors every now and again.

God I wish someone treated me like this while having sex.

Holy fucking shit who the fuck keeps making these threads? Literally none of them are original and there's no actual substance at all. Do you expect people to drool over your disgusting picture of a man with a debilitating mental illness?

Fuck you, nigger. Stop making these threads.

OP is a faggot but seeing you getting triggered is priceless.

i don't know, can I?

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Dont shit on us cutfags shit on our parents and the jews, i didnt ask for the foreskin goblins to snip me.

sauce? ey bosss, gimme da sauce.

it's nothing personal m8. I know you're a victim. But that doesn't change the fact that your mutilated "penis" is disgusting. No woman (or man) will ever be able to love you. I feel like putting 2 in the back of your head out of pity, Mice and Men style.

If you can't kill yourself, you should seriously cut off your "penis". you'll make your parents as suicidal as you are and if you can pass as female will experience improvements in every area of life. everyone will treat you better in every regard.

we'll get the roastie-serving jewdoctors soon user. only a matter of time now. honk honk.

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I think if we are showering together, then we would already be in a relationship and having sex.

>manages to get entire body in shot
>oddly enough photo stops at the forehead

*steals her soap*
heeee heeee i got free soap