Be me

>be me
>Ruthlessly abandoned by the one and only person who's ever "cared" about me
>I'm left with only the reassurance from him that I've "done nothing wrong"
>He doesn't even want to talk to me anymore. Will not speak to me. Does not want to be friends.
>Feel like this is a cruel an unusual punishment
>I feel used, and I'm not sure how I can trust anyone anymore
>I work up the courage to reach out to a therapist about this
>One session with him. Tell him everything. Feel better talking to him about it.
>Schedule a few more sessions with him
>Session #2 is approaching. It's this week.
>He calls me today
>"Sorry, but I'm relocating to another city."


If there's anyone out there who wants to pretend to give a shit, I'm fully willing to compensate you in exchange for pictures of cats with every post.


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I meant,
compensate you with** pictures of cats every post

Fuck it who cares this thread is a fail already lol

>implying I'm not going to shit up this thread with catposts anyway

stop me

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Aww he's so cute! Post MOAR!

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How long have you been on HRT? How did your mom and her boyfriend react?

I've never been on HRT. My mother does not have a boyfriend and is unaware of my situation.

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Post your snapchat and I'll be your friend

I don't have Snapchat. Please forgive :(
W-we can still be friends in this thread though, right?

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Post discord. I like cat pics

Sure, I'll at least pretend to care, but I might get distracted by video games

I don't use Discord either. I'm a fucking loser, straight up. I use 4channel and facebook once every several years lol

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Which video games, user?

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Are you a girl or a gay guy? I honestly can't tell.

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>W-we can still be friends in this thread though, right?

But how long will this thread last, user? Don't you want to make an actual friend instead of just temporarily chatting with some strangers?

There is an site called where you can find a nearby anime club or something like that. I'm actually looking for a group of gamer buddies because i also have no friends. My name is David btw

>implying girls exist on the internet

Hi David :D
You're right, this thread won't last long but it's still cooler than sitting around feeling sorry for myself and not talking to anyone. Tried talking to a therapist but clearly that didn't work out (and was fucking expensive lol).
Never heard of, maybe I'll check it out. I'm a loser so maybe I can meet fellow losers? Sounds kickass desu

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how am I suppose to get cat picture daily if you don't have social network apps. Go download one and be my friend

I dunno man, you can drop a throwaway email and we can chat? Then add on facebook or something later on if you have that?

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I'm playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon right now.
Pretty fun. I'm a Bulbasaur with a litta Totodile nigga but I keep dying because you can't control your partner but you lose if he fucking dies

I don't know what this means, are you a girl or not

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I'm sorry user, I hope you have better luck :(

I'm a freshly-baked loaf of bread. Pic related

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I want to talk to you outside of this thread tho. I need a friend too :(

Same happened to me with my therapist, really sucked. The situation you describe is horrible but you'll find somebody else eventually, wouldn't recommend ever pursuing this person again if they grovel back as they can do this shit again, had a friend/love interest like this & destroyed a good part of my life until I stopped accepting them back.

Mr David, drop a throwaway email and I'll shoot you a line

Eh I don't hate the guy. He tried his best given the situation he found himself in. Still sucks though. Whatever
Glad you're better now, though :D

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[email protected]

Get in touch when you get a chance pls

I inboxed you.
Probably going to bed now
(I just wanted to rant for a bit. thanks. hab good night, robots

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OP you barely even posted cats get the fuck back here

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y-yes sir
Is this one okay?

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That's better. The world needs more kitties, OP

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God damn....saved...
Here, have another one of mine. It's not as good as yours, but it's all I have. I hope this one will do

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sam ? this is not how i wanted this to happen. i would never leave you ever. please text me if this is you.

Here, have one from my..."personal" collection

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I'm not Sam, I'm sorry :( He sounds lucky though, you should reach out to him!

Jesus christ user, oh my GOODNESS

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Yeah... you probably just drove away the guy who cared about you because you made some mistakes or hurt him too much. It's good of you to recognize that he tried hard before leaving. People will stay until they hit their breaking point, and then they'll go. That doesn't make them evil. It just means it wasn't meant to be.

I don't hate my exes, and I can see clearly why it doesn't work each time. Not really their fault or mine. Just how life goes