Tfw got fired from my mcjob for being incompetent when I was trying my hardest

>tfw got fired from my mcjob for being incompetent when I was trying my hardest

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What did you do? I just started working there today.

I work at mcdonalds. How did you get fired for being incomoetent? I think it's a braindead job.

You're not telling the full truth or they aren't. I've met corporate wagies who are so goddamn lazy that I don't think they've done any work at their job in years and stil have a job. Post a greentext of the firing.

get a job in manual labor. construction pays good and you dont need any stat points invested in intellect

At least you can cash in on some unemployment

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dont beat yourself up its probably just depression. there are people who are so stupid and short sighted they take those jobs serious as fuck and would destroy their mind and bodies just to work those shit jobs

you probably just saw how pointless it is in the big picture and dont care as much. plus a lot of those people have stupid kids and shit so those jobs are literally their life lol

Even ghetto trash can hold jobs at McDonalds.

You might be legitimately stupid, my man.

Why did you get fired? I've worked there off and on for a total of about three years at different stores, and in my experience you have to try pretty hard to actually get fired.

OP please tell us what you did to get fired. I have to know. Here is a list of things my fellow McDonald's employees got caught doing while I worked there and did not get fired.
>go to break (supposed to be 30 minutes) and not come back for over 3 hours
>come up short just under $2 every single shift (anything under $2 was considered okay) in other words obviously stealing
>sweep the prep tables with a broom
>throw food across the kitchen directly in sight of customers
>swear at customers
>call a black customer a nigger
>serve food that fell on the floor
>smoke weed in the bathroom (illegal state)
>shit on the bathroom floor next to the toilet as a joke
What could you have possibly done that was worse than all this?

Don't feel bad OP I once was a janitor and was fired because I drank a whole bottle of yeagermister and feel asleep. When i woke up there was people everywhere and voicemail saying not to comeback

you had a trainer how did you make it past that stage yet fail after that? or this a mclarp?

>>go to break (supposed to be 30 minutes) and not come back for over 3 hours

Honestly, as a manager, I wouldn't care. The store owners are retarded and demand that we spend less on unnecessary labor yet demand that we have as many people as recommended for maximum efficiency, which is quite literally impossible to do without blowing the labor budget. So my role is to make people want to go home or take breaks. I tried saying "How about just have less people on my shifts please" but nope, that's not an option.

I guess it depends on the store. The stores I worked at would regularly staff as few people as they felt could possibly pull off the shift. So when someone pulled that shit and didn't come back from break, it meant everyone else had to bust their ass to get food out at a reasonable rate and not have drive-through completely backed up all night long, and no one else would get to have a break.

This is why I look forward to machines doing these jobs. Humans are just so fucking awful its beyond belief.

probably OP is in a small town. in a small town everything is 10x harder

if he is incompetent enough to get fired from a mcjob he will probably manage to kill himself in a freak accident if he gets a construction job

How can you put up with being surrounded by niggers all day?

i just got a job and hate it
first job and been there 3 days
what the fuck should i do?

construction requires skills wtf

>>shit on the bathroom floor next to the toilet as a joke
i dont get the joke if your just gonna have to clean up your own shit

He was probably spending too much time outdoors protesting

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