Does anyone else ever feel envious of female sexual pleasure?

does anyone else ever feel envious of female sexual pleasure?

I don't think l want to be a woman, but sometimes I look at my dick and just wish I had a vagina sometimes. I hate having a refractory period. I wish I could have multiple orgasms

I don't even hate Women. I just wish I had a warm, wet hole between my legs instead my pink/bright red dick.

I get so jealous and depressed every time I see a woman because of this. If I ever did get a gf l'd always feel inadequate and like I'm missing out on one of life's great joys. I'd kill to be able to enjoy orgasming Iike a femaIe, even once. Yet they get do it any time they want for as long as they want, usually multiple times in a row.

I hate my feelings of jealousy of and feeling of inferiority to women and their vastly superior sexual pleasure. I hate knowing I'm missing out on life's greatest pleasure.

Even female-to-male trannies complain about male orgasms and the lack of multiple orgasms.

Fembots, do you have any idea just how fucking Iucky you are?

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>Fembots, do you have any idea just how fucking Iucky you are?
In that regard yes.

How so, user? What in your opinion makes you lucky?

Well, Satan, all I've heard from boys about their orgasm makes them seem incredibly underwhelming. One guy said its like "sneezing but with the penis", it sometimes makes me wonder why guys even bother to masturbate.

female to male trannies get a tube of meat sewn on that needs to be manually pumped up, they're not exactly a good source of comparison
If you want better sexual pleasure maybe you should get more creative

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That guy is full of shit or something's wrong with him. Male orgasm feels amazing & intense, it's just that it's brief.

You've probably heard that from virgins. Bad masturbation can be fairly enjoyable, but with good sex I sometimes orgasm so hard half my body goes numb. But I'm uncircumcised, so that probably helps.

Why does every fifth post of this godforsaken board have to be yet another disgusting trannypost?

I dont think too many of them can afford that and not every one of them wants it desu

Yeah the brevity also kinda sucks (to me). Obviously there's up and downsides to both but I feel like four/five days of bleeding are a good tradeoff for 27 days of great gasms.

Well I got it on Jow Forums so I wouldn't be surprised yes. But I thought we were just comparing masturbation.

This has the potential to be a tranny thread thinly veiled, so I'll post this warning here.
There was/is a discord tranny cabal that was operating on r9k trying to lure depressed and lonely robots into their demented cult. Do not engage trannies. I'll be monitoring this thread for tranny subversion.

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I'm pretty satisfied with male orgasms. If girls can feel even better, I'm happy for them. If I had a girlfriend I would want to help her have as many as she wanted.

Wholesome thinking user

A totally, go back in the archive and you'll find that this user has posted this exact same thread nearly word for word hundreds of times. He's probably a demoralization shill.

Anyone remember when we called trolls and autists trolls and autists instead of shill tranny discord shareblue slide glow in the dark jewniggers

this line of thinking leads to cuckolding

>being happy with your dick and wanting to make girls cum makes you a cuck

Women already have it so easy. Why give them so much pleasure for free?

Because I like them? Duh.

And that, user, is why you're a cuck. They already have such easy, pleasurable, and happy lives. Cuck. They deserve pain.

I think I'm starting to see what kind of person you are. Goodbye.

Because if we don't we go insane. Literally if I don't jack off once every 2-3 days my brain is just like "call your ex. do it faggot. what's the worst that could happen"

Stay cucked, basedboy. Have fun being second class in every way.

I'm counting like 7 contractions tops. I'm not sure what you're on about. Male and female orgasms are basically the same. The same structures pulsate and the same parts of the brain light up.

I am inclined to think women just describe the buildup as "orgasm" as well. Women tend to use more descriptive language when slapping adjectives to shit. I've had orgasms where I get like 15 contractions too, I've seen women get way less.

This shit is just a meme

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Trolls used to let the mask down to let you know that you were an idiot. Autists are usually more interactive and at least try to be amusing.

As with the case of the OP, how often does he interact with the thread he makes? How often does he make the exact same posts with the exact same text?

Looking at the archive, he's made over 170 posts with the exact same phrase "envious of female pleasure." I know that he's changed his script, because I've seen small variations before. Precisely what would compel someone to do this for literally years?

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I had my suspicion, the thread was worded in a way to hide the tranny side of it. But then he goes on to glorify how bad he wants a pussy. Good shit with the archive, throwing the holy plant of warding faggotry in the options.

yeah if it were possible, I'd swap genders and live for a girl for a few months just to see what it's like. It's very interesting to me, wish it were possible to switch at will.

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Kill yourself, fag.

Original content


shant be doing that

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We're post irony, user. Just as you're sincere about being a disgusting subhuman, I'm sincere in my utter hatred for you. Hope you die.

I've never been able to cum more than once in an hour, multiple orgasms are largely a meme.

lmao ok retard, don't care

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You care enough to reply, dick receptacle.

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Glad my post made you so intensely BUTTHURT lmao :D

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Picture related, gayboy

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here's a better picture that properly depicts just how fucking asspained you are, faggot

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I feel admiration of how superior females are too us, including when it comes to sexual pleasure

user, how can I be mad when you get to share your social circles with these literal degenerates?

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>how can I be mad
You're the one who said he was mad so lmao???
pretty stupid, aren't ya, champ?
also I'm not a tranny and don't hang out with those degenerates, but you can make up whatever silly nonsense helps you sleep

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Only a brainlet conflates hatred with anger. And I don't care what flavor of fag you are, I sincerely hope you your kind are removed in the near future.

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>And I don't care what flavor of fag you are, I sincerely hope you your kind are removed in the near future.
lol I have a girlfriend. doubt you can say the same you closeted homofag

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>post on Jow Forums
The normalfag, ambiguously gay menace strikes again.

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maybe if you quit wasting all your time on the internets you wouldn't be a lonely, worthless sack of shit :^)

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lmao hes so ugly

Holy shit that is weak as hell.

You ended up with 32 days months, retard.