Have you ever turned down a girl before. Be honest

I have but mainly because I wasnt interesting in dating as a kid because i was uber christian

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0 women have ever pursued or have been interested in me


How many girls do you talk to every day?

Yeah, I turned down a few girls because I got instantly nervous as soon as I realized their intentions.

I talk to girls at work every day but it doesn't matter because several of my coworkers mog the fuck out of me

Yes I turned down an irl when I was younger because I was in an e-relationship. Best decision of my life.

why arent you mogging them

My coworkers are taller, better looking, in way better shape and way more extroverted than I am. Girls flock to them like flies. While I get ignored, mostly.

>at work
why aren't you talking to girls at music events?

Yes... it's because she's slightly taller than me and much heavier than me. She has ADHD and can get quite emotional easily. And she has a tattoo which might be the worst thing. I wish she didn't get it.

I guess I'm not much better than her though. I admit I'm a volcel.

Because I have zero friends to go with, can't afford them, and the friends I have had in the past couldn't afford to go.

Also I'm short, ugly and kinda pudgy. Not what any woman on this earth wants.

I should have. It flipped my world upside down and now I have no friends, no job. If I had a gun right now....

She raped me and I didn't want to be with her after that. Like she brought up a relationship after she'd done it.

Many times and not only ugly ones

>kinda pudgy.
work out and build some self esteem your beta cuck

When I tried online dating I ended up turning down a few girls that messaged me first. One was fat and had tacky tattoos and the other was black.

>work out
I do.
>build some self esteem
Yeah easy as fuck amirite, normalfag?

y u reject qts?

how does a male get raped by an attractive female?

>the other was black.

I slept over at her place and woke up to her fucking me. Not like a, she beat me up and violently raped me, but still had sex without consent.

I did turn down a few girls asking me to be their partner for our version of the prom. Other than that don't think I've been approached by anyone.

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Oh back at school the class president was kind of in to me.The whole class knew about it too so during her 18th birthday they kind of set up this surprise party for her where I have slowdance with her or some romantic shit.

The only problem was that I was busy soloing a group project that time and my schedule did not give me the luxury to do afterschool stuff. I skipped her birthday party. I saw her sobbing the day after that

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>all these guys who had women interested in them
God I wanna kill myself

ye, rejected a handful of girls b/c they were too overweight or too damn boring

>poor, fat, clinically retarded
so just go to church or animal events or carny shit. you have a town festival for all the poor people right?

the fuck are these chads down in our board?
i think they should go to /soc/

>turned down a girl

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No, and even if we did, the women do not find men like that desirable.

>guy who doesn't talk to any women is the expert on literally all women
yeah yeah you already answered my question, fat piece of shit

>rejected a number of girls in highschool because I wasn't really sure what the point of a gf was and I was busy with video games
>social media explodes even more and online dating like tinder becomes popular
>haven't had a girl interested in me in the 11 years since

I should have at least lost my virginity but I didn't know just how bad things would get

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Talking to women doesn't make them want you, I talk to girls out of boredom but none have ever shown interest, asshole.
Meanwhile, even the fat ugly women are getting with men way better looking than I am.

Wow I want a yandere waifu to rape me. Not even ironic I'd take crazies who think they can get away with that shit.

I turned down a girl that took my phone number off a receipt. I found an online profile with hella nudes on it. Wasn't that interested.

Bro I already gave up with you, Doctor Female Expert, PHDick. You aren't even interested in them.
>why would I eat food? it's not like there is any food that tastes good. *dies*

Yes, even though I'm a fat virgin she was not someone I wanted to be involved with. I could have probably looked past her looks and who am/was I really to judge, but she was just a weirdo I had nothing in common with.

She had no ambition, wasn't going anywhere, wasn't interesting, she was also constantly stinky, dressed like a slob, ate like shit, her life was dedicated to fangirling over Marvel films and 1direction (as a HS junior in 2015-16), and she refused to get a driver's license in a suburb where things were so spread out that walking/biking was impractical. She even sent me some cringe porn story once. She didn't even admit to liking me until I went to homecoming with her friend, although I bet she did before. On top of all that she was ugly and fat. My mom, who is very kind on judging people's looks said "Uh, no, she looks like a lesbian who wants to have a boyfriend to look normal, ".

Me being a naive HS sophomore, went to her house to "practice music" and she spent the whole time trying to seduce me. But all I saw was a miserable girl with a fucked family who would burden me and everyone I knew if we ever got together. So I don't feel good about it at all.

Sorry but all women want tall ripped white men who will beat them

And all white men want to be with black men. Life is truly unfair.

Yes it is unless you are Chad or a woman

yeah but only cause im a fag


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Chad only fucks men

Some girls wanted to dance with me back in middle school. I ran and hid in the bahroom

>I was busy soloing a group project
ive been in this situation so many times and missed out on a lot of social opportunities that prob wouldve ended up with me getting laid or a gf.
Fucking hate group projects with retards


>Student council cruise
>didn't go
>brother had a falling out with a girl, I didn't think they had anything going on but something happened
>texts me, we talk for a few days
>confesses crush on me
>she's short but cute, sizeable tits, bar tender
>already know she has a kid + is living with ex, looking for an apartment to move out to
>tell her no, politely, "it's not you" bla bla
>never talk again privately, but shoot casual conversation normally if ever meet

>IRC community for robots
>kinda fat but big titted angel face blonde shoots up conversation asking if I know guy X
>know guy X from when I was 10 or some shit, not really friends with me more so than my brother
>she says he completely fucked her over, spreading lies that she's a thief, fucked and dumped, etc
>end up talking for a bit
>confesses crush on me, wants me over
>tell her no, politely, "it's not you" bla blayikes.jpg
>never talk again privately, but shoot casual conversation normally if ever meet
>still follow her on IG, her face has gotten even more beautiful since then but she's too fat for me + red flags :(

I'm fat myself, but if I can't find a person attractive it doesn't matter. Also, I've been in a couple of longer relationships with red flag chicks and got cheated on, real bad.

I only look for the purest of girls since then.

>be freshmen college
>my nerdy friends from high school and i decide we are going to go NYC to meet up since a couple of us went out of state and nyc was closest to all
>go to a bar/restaurant even though we are underage
>black 22 year old bartista constantly flirting with me
>offers me free drinks
>find out later none of my friends got free drinks
they get mad at me for not making a move
I tell them i didnt know she was into me and that i dont find niggers attractive.

aside from being a nigger, she had a good body and face. im just not attracted to niggers.

Once. It was high school, and she had already dated my two best friends and it crashed and burned horribly. I dont regret it cause she was depressive and didnt really have any redeeming or interesting qualities. She wasnt even cute.

Yea four times I think

1. Working out at 24hr fitness and this fat Mexican girl walks up to me and asks me to help her unrack weights and setup a machine for her. (Basically I'm a little errand boy for her or whatever so I unrack and than go back to training while she says thanks and says it again until I say something to her. Didnt even acknowledge her desu) some other guys where looking at me though and she had her phone in her hand while she was looking at me so I guess she wanted my number but I didnt care at all

2. Same gym and this blonde really young girl maybe 21-22 walks over to me and says wow you're strong to lift this much, mind helping me on something. I just said sure and did what she wanted than went to stretch after working out and she was next to me on a yoga mat stretching. She was really good looking

3. This girl on a plane once wouldn't let me leave the flight without asking her out or something.

4. This happened twice in my neighborhood with the same girl so far. She is young and really good looking. She walks her dog when I go for a walk outside and we have walked together a few times and she followed me around and once she waited in front of me so I would talk to her but I just walked by her dog and kept walking away. Had other things to do and her dog was literally trying to bite me or some shit cuz her dog kept wanting to run towards me and I wanted nothing to do with her those two times. She is still outside sometimes walking her dog but I'm not going to approach or waste my time

Couple girls in grocery store chatted me up before and once again I just dont want anything to do with women right now.

Yeah. Last one was a few months back. Made out with a broad for a bit until I realized she was way more into me than I was into her, so I stopped and I quit talking to her. Maybe I'm a bit of a dick for largely ghosting her after, but I'm glad that she can at least take some solace in the fact that she didn't fuck me, and I feel like it ultimately made everything easier for her after.

It was in elementary school when my friends asked me who my crush was.
At that time I trully wasn't interested in gfs, but they just kept asking me, as if I was lying, because I must like someone.
I just thought quickly and said the name of one of the female classmates back then.
Obviously, one of them went and told who my crush was and some days later that girl asked me if I wanted to be his boyfriend, and I had to say no.
The cringe hits dense when I remember that, dang.

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I've turned two girls down, but neither of them I knew in real life. I used to talk to people on Omegle and I met both of themm there, it was a good few years ago back when Skype was a thing and Discord hadn't killed it. The girls I met there were desperate, willing to talk to anyone and spill their heart out to anyone who'd give them even an ounce of attention. So if you treated them like a human being, showed interest in their life, took interest in their hobbies and treated them as a friend or even just as a co-worker they'd latch onto you for dear life. I was NEET at the time so I was always available for them and hours of our days would be taken up by conversations which were mainly me nodding my head as they told me about their life. Occasionally I'd throw something in like 'That sounds terrible'. I did it to pass the time but after a while it began to feel like a chore, talking to them everyday and having them freak out whenever I wasn't there. They both confessed their love to me after some months, both several months apart. I turned them down because everything I had told them about myself had been half truths made to make me seem more approachable and relatable to them and I knew it wouldn't work at all even if they were convinced we'd meet up in real life and live happily ever after.

Never, but when I was a teen and a couple of times girls called out to me I just ignored them out of sheer autism.
Everytime I remember those moments I cry with shame

Yeah I turn down black girls

Yes, one back in highschool cuz she freaked me out and made me super uncomfortable

Yeah bro a few times but it was only when I was in relationships that went no where

I've never been in the situation where turning a girl down was an option.

I just wish a girl could actually like me ;_;

You all had chances with girls and I have never even had a girl express any interest in me

I just want to end my life

yes, they were all shitskins and some were fat
whites and asians are the only acceptable people

Soft rejections only but yes, and kind of a lot of them. QTs included. I'm a KHV cause my standards are high.

>Yeah easy as fuck amirite, normalfag?
Yes, you have to start with not looking at yourself like a worthless piece of shit. Eat clean as shit, work out hard, fully pursue any hobby you like besides just working or however you obtain money, take care of yourself overall (hair cut, shower aka good hygiene) and when you speak to women speak to them like you don't give a fuck about them, but don't be an extreme asshole more like a playful asshole. Don't be their friend. Even if you're unattractive in your eyes if you do this it will help you. Don't get married though or anything, because then your future is fucked.

You could not even be as ugly as you think you are and it is just in your mind deep down and since you look at yourself that way it shows to other people (they see that and it bothers them).

Yes. I feel bad about one, though. I still think about her sometimes and it makes me sad, but if I contact her again it will just make everything worse.
I have a girl interested in me currently, not really sure what to do or if it's reciprocal, but I have some time to think about it.
If you think you haven't had any girl interested in you ever, you are probably wrong, you just didn't notice it or she didn't show it, there's always someone that will be interested in you for some random fucking reason. Thank god I don't have to play any of those "let's find out if she is interested in me or not" games this time since she clearly and verbally demonstrated interest.

All the time. What's the fucking point anymore

I do maintain good hygiene and workout. Still ugly as fuck. I am going to die alone. I plan on committing suicide on my 25th birthday via shotgun if I still have not even gotten my first kiss, I do not give a fuck if I crush my parents in the process

unlikely. ugly usually just means dirty and smelly, unless you've got three eyes or something.

>I plan on committing suicide on my 25th birthday via shotgun if I still have not even gotten my first kiss

Shit, if that is all you're currently living for you'll probably have some buckshot regardless. Once you have pussy once or a few times you realize how pointless it all is and how annoying women are, then you go back to whatever it is you did before trying for that full time (whatever hobbies you have).

Me, I already knew it was pointless even trying it for my first time. I always wonder how certain people actually want a relationship, marriage, kids, etc. I hate shit like that extremely. Maybe I have some type of autism or as society would say, "You're a selfish asshole." To me though it is all just annoying to deal with. Different drama this day, etc. You'll see if you ever experience it.

Elementary school:
>Third grade: Broke her, but checked up on here recently and she is doing just fine.
>Fourth grade: Hottest girl in the entire grade wanted me, but I declined.
>Fifth grade: Cried in front of me and said I was a dick. Eventually way later after high school she spent time in jail for a little while (not sure what it was over), but is now out and seems broken, but fine besides that.
>Sixth grade: Same as fourth, but a different girl.

High school:
>Seventh grade: Two different girls and it made them sad.
>Eigth grade: One
>Ninth grade: One
>Tenth grade: Four
>Eleventh grade: Two
>Twelve grade: Three


I always planned to fuck different women after high school, because I didn't want to deal with the drama in high school and I did just that. Fucked random women after high school and it was alright, but still won't throw my life away over vagina.

If it was only about "pussy" I'd only fuck hookers and not give a fuck, but it's more than pussy.

>but it's more than pussy
So, you're the guy that wants a fairy tale type of relationship, a perfect family that all gets along and no problems ever arise? Not shit talking you either, just curious if that is where you're going with this.

this. when i was in elementary i turned down literally every girl because i thought they were gross. did this until about 7th grade

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>but is now out and seems broken, but fine besides that

You don't want ugly, fat, or shitskins girls anyways

ran away from a long distance thing like 8 years ago and still feel like an asshole for it

would have fucked it up anyway if we had met

I just want a girl who likes me, gives a shit about me, isn't disgusted by my issues or my vulnerabilities, and finds me attractive
These girls would rather get raped by Chad than date me
I don't smell and being dirty and smelly does not have anything to do with poor looks

Yeah, this girl at work when I was 16 and started losing weight (I was extraordinarily fat for many years, but decided I'd lose it) started constantly trying to have sex with me. I was becoming Catholic, so I said no.

Then there's been just a lot of times where I've been to stupid to see signs that were, in hindsight, extremely obvious.

More recently, I was at a small sort of party thing and this girl was trying to fuck me, but she was dirty and way too drunk for me to want to risk my career (we're both military) for.

Yeah, I kind of fucked up the wording there, so to put it a better way: Functional busted

The zombie broken look in their eyes, but they still function in day to day life (work, etc).

>high school
>some girl finds out I'm a kissless virgin and feels bad for me
>says she's going to set me up with her friend who is "perfect" for me
>kinda nervous but desperate so I play along with it
>later shows me a picture of her
>she is obese, greasy and ugly
>still considering it because I'm desperate and I know I may never have another chance
>end up just refusing because she was was just too gross
You just have to go for girls in your league, lads...But you may be better off not knowing what your league is.

I never got another chance, by the way

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A few months back I was at a dive bar getting shitfaced after pregaming and this decent looking chick and her fat friend came over and the better looking one took the bar stool next to me and started flipping her hair on me and moving her thigh towards mine trying to get my attention. I was just trying to get fucked up and I was already at the point where getting an erection was kind of iffy and I just ignored the shit out of her and shifted away multiple times. She didn't say a word to me. It was kind of pathetic on her part and really not arousing at all. Then they moved away and some dude down the bar was like "What the fuck man" and I was like "I came here to get shitfaced."

You may think I am chad, but I am not perfect. I have my flaws just like every single person does.

>I just want a girl who likes me, gives a shit about me, isn't disgusted by my issues or my vulnerabilities, and finds me attractive

Best of luck with that.