Incest Thread

What does r9k think about incest? Is it the next big social movement after trannies? Why is mother-son porn one of the most searched terms on porn sites? Any robots have any personal incest stories?

Talk to me, anons

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I experienced it though it was an abusive situation. I personally don't support it but I don't think it should be illegal as long as it's between adults and doesn't result in kids.

Wasn't there a robot on here that recorded himself fucking his mom?

Mutual love between brother and sister is infinitely less degenerate than trannies shooting AIDS up each others asses, or people raping dogs/horses and needing a vet or doctor to separate them, but wouldn't you know, bestiality and faggotry are also idolised by normalfags now while incest is still the worst conceivable thing to them.

>be me
>mom is really cute and kind
>wears a loose bathrobe around the house
>jerk off whenever I get a glimpse of her plump tits and to the sounds of her taking a shower
What do I do, anons? She's single but I don't want to ruin my relationship with her.

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I honestly think it shouldn't be a thing
It fucks with the family dynamic, even if everyone's fine with it. It just doesn't belong there.
But each their own

Yeah, no updates afterward from him though

Lmao what the fuck? This is just a troll right?

1: brosis
2: brosis+mom
3: mom/son
4: sis/sis + younger brother
5: mom/daughter
6: aunt/nephew
7. GMILF/grandson
8: bro/bro (no homo)
9: dad/daughter
10: uncle/niece
99999999: cousins (may as well not be incest desu)
eeeew: grandpa/granddaughter

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Keep jerking off but try to make her jealous by getting fit and dating other women

>dad/daughter that low

power dynamics are too fucked up most of the time

>getting fit
I'm forever a skelly, it doesn't work with my fucked metabolism. Taking her out to dinner and insisting on paying doesn't sound too bad, right? It's getting to the point where I mainly jerk off with her bras and imagining myself in lewd situations with her.

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I say you go in hard and try to hold her hand at some point while on this dinner date. Perhaps while walking into or out of the restaurant?

If you just take her out to dinner and pay for it she may not get the full picture. You're just being a good son.

I used to dig my mom's used panties out of the hamper and suck on them while jerking off. Sometimes I'd rub them all over my face so I smelled like pussy until I showered.

id experiment a lot with my sister and brother. me and my sister lost our virginities to eachother, but we inevitably stopped

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Do this.
but srsly taking her to dinners and buying her stuff is probably your best shot,give her massages too,moms love massages.

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same,i was pretty shocked when i found out she had crotchless panties,still fapped to them from time to time.

I'll definitely try this along with subtly giving her compliments about her looks. She loves whenever someone calls her young for her age.
Funny enough, I don't really get off with her panties. Must be because I'm a titsfag but I prefer jerking off with her bras.

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is nobody going to address this?

.sauce please

Think you could give us an update in the future user? I'd love to see what happens and if you're able to form a relationship with her.
Will you try anything else as well? How does she typically act around you?

Ah, I just thought of something. Since you're commenting her looks, maybe you could give her a compliment not only on her looks, but also on her clothes as well, and then use that to shift the topic over towards your favorite outfit of hers. (Provided it's not too risque.) So long as you don't talk about her bras or anything it should work.

Maybe you'll be able to get some more data on how she feels towards you based on her reaction to you saying something like that.

I'll be up for a while, so I'd love to help brainstorm some more ideas with you if you'd like.

I'll definitely make a thread in the future if something happens. She's kind and supportive, but usually tired from working all day. She hasn't been on dates since she divorced my dad, so I think she'll appreciate me taking her out. I thought about the fact that if I took her to a few nice dinners, I would leave my room slightly open while jerking off and seeing what happens, but that's just a dream. I'm being cautious with anything I do here, I definitely don't want to fuck up the relationship I have with her.

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incest? at the age of 8 i got my dick sucked by my brother and he wanted me to suck his, i didn't return the favor because i did not understand what was going on
age 15 i asked my lil sis to suck my dick and she got scared
I hate myself, I wish i was dead. Why am i such a piece of shit

When did you first start falling for her? Also maybe you could do more than just take her out to a dinner, but maybe bring her to a movie too, or even go walking through a park or something. Make a real date out of it. How does that sound? Maybe you could even try to do something that's typical moreso of girlfriend and boyfriend rather than something a family could do.

If your mother brings it up and says something like "Isn't this something you would do with a girl and not your mother?" You could try to play it safe by saying "I just want to get closer to you." It's a decent line that could be seen as going in both directions, pretty safe, but not necessarily as rewarding as just outing your love for her, though that's inherently way more risky.

I have a mommy gf and a major kink for women doing and saying taboo things to me. Not into family members, just taboo roleplay

I think it all stemmed out of a milf fetish I got a couple years ago. Someway, somehow, I connected my mom to that milf fetish. It was right after that I started to notice subtle nuances in the way my mom treated people, her opinions on entertainment and current events. I thought she was cute. And yeah, taking her out for movies seems like a great idea. My local theatre has these classic movie nights, so I took her to see The Shining last week, and she really loved it. She now tells me that she discusses it with her co-workers, it's nice.

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Is there any movie you'd like to watch with her? Also I don't suppose there's any way to keep in contact with you is there? I know it's kind of weird, but I want to make sure I don't miss the update, as well as help you out if possible.

>mom/son third
It should be first as the most taboo and yet equally pure

I don't have any movies in mind, but I wouldn't be opposed to watching more horror with her. And I don't really have a contact, I stray away from discord and the like.

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So what happened to that guy here who fucked his mom while his stepdad watched? Did he killed himself in guilt?

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I assume he picked up a gun and shot his stepdad, mom and finally himself.

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Yeah, probably what said. It was a really interesting to read when it happened aswell.

Where the fuck is the Oidipus user?
You know, fucked his mum and cucked his dad.

Im a survivor of incest and honestly you should do whatever the fuck you want as long as you arent abusing children or reproducing. In my opinion, it's fucked and it shouldn't be socially acceptable but as long as you aren't hurting anyone it's really none of my business or anyone else's.